Where Is The Time Going

The year and the school year are moving right along in a mad dash pace it feels like.  Lately we have been all over the place and this coming weekend holds another wild adventure.

This weekend Hudson decided he was done with his hopes of growing a Jedi braid.  He was hot and his hair was causing a lot of the hotness.  He really had a pretty sweet mullet going on, but Josh Kelley obliged and gave him a cut.  Solomon is still holding strong and still making all the crazy faces and flashing a good double bird.  Made me laugh pretty hard upon reviewing the pictures.

I’m happy to report I am getting use to the new Kroger and Amon loves it.  Every time we go there is something new and he always and forever gets those tiny little carts and marches like he owns the place, running over my ankles and getting his shop on.  It’s the cutest/most painful.  The other day an employee was even making balloon animals for kids.  Kroger = the fair.

I did some thrifting over the weekend.  It’s become harder to do lately as prices seem to keep rising in our area.  All the sad faces.  Every now and then though I hit the jackpot and it renews my belief in thrifting.

Antique/thrift stores often have the creepiest of things and scenes.  Exhibit A:

Old baby doll + giant creepy cat + creepy cradle = all the shudders.

Just to be sure you grasped the full creepiness of the cat alone I present Exhibit B:

Need I say more?!?!

I finally made THESE again and be still my cookie loving heart.  They are just the grandest.  I’m totally repeating this tomorrow because baked goods can change the world people.

 We are 12 days away from September’s Bible journaling class.  Eeeek.  Sadly if we do not get some people on board, we will cancel this month’s class.  Let me know asap HERE if you want to snag a spot or more.

And lastly, the Ngugnwane tshirts have been wildly wonderful and popular.  You guys are amazing.  Thank you for ever and ever.

(Marcie’s pic)

We got ours from Marcie & Nick Sunday night and I immediately put it on when we got home.  Then made Josh Kelley do the same.  Then broke out my selfie stick and proceeded to take 100 different pictures…this was the best we could do.  The shirts are awesome.  Harper declared it the most comfortable shirt of all time.  I broke down and got kids sizes too…of course…I had to…it just had to be done!!!  So keep it up.  Please continue helping us spread the word.  You can read more details about the shirts HERE or go straight to www.sasquatchdesignsociety.com and order yours today.  Tons of tees are already in the mail and on their way 🙂

Hope you had a great long weekend.  Here’s to another week!

Happy Tuesday.

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