Eight Things

  1. Now that school is back full time Leo and I are together, just the two of us, each day.  It’s kind of crazy the amount of doctors’ appointments we usually have each week, but days when we have no appointments are my absolute favorites.  We get to play and run errands and take naps and bake treats and I want to pause time…or as Amon says “plause” time. 🙂

2. Amon got glasses!!  Dude has some pretty wonky eyes which we were completely unaware of, so glasses and routine eye appointments are now in his life.  He’s seriously the cutest thing.  The first time he put them on he started spelling out all the street signs.  A whole new world.  Now we just have to get him used to wearing them regularly because the guy goes 100 miles an hour and cannot be slowed down by some spectacles.

3. I love our elementary school so much.  The entire school…students, teachers and staff…are all divided up into 4 houses (like teams).  You are in your house as long as you are at the school and they work together through out the school years to earn points, win awards, build community, etc.  It’s really incredibly sweet.  They have house parties on Fridays and for their first house party this year they revealed to all the new kiddos which houses they would be apart of.  Since Winter just started in their preschool program she was apart of the big reveal on house party day.  She ended up being a Tha’rros and could not have been more excited about it…some of her most favorite teachers are Tha’rros-es too.

I wish you could experience everything that is our Winter.  She is hilarious and loud and spunky and fiery as all get out.  She yells “Tha’rros” in this deep man voice and pumps her arms up and down like a wild women.  She’s Super Fan #99. (Name that movie.)  She asked me to paint her face for last Friday’s house party.  We compromised with orange ribbons and orange earrings instead.  I have a feeling she will give the ultimate drunk fan at all sporting events a run for their money.  She came to win.

4. Last Friday we celebrate our nephew Cooper’s 18th birthday and our niece Meiya’s 10th birthday.  They were born on the same day and each year the Kelley family usually does a little something to celebrate.  This year it was with Mexican food and treats and key lime pie.  Two big birthday markers for two of our most favorite people.

5. Splinter removal and snack time at its cutest.  Love these three so much my heart wants to freakin’ explode.

6. Amon has a new friend who lives on our road.  They are the most hilarious together because I am fully confident God gave them the exact same brain.  Watching them play and interact is one of my most favorite favorite things ever.  They both think the other one is the greatest person alive and they want the world to know they are best friends.  Watching them play and pretend in their own little world together is magic.

7. Josh Kelley and I celebrated Winter’s adoption the day after with a datenight.  What?!?!?!  Dates are like rare precious gems excavated from the deep parts of the earth for us. 🙂  It was crazy nice to get out and just breath a little easier.  We ate some killer queso and some okay-ish tacos and drank yummy drinks and watched Ben Folds, Cake and Tall Heights rock out and danced with Jen.  Just the night we needed.

And 8. Does anyone else feel like this at the end of the day?  Asking for a friend.


  1. I feel like #8 everyday! 8 kids can do that to a person responding for a friend

  2. I use to ..but my hubby and I have started a new nutritional program that has rocked our world. We have cut out coffee and feel amazing..email me funk50@charter.net

  3. Hahaha hilarious!!! Laura tell your “friend” yip this is so me ……..EVERYDAY, all day!!!! Also date night I’m so jealous…what is that!!????? Big hugs to your sweet family xx

  4. I feel like that long before the end of the day! You are rocking it. My 2 yr old did start preschool this week so once she and I get over the heartbreak maybe I’ll make it till the end of the day before I need to face plant.

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