Final Call

Today is the last day you can order from my Noonday show, so thought I would throw one last reminder out there and highlight some of my new and old favorites.  I personally own some of these pieces or am planning on purchasing.  Total faves.  If you would like to make a purchase all you need to do is go to then when checking out, put “Ashley Mills” in the drop down ambassador name list and “Laura Kelley” under trunk show name.

Brightly Wound Bracelet in mint or coral.

Ruffled Make-up Bags…hello teacher gift stuffed with gift cards & a key fob :)

Kantha Foldover Bag

Kismet Day Bag…hands down one of my most favorite purchases I’ve made from Noonday.  Right up there with the Happy Day Necklace and The Weekender Bag…and if you know me, you know my Happy Day and Weekender are like precious gold.

I told everyone at the party I don’t push just any products.  I want to be honest and open and real and I want to truly love a company and when there is love, that’s when I want to share it with you guys.  If you’ve been reading for any amount of time you probably know my gigantic love for Noonday.  They are real and legit and they are changing the world.  And they are letting us get in on the world change by offering awesome products which empower woman and families and provide dignified work…work each artisan is so crazy proud of…and rightly so.  So so much love for Noonday and their artisans around the world.  You can feel proud and take deep gratitude in knowing you are purchasing with a purpose and you are changing the world too.

 Annie’s Feathered Earrings and Feathered Fringed Earrings.

Cubed Studs in gold or silver

Modern Angles Earrings

Whenever I get the opportunity to buy from someone’s trunk show I do a quick scan of my planner and take down notes of all the up and coming gifts I will need to be purchasing.  This way I can add to someone’s show and give gifts that are meaningful and powerful and incredibly stylish.  It’s a win for everyone.  I think about teacher gifts, birthdays, Christmas and just because gifts.  It also simplifies my shopping and I’m prepared when whoever’s special day arrives.

Lovely Loops Necklace

 Precious Paper Necklace, yellow

Threaded Charm Necklace

If you do not have a Noonday ambassador consider making Ashley your go-to girl.  She’s super sweet and kind and helpful.  She even found a blog reader the ever coveted Happy Day Necklace even though it’s been long gone for a while now.  She’s your girl.  Allows her to earn an income along with other woman around the world.  So think of her anytime you make a Noonday purchase from here on out…all you have to do is find her sweet name Ashley Mills in the ambassador box at check out!  Piece of cake.

And because I completely love an arm party…I would totally wear all of these together…at one time.  I know.  It’s lovely maxed out!

Aurora Wrap Bracelet

Clustered Bracelet, berry

Everest Wrap Bracelet, mint

Safari Stack Bracelet, violet

Silver Lining Bracelet, blue onyx


So keep Ashley and Noonday in mind as Christmas rolls in and special days approach.  They are one crazy good duo!

Happy Tuesday.

Lady With Cats

How was your weekend?  Are you ready for this week?  Ours was good and fun and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for another week to begin or not.  I’m working on breathing easier…taking deep breaths…trying not to be easily overwhelmed…trying to enjoy these busy days because they may be busy, but they are busy with good things and good people and these 5 other humans who make up our home.  It’s good.  It should be enjoyed, so I’m working on really enjoying it…all of it…the good, the bad and the random.

My cousin Amy sent Hudson and Solomon some mini archeological dig kits.  I have to admit I completely got into these.  Sol’s was a shark head that had a real shark tooth hidden in it and Hudson’s was a big spider that had a dead preserved spider.  They had to dig and brush away all the dirt to find the specimens.  Really cool.  Thank you Amy!

We usually try and do donuts for breakfast once on the weekend.  And I usually have strawberries, granola and a dab of yogurt almost everyday for a snack.  We like to keep our food balanced around here :)

Amon is the most intense toddler drawer I have ever seen.  He usually gets super close to the paper and pushes down so hard and he has an amazing grip.  Intense kid after my own heart.

I know you were wondering about that blog title, well here it is.  Josh Kelley recently got to come home for lunch.  It was cold in our house and I was working on emails & such on the computer wrapped up tight in my afghan.  He took one look at me and said, “Where are the cats?”

The kids have a special color day every Friday.  Last Friday it was blue day! #nailedit

I would like to briefly acknowledge two things:  #1.  Sol refuses to do something normal with his face or hands when I take his picture and #2.  Sol also has worn his Ethiopian sweat bands for approximately 9,212 consecutive days…sleeps, eats, baths, plays baseball, school…you name it…those Ethiopian sweat bands have done it.

