A Little Update

We are in the midst of such a crazy time.  Our littlest received his expedite which is absolutely amazing, but also means it feels like crunch time.  We are trying to wrap up every last little thing so we are ready to go when it’s time…even though we have no idea when that will be.  Ahhhhh!  No matter what we are so incredibly thankful for that expedite.  God is good.

This morning we are off to get the boys their passports.  They are so excited.  And let’s all take a minute to admire their sweet little photos.  The dude at Walgreens said “You can smile, but don’t show me your teeth.”  Nailed it.

In fundraising news, we received another grant yesterday all the way from New York.  So so so thankful.  We are also still in the middle of our LipSense fundraiser.  I recently saw the color rosewood and it was super pretty.  It’s on my “to get” list.  To snag some pretty colors and gloss all you have to do is head over HERE, pick out your faves, place your order and our family will receive 15% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.  Fun lipstick that seriously does not come off for F.O.R.E.V.E.R is such a great gift for girlies in your life.  This fundraiser will run until the end of November 🙂

Today we’re also hosting a little online pop-up Trades of Hope fundraiser.  This will run just until Sunday and that’s it.  I was invited to a Trades of Hope show not long ago by a friend, but couldn’t attend.  I ended up snagging THIS bag online and it has become a fast favorite.  Really love the black and white!

Head over HERE and check out all the details.  They have all kinds of items from jewelry, to scarves, to ornaments and a few other home decor items.  Lots of variety.  Perfect time to pick up some Christmas gifts that give back.  Our family will receive 15% of all purchases.

If the above link is not working you can always just go HERE and shop away.

 As always, feel free to share.  The more the merrier always.

And let me say thank you for the 1000th time.  When I say it I hope you know how much we really mean it.  And thank you most for praying for our boy.  We are feeling those prayers and just ask God to allow him to feel them as well.  We still have a ways to go, but every step closer is such an encouragement.

I love when people ask me to pray for specific things, so if you wouldn’t mind, would you please continue to pray for his heart and his transition.  We are praying wild, bold, audacious prayers for healing in his heart.  God is in the business of miracles.  We also know he is likely to be just flat out terrified and that can push me right over the edge and into a crying mess on the floor.  I feel so broken for our boy and keep asking God to be everything he needs.  And would you pray for his paperwork.  We are crazy thankful to God for this expedite, but want to continue to pray over his paperwork and each person who handles it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are amazing and kind and I am just so overwhelmed with gratefulness for each of you.

Here’s to a great Thursday!


  1. If it shows we are a guest of Erika Solgos, is that how we know the proceeds will go to your family? I don’t want to make my purchase until I am sure!

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