Feeling Wave Country Sentimental

This past week could possibly have been our last week of wave pooling this summer and I am feeling incredibly sappy and sentimental about it all.

Last Sunday I was floating out in the waves watching Josh Kelley and Leo be so absurdly cute floating together in their float while Winter swam around them.  I stared at them so googly-eyed I probably looked like a crazy, but I could not get over them and this place.  People from every walk of life trying to stay cool in Tennessee’s summer humidity and here we all are brought together by this giant watery fun.  It just feels so special.

Every one of our babies have swam in these waters.  We’ve made friends and met kind strangers.  Summer love at it’s finest.  We’ve eaten all their delicious cheaply priced concession stand food and we’ve got packing for the wave pool down to a science…we’re a well oiled wave pool machine…because this is what we do.  It’s the #1 thing my kids request to do in the summer and for good reason.

I’ve had more chats with our dear friend Ashley who works there sitting in those shallow waters.  I’ve laughed and cried in this place.  I’ve felt hopeful and hopeless in this place.  My kids have had more summer fun here than anywhere else and seeing Ms. Ashley is a summer norm.

I watched as Ashley carried Everett out to our car the week before we headed to Ann Arbor for his surgery and cried because she’s just one of those good ones.  After Everett died Ashley opened those blue gates early and surprised us with a celebration for Everett’s 5th birthday with friends and family.  When we walked in Friday morning Ashley’s daughter came running over and bear hugged my waste and her son hugged Leo.  It was this sweet little moment when I was feeling extra tender about it all.  Yes, this place and all of its people are so good.

I listened to Led Zeppelin play over the loud speaker and thought how lucky Nashville is to have this place and its people.  I watched as my big kids ran off with their friends and favorite lifeguard who was getting them all icees because she’s the kindest.  I watched Winter earn her water legs this summer here and now she’s a fish.  Our summers are marked by faded swim suits and how many bottles of sunscreen we emptied due to this place.

Josh and I  agreed we’d still come to the wave pool when all our kids are grown.  We’ll pack our chairs and a cooler and I’m definitely going to bring my own full lounger float.  Who knows, I might even wear a bikini.  We’ll eat a hot pretzel and still snag icees on the way home. Wave Country has us dreaming about our early 50s. 🙂

The world is crazy right now and Wave Country is our watery oasis.  I love not being able to spot my black kids right away because there are so many other black children there too.  I love hearing different languages spoken and seeing all the different swim suits and lunches people haul in.  I love that this summer fun place is racially, culturally, socioeconomically and abilities diverse.  I love that this place has been made available to all. 

Wave Country, you have our summer hearts forever.  This world is hard, but gorgeously beautiful.  If only we could all take a clue from your waters…we’re so much better all splashing around together.


  1. Barbcole says:

    How can it be the end of summer already? Crazy! Each of your children are BEAUTIFUL and growing too fast. Thanks for sharing with us. Still look for Everett in your pictures. Hugs to each!

  2. I’m so confused ??? Are you moving ? Why is it the last visit ?

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