Favorites {Round 2}

I hadn’t done a favorite post in a while and now I’m back with my second in just a few weeks.  When I really love something I must share and lately I’ve noticed me loving some more fun things.

#1 Ruby’s Rainbow Socks:

Winter’s favorite socks…hands down.  She wears them all the time and often multiple days in a row. 🙂  $5 from each pair of socks goes to help provide scholarships for students with Down Syndrome to attend college.  Win after win after win.

#2 Meg’s Rainbow Cups:

Come on now.  Meg just knew…she knew we needed this mug in our life.  I remember the text coming through with sample photos and Meg asking me my favorites.  It was like asking me to choose my favorite child. 🙂 All so gorgeous…all so perfectly rainbow perfect.  And while I do not like coffee…I do love ice-cream from a gorgeous mug.

#3 Wood & Oil’s Diffuser Ring:

I kind of want to buy all my friends one of these rings.  You simply drop a few drops of your favorite oils on the porous stone and it’s like carrying around a small diffuser with you all day.  My kids crack me up because they randomly grab my hand and take a good long whiff.

#4 Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds:

We were all stuck like glue to this read/listen.  We spent countless minutes sitting in our driveway waiting to get out of the car because we just had to hear what was going to happen next.  Seriously had us all on the edge of our seats.  Nearing the end of the last chapter, Hudson, Solomon and I all got out of the car walked straight into the house, grabbed the hard copy and read over each others’ shoulders the ending because we could not wait for the next car ride.  Giant GO GET THIS READ!

#5 McDonalds’ Chocolate Dip Cones:

Exactly what I need on some very emotional days.  Dare I say better than Dairy Queen’s…I dare.  So good.  My favorite dipped cone around.

#6 Winter’s Old Navy Scalloped Bathing Suit:

We wear bathing suits out and our kids won’t stop growing.  I snagged this Old Navy bathing suit for Winter and it’s my favorite bathing suit I’ve every purchased in 12 years of purchasing kiddo bathing suits.  Great quality.  Adorable.  And fits just right in all the areas.  Bonus:  Winter looks bomb in mustard yellow.

#7 KOKEBstudio Print:

This shop is full of amazing prints by an insanely talented Ethiopian artist.  Upon discovering her shop I took weeks to make my final selection.  Winter squealed with delight when she saw it…”She has brown skin and hair like mine.”  Double win.  Definitely will be adding more KOKEBstudio prints to our home.

#8 Jamielizabeth Art Earrings: 

Jaimie sent these as a gift and I love them.  Crazy cute.  Crazy light weight.  And the perfect length.  She also did the absolute kindest thing and etched Everett’s name into the back of them.  Cue all the tears and all the style.

#9 Versify Books:

We have snagged some amazing books including The Last Last-Day-of-Summer by Lamar Giles …a fun and funny read and The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander …an incredibly important and valuable read for everyone.  Both are written by black authors and illustrated by black illustrators.  Love any books that allow Solomon, Amon and Winter to see themselves in the text.  Bonus:  We are super excited to go hear Kwame Alexander speak in Nashville soon.  He has several chapter books our big kids loved.

And while I’m sharing about some great books, let me thrown in When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb .  So lovely. So purposefully beautiful.  Needed for everyone.

#10 Sleeping kid pics.

Ha!  Okay that’s not really a purchasable #10, but I will never get over taking photos of my kiddos sleeping.  Leo is our prime napper now, so I have to take them while I can.  Little sleeping beauties.


  1. Where did you find the hot air balloon?

  2. BarB cole says:

    LOVE ALL THE PICTURES! The earrings with Everett’s name made me so happy. You all continue to be in my prayers. Happy Spring!

  3. marianna says:

    Love reading these posts from you and learning about all these cool things and recipes! Keep ’em coming

  4. marianna says:

    So do the diffuser rings actually work all day? (Thinking about this now as I’m in my office with no diffuser and suddenly sneezing up a storm!)

    • It definitely wears off through out the day, but you could re-apply oils and can always straight up sniff it…holds the smell almost all day for sure.

  5. At our small church Good Friday service, there was an opportunity to write things on a piece of paper – things we struggle to understand, elements of chaos in our lives – and put the paper in a basket at the foot of the black-draped wooden cross on the stage. Everett Kelly was one of the names on my paper. I wound up crying, for you and your family and the other families who have lost loved ones. I know there are no answers – losing Everett straight up doesn’t make sense – but I wanted you to know you’re not forgotten. He’s not forgotten.
    Sunday morning came and the ache is still there, but so is the Hope. We know God conquered death, paid the price for our sins so that we can join him in heaven, we know that grave is empty. The things I’ve got going on in my own life (wound up with multiple little papers for the basket) will not last forever. There is hope and hope *lives*.

  6. Aimee Evans says:

    My sister and I love your blog ( and your family!) So much that recently we met up in Nashville and visited some of your favorite places. We ate breakfast at Five Daughters Bakery (I could live there), ate pizza at Five Points and then stuffed ourselves with ice cream at Pied Piper Ice Cream. I wish I could post pictures. Erin even got her picture in from on the “I Dream of Weenie” sign!
    She lives in Murray, Ky and I love right outside Chattanooga,Tn so Nashville is a good half way point for both of us! You are so real and honest and we love that about you. We plan to make this a recurring trip!

    • I LOVE THIS!!!! Next time eat at I Dream Of Weenie or The Grilled Cheeserie….SOOOOO good!!!! Glad you guys had a fun trip!

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