2 Quick Things

Thank you guys for all the kindness about our 100th day without Everett.  It means the world to us.  Your compassion, empathy, kindness, thoughtfulness…all of it means so so much.  We are excited to be celebrating our boy tonight.

2 quick things before we head into the weekend.

1. We hit our matching grant goal for Morning Star Foundation through WeHelpTwo!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for ordering socks and helping us spread the word and for coming along side our family, Morning Star and our local Room In The Inn to honor our sweet Everett!  Insert all the tears.  All packages of socks sold past our goal is just a bonus…icing on the cake.  The last day to grab some fun, funky socks is October 31st.  I can’t say enough how much we love these socks…they are a sure fire, continued hit in the Kelley house and such a fun gift.  Head over to our sock shop HERE to get yours!

Long live the Fiesta the Donkey socks!!!  Solomon wears them constantly. 🙂

And 2. Today is the last day to order from my friend Ashley’s Noonday Collection party.  10% of your purchase goes to support our family and we are truly grateful.  Ashley and Rebecca are insanely kind and I feel so lucky to know them both.

I feel the need to share I ordered three pairs of the Birds of A Feather Earrings as gifts because, well, duh just look at them.

I also feel the need to share I ordered a pair of the Anthropology Earrings and Nebula Earrings as gifts too because they are GORGEOUS and on sale right now!!!!  I could not believe my eye balls and I had the perfect 2 ladies in mind.

Our teachers and friends are going to be styling!  Head over HERE and place your order for all your amazing Noonday goodness.  Purchasing with a purpose at it’s finest.

Hope you guys have a good weekend and as always, thanks for stopping in!

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