Chimelong Safari & Headed Home

Today was our last full day in China and it was the perfect end to such a special trip.  We meet in the lobby of our hotel at 8am to head for the airport and we are beyond thrilled.

Before heading home we spent one more full day enjoying the Chimelong Safari.  It was incredible and the weather was just perfect.  We saw tons and tons of different animals.  Giraffes, lions, cheetahs, elephants, camels, wolves, brown and black bears, caribou, ant eaters, peacocks, parrots, hippos, rhinos, pandas, zebras, flamingos, toucans, orangoutangs, chimpanzees, koala bears, kangaroos, wallabies, rams, horses, mini horses, goats and the list goes on and on.  SO MANY ANIMALS.

We spent about 5 hours at the park and just had so much fun.  We started first with a train ride that took us through tons of animal exhibits.  All the animals we’re just walking around and it was so crazy fun.  There were too many different animals to even count and we couldn’t understand the Chinese guide so we weren’t even sure what all the different animals we’re even called.

I love this picture because you can see how close the giraffes were.  I laughed so hard because one stared Hudson Kelley down and I was sure he was going to swoop his giant neck in for a smooch.

You could feed the giraffes and elephants.  Shuai LOVED the giraffes so much he even cried when we left the exhibit.  He just couldn’t quit them.  Thinking we need to pick this boy up a giraffe toy when we get home 🙂

There was also a large area about dinosaurs and reptiles.  The dinosaur part was really neat, but then it became a tad too real and we thought Everett might be too scared, so we turned back.  All the parts we did see though we’re really cool.

There we’re lots of shows and interactice exhibits which was really fun.  The park in general was gorgeous.  Really lush and green.  Chimelong is the only park in the world to have panda triplets so there we’re panda statues everywhere painted all completely different.  Everything was in Chinese, but from what I gathered each panda statue was painted by a different artist.  They we’re so pretty and really neat.


There were several kid areas that had little rides and mascots walking around.  Everett walked right up to the panda.  He was super into him.  He also got really tickled when we would wave to him from the swing ride.  Harper, Hudson, Solomon and I all waved and yelled like total fools because he would giggle so hard.

  It was a really great day.  Added bonus, there was popcorn and it was yummy.  And the kids had emoji popsicles 🙂

When we got back to our hotel we headed out for our last delicious Chinese dinner.  We devoured pan fried pork dumplings, noodle beef soup, the most amazing spicy cauliflower EVER!!!!! and rice.  About that cauliflower…we’ve eaten it three times and I am absolutely going to try and figure out how to make some.  We know the dish has cauliflower, lots of garlic, whole red peppers annnnddd that’s all we’ve got.  Hahahahaha.  It might take me a long time, but I will track down this recipe.  It was so so good.

So we’re all packed and all the kids are asleep.  We meet in the lobby bright and early to head towards the airport.  Everett has tried on his O2 machine several times and we’re hopeful if he needs it he will be okay with it on his little face.  We’re basically praying we won’t even have to touch the machine, but if we do that he won’t panic.  We are so ready to be home.  We miss Amon and our littlest something awful.  I cannot wait to squeeze their little bodies.

We land Thursday night and hit the ground running first thing Friday morning with his cardiologist appointment.  We are absolutely praying big prayers over his amazing little heart and for guidance and wisdom from our beloved and trusted cardiologist and pediatrician.  What a journey we’re about to begin.  What a gift and honor it is to walk this road with our boy.  I keep telling myself to keep my eyes open…watching and waiting expectantly…anticipating what all God has is store.  Cannot wait to watch Him work yet again.  Praying He will heal Everett’s heart like only He can.


  1. Such an honour to follow your amazing journey. Wishing you a safe and uneventful flight home and a wonderful sleep back in your own beds!

  2. Laura sykora says:

    Safe travels to your family. My prayers for you as you walk through this next chapter of discerning the right paths to take to help his tender heart.

  3. Gretchen says:

    Everett’s face appears so content and happy in these photos. You can see his comfort level rising with each new day’s photos. It looks like you hit it out of the park with your final day in China. What an adventure!

  4. Sol’s face in that popsicle picture cracked me up! Glad you guys are headed home soon and I can’t wait to see/hear about the reactions from your two littlest. Wishing you a safe, smooth travel day!

  5. Loved following your trip! Prayers for safe travel and a wonderful homecoming with your little two. Everett’s face struck me in these pics as so much happier. Praying for his little heart!

  6. Fly safe! Will keep praying.
    I agree with everyone else, seeing Everett smile to go with his deuces is awesome 🙂

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