Week 4: The Final Giveaway

Well this is the last week for our heart campaign and this week is amazing!!!!  In just 24 days we’ve raised $42,327 and it still makes me teary eyed.  It’s insane what love and kindness and generosity can do.  It’s amazing what can happen when we decide to treat and love others the way we want to be treated and loved ourselves.

Since we have met our goal and are still bringing in donations, we upped the goal just a bit and all the extra money will go towards medical bills for this sweet little heart warrior.  I totally thought on this last week I’d be pulling out all the stops and begging and pleading with people to donate so it’s feels amazing to know this campaign is already fully funded.  It’s crazy wonderful, but we still have an awesome giveaway this week and we can still give towards medical bills.

So without further ado…I present to you the 4th and final week’s giveaway.  It’s a doozy so hang on!

A little bit after Everett died the kindest woman named Terrie reached out and wanted to send us a quilt.  She uses her skills to encourage others and quilting is her gift.  Our quilt is insanely gorgeous and the biggest quilt I have ever seen!!!  She created this genius quilt with Feista…Everett’s stuffed donkey…all the letters in our family and a big beautiful rainbow with a heart.  The details are CRAZY!!!

Well Terrie has done it again and she has quilted heart perfection in quilt form just for one of you.  She reached out and wanted to create something special for this month and I was 100% here for it!  She chose a colored rainbow heart to represent Everett and asked what Amon and Leo’s favorite colors were…black & yellow…and created two hearts to represent them as well.  The quilt is 85 1/2″ x 67 1/2″, Rainbow Pixelated Heart Quilt, all cotton fabrics and I cannot believe this is one of our amazing giveaway items this week!!!!  I have been so excited to share all about it!

Terrie even asked me to make the tag for this quilt and Brave Will Be Our Song was a no brainer.  This month has been filled with so many brave people coming together to do something kind…it’s been an absolute honor to be such small piece of this campaign.  And thank you Terrie for a perfect giveaway piece.

 Let’s follow that amazingness up with more amazingness.  THIS mug by my dear friend Meg is seriously our favorite mug.  I love it for ice-cream, Josh Kelley uses it all the time for his coffee and Winter snags it for her milk.  It’s hands down our favorite mug on the whole rack.  Rainbow mug heaven.


These rainbow earrings by Gallivant, well I CANNOT GET OVER THEM!!!!  They are so pretty and lovely and light weight and I wore them out with Josh for his birthday and got compliments on them.  I am not very style forward so receiving compliments on something I’m wearing kind of makes my day.  One of you will be rocking a pair too.  They are ridiculous!!!!

 Are you seeing a trend yet with this last giveaway?!?! 😉  I love this little nod to our Everett boy.  We’ve got another precious piece of artwork for you this week.  I really wanted art to accompany each giveaway and this week’s piece was made by none other than the brave wizard himself, Toby.  It’s the sweetest burst of color and it reminds me of all the brave, wild hope out there in this world.  Amanda, Toby’s mama, crosses my mind every single day and she’s bomb for capturing this artwork just for one of you from Toby’s sweet hands created on Day #282 in the hospital.


And lastly, but certainly not least, this 2020 Fancy That Design House wall calendar.  Stephanie has created such a stunning calendar and I thought it was a perfect addition to this week’s giveaway.  Her design and art work is top-notch and couldn’t we all use a little more hope in our lives.

And if you’re wondering obviously this is my favorite page:

I have been so so so excited to share this giveaway and honestly, now all I can think about is Christmas.  Hahaha, but when you see such awesome items made and created by such talented hands, my head spins with gift ideas for loved ones, so keep all of these magic people in mind for the holidays.

Don’t forget anyone who donates/has donated from 9/21-9/30 will be entered to win the whole shebang.  It was been too fun mailing out goodies and hearing back from the winners and just give me all the love and kindness and generosity of the world.

So, 7 days to go.  The final stretch.  CLICK HERE to donate and be entered to win this week’s giveaway.  And grab the link below to share with your people.


Let’s do this!


  1. I’m so honored to come alongside you guys!! Let’s blow this family away this week!! ❤️


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