The Noonday party at our house was awesome!!!  Crazy fun.  This was the facial aftermath…too much fun + not enough sleep = hot ladies.

And if you’d like to place an order you still can: go to then when checking out, put “Ashley Mills” in the drop down ambassador name list and “Laura Kelley” under trunk show name.

The weather in Tennessee officially feels like fall.  Signs that fall is right around the corner:  my Kismet bag, a new fallish key fob, my go-to Toms and soccer in full swing.  It’s my favorite season and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

And Josh Kelley and I had a long over due date Saturday night.  The beginning of our date started with me tagging along on one of his 1/2 marathon training runs.  During our run he looked over and said, “Didn’t realize we were both wearing Full Count shirts…isn’t that cute.”  And he couldn’t have changed quick enough.

(These are all Instagram pictures.  You can find me at pitterpatterart to follow along.)

Hope everyone gets their week kicked off good.  Try and enjoy it.

Happy Monday!

Tables & Small Bright Red Chairs

In March of this year I asked you guys to help me raise $610 so we could help purchase some tables and chairs for the sweet kiddos at the Ngungwane carepoint in Swaziland, Africa.  What we did together was purchase a crap ton of awesome Noonday Collection and then we hosted the biggest “thank you” giveaway and you guys made donation after donation after donation.  You can read about it HERE and HERE.

You guys went crazy and ended up donating almost $2900.  I can’t tell you how much this still thrills my heart.  The world is full of kind and generous people.  Again thank you!

This week I received an update on the Ngungwane carepoint and wanted to share some of the pictures Children’s HopeChest passed along to me.  Not only did they get to purchase the tables and chairs, but with your kind donations, we also paid for an entire years worth of school fees for the kids, some learning supplies and they added a big painted chalkboard.

 I wanted you to see we can change the world.  We can make a difference.  We can come along side our brothers and sisters in Christ and help stand in the gap.  We can come together and impact lives even with the purchase of something simple like tables and small bright red chairs.

Thank you again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you for joining us and giving and being generous and kind!  Opening up that large envelope this week and reading the words and seeing these pictures was easily one of the highlights of my week.

Here’s a great weekend.

Happy Friday friends!

Party Tonight…Everyone’s Welcome, Everyone’s Invited

It’s been a great day and it just keeps on getting better.  I’ve been able to spend time with some of my favorite people already today and it’s not even 2.  And then tonight I get to hang out with more awesome people while checking out Noonday Collection’s new fall line and eating yummy food.  I am crazy excited.  These kinds of nights are my favorite.

For all you locals…whether we know each other or night, come on over to our house between 6-9 tonight.  Come early right after work if you’d like, we’ll be here.  I’ll stuff you full of food and drink and laughter and you’ll have the opportunity to get a closer look at Noonday and purchase with a purpose.

Shoot me a message HERE if you have any questions.

I would love to meet some new people.  Don’t be shy.  We would probably be great friends…I just know it!  Plus, ummmmmmm, hello, I made Carmelitas.  Plus a gazillion other completely fat and calorie free foods.

Ashley is setting up right now and I am already just over the moon by just seeing her sweet face.  You will love her too.  And if you can’t make it in person and would still like to order you totally can.  All you have to do is go to to then when checking out, put “Ashley Mills” in the drop down ambassador name list and “Laura Kelley” under trunk show name. Order anytime between today and September 16th.

Really hope to see tons of people tonight.  Hope to hug new and old necks <—– that sounds weird, but I’m a hugger.

Have an awesome day.

Happy Thursday!


It’s Wednesday and this week has already been a whirlwind with a strange sick kid.  Thankfully she’s feeling better today and they ruled out some serious stuff which we were so very thankful for.  Harper literally sat on our couch this morning and just boo hoo’ed because she was missing another day of school and she missed art yesterday which was close to the end of the world.  Poor kid!  She gets it honestly :)

I haven’t been able to work much this week so far, so for all of you who have orders placed I promise I will be getting back to work very soon.  In the mean time here are some orders which headed out all over the US recently.  As always, thank you guys so much!  I completely and genuinely appreciate your business.

Holy name pillows Batman.  And lots of them.

100 Flag Mini Bunting

Africa Tees.  LOVED making these.  I have not had an order for a shirt in a while and the Africa ones are definitely near and dear to my heart!

Key fobs!

Another 8×8 apple canvas!  Love doing these.  Upside down lady not included.

