10 Things

1. Amon, Everett and Leo sleeping will forever be one of my most favorite things.  They are my heart boys…their hearts work hard…and funny fall-asleepers and I’ll document it forever and ever and ever.

And now I present to you my most favorite sleeping photo.  All the little details in the photo just make me smile.  Miss our boy so much.

2. I adore any little reminder of Everett.  Every single one is never lost on me.  Colorful hearts for our colorful heart boy.

3.  When Hudson and Solomon were little they were always on top of one another.  I’m delighted it has yet to wear off.  I hope they are like this when they are 85 years old.  I hope they are always the best of friends and one another’s person.  They have the most unique bond and I adore watching them.

4.  We’ve shockingly had very little sickness this winter season…knock on wood, but when Hudson wasn’t feeling his best and had some sadness I gladly kept that boy at home.  Time with just two of them is so rare.  He ended up with a simple cold and we welcomed the chill time together and quick bounce back.

5.  Winter gets her hair done every two weeks and in between I touch up and tend to it with moisturizing.  She’s usually really amazing while her hair is being done and does not have a tender head at all.  I was looking through photos on my phone the other day and found these jewels she snapped while I was fixing her hair.  It is an absolute shame this girl has zero personality.

6.  Using scissors is in Leo’s Top 5 Favorite Things To Do.  🙂  He will spend such a long amount of time cutting and it’s crazy good for his fine motor skills.  When I create during the day he grabs his scissors and gets to snipping.

7.  I will have spent 96.3% of my life in a car rider line so I snag lots of pictures while we wait together.  On New Year’s Eve we totaled our van.  It was scary and gave our kids a touch of PTSD, but no one was seriously injured.  Currently we have to split everyone up to get them here and there while we wait to get a new vehicle.  I have been taking Harper to school which is normally Josh’s routine, but I have so enjoyed this time with her and Leo.  Carrider line pictures forever.

Again, please pray for Winter’s personality. 🙂

8.  Amon lost his first tooth and we all praised the Lord because the kid was driving us bonkers about it.  He had another tooth coming in already behind it before the first tooth was ever even out.  Then another tooth started coming in behind his second lose tooth.  We wiggled and jiggled and finally Hudson pulled Amon’s second tooth because the new tooth was already over half way in.  Oh the tooth drama, but he’s now two teeth down and cuter than ever.

   9.  Everyone loves selfies with Leo.

And 10.  Winter and Leo really embody my level of exhaustion.  Hahahahahahaha.  I get a good chuckle out of these pictures every time I see them.  May it give us the power to get to the weekend.


  1. Heather Herman says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your van. I’m so thankful everyone is ok. I know how inconvenient it has to be to have to go everywhere separately. I am so thankful you’re back in action in this space. I miss you when you don’t blog. Reading your words is one of my favorite, most comforting things to do. You got that Sandra Hall in you, girl.

  2. BarB cole says:

    LOVE the pictures! You have the BEST family. Continued thoughts, prayers and hugs from WV! Missing Everett as well.

  3. Ah just love 10 things, I’ve missed you all!! Any possibility you could make it 20+ things???? xx

  4. Laura,
    Hi there, I am going to Haiti with My Life Speaks with my church and we will be having a silent auction. I am wondering if you would like to donate something for it and I can send you a tax exempt form and a written letter? thank you!
    Jill Funkhouser

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