Winner Winner + New Tees

Hi!  It’s Saturday and here I am.  Hahahaha.  So fun.  4 things on this fine Saturday:

1.  The winner of the Rustic Tote is…

CAROLYN SAYS:  I got handmade beaded serving utensils for my mom who loves to always “add 1 more” to the table.

Carolyn check your inbox for an email from me.

Also I am still looking for Melinda who won the feathered fringed earrings in cobalt.  Melinda check your inbox for an email from me.

I hope you guys enjoyed all the giveaways this week.  I loved reading all your comments…some of which made me laugh out loud, feel a tad happy/weepy and made me salivate….brownies with peppermint ice-cream and hot fudge…hold up!  Hopefully you got a few ideas for Christmas presents and will shop around some of my favorite purchase with purpose companies like Noonday Collection and Timbali Crafts.  Which leads me to number 2…

2.  I have amazing family.  Family which are givers too.  Thursday my sweet cousin Emily sent me a text and said she wanted to buy some Timbali, but didn’t really need anything.  So because she is crazy kind she sent me some money, I picked items out and Monday we’ll have another giveaway.  This bag makes me all kinds of swoony.  So so gorgeous.  Thank you Emily…you know you make my heart want to burst!  Check back Monday.

3.  Sasquatch Design Company…Meagan, Nick and Marcie…are at it again and just in time for Christmas.  We are currently trying to raise money for a garden to be put in at the Ngungwane carepoint.  You can make your tax deductible donation HERE.  Or you can buy a sweet baseball tee.

Remember when I asked you to vote for Nick’s design in the Design the Good contestwell he actually won and yet, not.  He had the most votes by a good margin…well over 1000…but the judges didn’t choose his design.  After quite a bit of angst and toil basically it came down to companies being shady and not up front and lots of tiny print loop holes.  It made me feel super yucky I asked you guys to vote, but we can’t make people choose honestly and integrity.  So Nick and Sasquatch Design decided to print the tees themselves and give all the profits to the Ngungwane garden fund.  If we reach the goal they are going to use the money to buy supplies for Ngungwane.  Crazy awesome again.  I know some good hearted people.  You can purchase your tee HERE.

And 4.  Yesterday our kindness advent was share sonic happy hour.  There was some concern about our tape not holding up so hence the overload of washi tape…just in case 🙂  Kids crack me up.  Our kindness advent for today is surprise chalk art.  So fun!

And tomorrow we are crafting up some handmade ornaments and delivering them.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I’m swoony over that bag too! It’s gorgeous!

  2. Goodness….. I read your posts nearly every day. But. I skim over the winner information as never fathom I would ever win. I missed my name in two different posts!! Now it’s your turn. Laura, check your email. I replied with my shipping address! Blessing this Advent season and always.

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