And this was a baby gift set for a friend.  Monogram bib, onesie and small 6×6 canvas.

Thanks to the awesome Randy over at the Orphan Care Network my Contact Laura button is now working, so if you would like to place an order just shoot me a message.

Thanks again so much for all your orders.  You guys are amazing.

Happy Wednesday Night!

Creature Of Habit & 3 Things

Yesterday I was a no show because my blog was in desperate need of a behind the scenes overhaul.  Things have been a bit wonky with my contact button and several other little things here and there.  Turns out I needed a serious update.  I get emails quite often about not being able to pin things onto Pinterest from here and I’m happy to announce the Pinterest button at the bottom of each post now officially legit works.  Super pumped about this.  There will be a few minor changes here and there over the next day thanks to Randy over at the Orphan Care Network.  A man who wears many hats!  Thank you Randy!!!

The dashboard where I type all my posts is also different now and wow…I am such a creature of habit and so opposed to change it’s a little hard for me.  I like what I know.  I like what is comfortable.  I like what I’m already well versed in.  Don’t throw me a curve ball and God forbid I have to learn something new or be challenged a bit.  How true this is for my entire life.  How comfortable I like life to feel, but God is moving us in a direction of taking us out of our comfort zones and showing us being a creature of habit is not exactly what He has planned for us right now.  It’s humbling and like a slap in the face to listen as God says “Why did you not trust Me with this?”  “Why did you not think I could handle this?”  “Have I ever left you or let you down?”  “Are My plans not the best for you?”.  I often wonder if I’ll ever learn.  Ha.

Today I’ve got a weirdly sick kid hanging with me at home, but it’s the young lady of the family and she is quite my jam.  It should be a lovely easy going day.  She’s been given strict “rest” instructions.  I’ve got more orders to work on and a house that needs a bit of tidying.  I did want to remind you guys of a few things today.  3 in fact.

1.  The podcast I recored with the kind Jamie Ivey is still up on her site.  You can head over HERE and give it a listen.  You guys have said some mighty kind things which of course just makes me smile and my heart flitter a bit.  Thank you.  Thank you for being just so so kind.  Also you can still enter to win some sets of key fobs just by leaving a comment HERE.  Thank you again Jamie for asking me to chat.  It was wildly fun!  Let’s do it again.

2.  We’re still raising money for the American Heart Association in honor of Amon.  We set a super lofty 5K goal.  So far you guys have kindly donated $855 and that is awesome!  I am also mailing out “thank you” key fobs to everyone who makes a donation of $15 or more.  Once you click on Amon’s page and make your donation just shoot me a message HERE with your name and mailing address.  Last night I hit up the post office late and sent out lots of key fobs.  Crazy thankful you guys! And please feel free to share Amon’s page and story.

3.  And the last really super fun thing is my Noonday Collection party is Thursday from 6-9!  Come early after work if you need to.  I am seriously so excited.  I’ve made my menu…let’s briefly discuss how awesome it is:  Chicken minis, sausage balls, veggies and hummus, mexican dip with chips, carmelitas, snickerdoodles, whooopie pies, gooey butter cake and drinks.  What, what.  {insert raise the roof hands}  I don’t get the opportunity to fill our house with people too often, so when I do, I want you to feel loved and cared for and I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself.  If you’re local…come, hang out, eat your heart out and bring a friend.  I would love to meet some new people so don’t be a stranger…I promise not to do anything weird to you.  I also may have rounded up a stellar lot of fun things to give away as door prizes randomly through out the night.  I’m telling you, this is going to be a really fun night.  You can shoot me an email at if you have questions.

And if you can’t make the party and still want to order some goodies you can!!!

All you have to do is go HERE between September 11-16th.  Add your items to your cart.  Then when checking out, put “Ashley Mills” in the drop down Ambassador name list and “Laura Kelley” under trunk show name.  Check out and then watch anxiously everyday for your mail person to deliver your amazing purchases.

You will not be disappointed.  I promise!

So that’s all I’ve got today.  Do you have any questions?  Ask away in the comments section if you do and I will answer them.  Thank you guys again for being awesome.  Thank you for being kind and loving and encouraging.  Hope your Tuesday is superb.

Podcast With Jamie Ivey

I recently recorded a podcast with my internet friend Jamie Ivey.  I was nervous about my rambling and southern accent, but it was super fun.  Loved chatting with her about our kindness advent, raising generous kids, purging/cleaning, grief and a few other random things.  I’m also giving away 3 sets of key fobs to 3 of her listeners.

