Zhengzhou to Guangzhou

Today we take a morning flight to Guangzhou.  There we will spend our remaining time waiting on documents and getting to know Everett.  We’re excited to see another part of China and be a little bit closer to coming home.

Zhengzhou has our hearts forever and now holds the greatest memories for us in China…meeting Shuai for the first time, holding him close and starting our journey together again as a family.  My favorite moments from China have been here.

Top favorite moments:

Being out and about in his city.  Seeing special places and learning more about him.  Seeing his home and realizing how deeply loved he has been.

Trying to get him to try on his O2 mask.  He was not up for this and all the kids tried it on to show him how it was done.  Hudson’s face was cracking me up…not creepy or scary at all 🙂

Eating at a great place where my BIL asked my SILs parents if he could marry her.  We devoured the food and had the best dumplings we’ve had so far.  Plus Shuai had perked up after a sad morning.  We felt so bad for him all morning and finally we went in to eat and he brightened up.

First breakfast together.  Swoon.  He ate a little rice cereal, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges and drank OJ.

Getting his passport photo taken.  I die.  He was the cutest little thing sitting up there all by himself.  He is just a dream!

We’ve had lots of appointments and had to go here and there for them all day yesterday.  He got really anxious and stressed out at every place, but at the police station he had his first little moment when he didn’t.  He was chill and smiling.  He’s got a long road ahead which makes me incredibly sad to think about so I am trying to notice even the tiniest of things which represent progress and trust.

 Finding out you must wear a swim cap to swim and the hotel lending us some.  And Solomon always getting the hot pink one.  The big kids have been awesome.  So thankful they were able to come with us.

Shuai totally comforts himself by ringing his hands together.  He loves all things lotion and hand sanitizer and running water.  He stands at the sink for the longest time just running his hands underneath and filling up leftover water bottles.  He’s also crazy attached to a sippy cup we brought.  He takes it everywhere and even slept with it last night.  We’ve filled it with water too many times to count already.

And the way he sleeps.  He just falls asleep in our bed. It is hands down the sweetest.

He had a rough night last night.  It was extremely sad and we know he’s starting to grieve, but the fact that he’s being more verbal about it instead of quiet like his first night makes me feel better.  He’s 3 and confused and is sad and doesn’t feel well and doesn’t understand us and we don’t understand him.  It’s just flat out hard and makes me want to cry rivers for him, but God is good.  I just keep covering his heart, mind and body in prayer and asking God to be His audacious, wondrous, miracle working, redemptive self.  What a gift we have been given and oh how were trying to handle him with care.


  1. So, is Everett’s Chinese middle name two syllables (shoo-aye) or one (shwai)?
    Glad to hear the appointments are going well and that he brightened up for good food 🙂 Not glad to hear that he’s sad, but glad that you are aware of his grief and he’s starting to feel like he can share it with you.

  2. Aww lovely to see your first family photos together..even if you are missing some key players, you will soon all be reunited again. Enjoy your time that is left in China.

  3. Covering you all in prayer! Such sweet pictures!

  4. 3 of our kids are from Henan– 1 from zhengzhou—- love it there— and he is absolutely adorable

  5. Jan lovich says:

    Some days you’re the only bright spot in my news feed. Thank you! ❤

  6. Love every detail. Praying for comfort all around.

  7. Suzanne Bechman says:

    Reading this brings back so many memories of bringing home Ginny Grace. Many prayers for you as you adjust! He is precious!


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