Our friend Nick over at Sasquatch Design Society entered one of his most awesome designs in the Design The Good contest.  Here’s the down low…Nick uploaded his design and now we vote.  The most votes wins and the winner gets to choose what charity/organization receives the moola…and Nick chose Ngugnwane.  Simple enough and to the point.  Design with the most votes wins and we really really really want Nick to win.  And come on, his design is crazy good.

 All you need to do is:


2)  The entry screen asks for your full name and email address…enter those and then click the bright pink VOTE button.

3)  Right afterwards Nick’s design should appear with his name in the top left hand corner.  You hit the little heart at the bottom of his design by the number of votes he already has and the number will increase by one because of your vote.  The End!

So simple.  So easy.  And whoa now, watch out Ngungwane if he wins…we’re coming for you either way.

Please take a slice of your time to go vote and share with your friends and family and co-workers and anyone who will lend you their ear.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU in advance for voting.  We soooooo appreciate it and you!!!

Here’s to a great weekend and a Happy Friday!


  1. Voted! Love the design 🙂

  2. Voted!!

  3. Voted! Is he selling those?

  4. So I did a google image search and ended up here for this design, lol. I also entered this contest, but sadly wasn’t picked, but I had to come say that I really love the message behind this design.


  1. […] Remember when I asked you to vote for Nick’s design in the Design the Good contest…well he actually won and yet, not.  He had the most votes by a good margin…well over 1000…but the judges didn’t choose his design.  After quite a bit of angst and toil basically it came down to companies being shady and not up front and lots of tiny print loop holes.  It made me feel super yucky I asked you guys to vote, but we can’t make people choose honestly and integrity.  So Nick and Sasquatch Design decided to print the tees themselves and give all the profits to the Ngungwane garden fund.  If we reach the goal they are going to use the money to buy supplies for Ngungwane.  Crazy awesome again.  I know some good hearted people.  You can purchase your tee HERE. […]

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