Sidenote:  I even got my age wrong when Mom died.  I was really 29.  I have an impeccable memory.  Ha.  End Sidenote.

You can head over HERE to listen and enter to win a set of key fobs…one for you and one to give to a friend and all you have to do is leave a comment to win.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for being such an encouragement to me.  I am so grateful for you!!!!  Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Friday.

Totes Adorbs

I’m alone in our house for the 4th time in 2 weeks.  Holy smokes.  I’m afraid the rapture is coming soon.  It’s amazing.  I am working like crazy and loving every single minute of it.  After Amon ventured off to Mother’s Day Out last week and I blogged about how awesome my day was without him, there was one of those ‘guilty mom articles’ on Facebook and I about punched my computer screen.  I started to feel a twinge guilty for loving my time alone, but then I realized nope…no way…I’m not going to play that game.  I love my kids and I love my job.  Do I love my kids more than my job, yes, but do I still love and enjoy and find value in my job, yes!  What’s with all the moms making moms feel guilty anyways.  Everybody’s doing the best they can…everyone’s best looks different…let’s three cheers for that.  Now I shall exit my soap box.

Okay so, so many random things to tell you today.  Today has been awesome for packing up five thousand name pillows and some art and some key fobs and getting all those shipped out.  If you’ve paid and I’ve completed your order, they are on their way.  Hallelujah.  Car seats were made for more than just holding babies.

My August running mileage was low.  Back injuries are from Satan himself.  I’m feeling so much better and for September I have decided the running IS.On.  Like donkey kong.  Does anyone else say that…it’s on like donkey kong???  We say that way too much in the Kelley house.

Remember the 21 Day Fix I did a while back?  Well, I loved it so much.  It totally changed our eating habits and I picked up so many tips and tricks.  Here’s one of my favorites.  I like to call them “Nut Bags.”  Hilarious right?!?!?  I love when Josh Kelley comes home and I announce, “I made up some more nut bags for the week.”  Just so he know’s there are ample nut bags available.  I die.  Anyways, I pre make these up each week…peanuts, sunflower seeds and pistachios.  Want to know how super crazy I am…each bag has approximately 20 pistachios and 2 tablespoons of peanuts & sunflower seeds mixed.  I’m super cray.  The big thing with the 21 Day Fix was portion control and I loved learning what this actually looks like.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to devour my Chickfila for lunch.

Every day they play Legos.  I’ve donated almost all their toys because hello, Legos-4-Life.  Everyday they talk about Legos and discuss what they are going to build.  Everyday Hudson talks about his birthday and he waivers between a Star Wars Lego themed cake or a Chima Lego themed cake.  Or, no wait, maybe a Ninjago Lego themed cake.  Everyday he worries and frets over which Lego set to officially ask Josh and I for for his present.  Everyday he asks to look up certain Lego sets on Amazon so he can really examine each piece.  This is stressful legit stuff people.  Oh to be a 5-year-old boy again…wait a second.

This little guy, well he has it made.  Harper is coiled so tightly around his finger.  They will be each other’s man of honor and best woman.  I just know it.

Friends who are fun and nice and easy going and no drama are the best.  Harper and Kylee are a match made in friendship heaven.  The conversations, the play and the laughter is amazing.  I love their little personalties.  They both beamed with time together.  And I so wish everyone could have heard their conversation about their school clothing policy…”Now what’s your school’s policy on shoes?”  Hilarious.

And you should have heard the excitement over matching PJ pants.  The best.

Speaking of friendships…aren’t these two just totes adorbs?!?! #middleschoolslang  They really enjoyed themselves at our First Tennessee Football Game Of The Season Kick Off Fish Fry.  <—–I just made that fancy title up.  I love good friendships.  I’m thinking about making up some Christmas cards with these…maybe “Have a totes adorbs Christmas.”


And thank you for the sweet response to yesterday’s post.  If you missed it you can READ IT HERE.  You guys donated $555 towards our family’s goal of $5K for the American Heart Association in honor of Amon.  For every donation of $15 or more, I will send you a thank you key fob.  If you want to get in on the key fob fun, go to AMON’s PAGE HERE and click the ‘give now’ button in the right hand side bar.  If you’d like your key fob, once you’ve made your donation send me an email at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com with your name and shipping address.  A big huge thank you for everyone who has already donated and for those of you sharing Amon’s story.  We deeply appreciate it.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy Thursday!