Christmas On The Brain

Amon and Winter have already been requesting things for Christmas.  I’m working on a new Kindness Advent.  Josh Kelley has mentioned putting up his Christmas lights more than once already.  I may have already purchased some stocking stuffers and 2 out of 3 of Leo’s Christmas gifts.  What I’m saying is the Kelleys have Christmas on the brain.  It’s true.  Scoff all you want, but it’s true.  And this year I feel excited unlike many of the last few years.

We’re mixing up our Kindness Advent this year by choosing kindness that is completely free or we already have the supplies or items on hand in our home.  Very honestly, the main reason for this year’s spending free kindness is lots and lots of medical debt and we thought it would be a good challenge for our crew.  We all brainstormed over a few days and several car rides to and from school and came up with a legit good list.  It was actually really fun figuring it all out.  Also, I might be making up Kindness Advent kits for MY SHOP.  It’s been a long time request and I’m trying my hardest to make it happen this year.  I’ll share more soon, but as you can see Christmas is definitely on the brain.

Noonday recently released their Winter Line and it’s gorgeous.  It screams Everett Kelley and I want to buy pretty much every last thing.  Every year each kiddo gets a new ornament and when I saw the Rustic Bell Ornaments I knew what would be our kiddos’ ornaments this year.  Some years they get individualized ornaments pertaining specifically to them or something important from their last year, but sometimes I get them matching/similar ornaments.  They all have handmade clay balls from Ethiopia, paper mâché ornaments from Nepal, different stitched and crocheted stars from Afghanistan & East Asia and tiny animal bells from Zhengzhou, China.  Bells from India are joining the mix this year.

While I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas, I’m also thinking about birthdays and teacher gifts and just because treats for people who need some extra encouragement.  I’ve seen some Noonday artists in person…I’ve seen their craft and creativeness and it’s crazy legit.  What I can say with confidence is this is purchasing with purpose and power.

Tomorrow night we’ll party with Noonday.  If you’re local, I hope to see you there.  I promise to fix you a drink, hand you a plate of food and hug your neck.  And I promise you’ll laugh…it’s just what we do.  No pressure to buy, just come hang out and eat and drink.  Also, my friend Ashley gave me a bunch of new Noonday samples so there will be door prizes galore.  It’s going to be crazy fun!!!  If you can’t make the party, no biggie.  You can SHOP ONLINE HERE!  All items will be mailed directly to you.

Now I’m off to make some more cookies and clean our toilet. 😉 Rolling out the red carpet.

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