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Name that movie?!?!?!?  “I’m Ron Burgundy???”  Such a funny movie.

Anyways, now for the big news.  There are actually a few things.

First off, for the Carman’s Noonday Collection show this Thursday night I have decided I will be making all different kinds of whoopie pies for the dessert portion of the food.  WHOOPIE PIES…in multiple flavor combinations.  Let’s all take a moment.  I told Ashley and Alissa about my plan this morning after our workout and Ashley gave me the amazing idea to make them mini so people could taste test all the flavors.  Ashley is a genius.  We’ll see how it goes…wish me luck.

PS:  Shoot me an email (pitterpatterart at gmail dot com) if you need more details about the Par-tay!  The more the merrier.

And don’t forget if you cannot make the party you can always order online HERE.  20% of all sales will go towards the Carman’s adoption fund.  I mean, you guys, forget that the Carman’s are getting a freakin’ amazing son 🙂 but Shuai needs his bestie back ASAP!!!!!  Let’s rally.

Isaiah 62 made me throw up all my praise hands and cry tears on my pages.  Dang these emotions and good promises from Jesus.  What am I to do with myself?!?!?!  Just thankful for His word.  Thankful for His promises.  Thankful we have hope in Him.

My mother-in-laws flowers are killing it.  I walk through her yard and want to cut every single flower and make myself a snazzy arrangement in a pickle jar.  I cannot help myself.  She’s a master gardener…literally…she has a pin that says so.  Personally I just want her to get some hydrangea bushes, but plant and tend to them in my yard 🙂

Everett is absolutely the cutest thing ever getting his hair cut.  Those hands.  He is literally killing me.    I will not survive this child and his cuteness.

I feel fairly confident they have started a gang.  It’s a pretty damn cute gang, but still a gang.  Do not cross them in a dark alley…they will cut you.

Every single morning they take off like this.  The other morning I wanted to document so I could remember their routine.  Next year Harper ventures off to middle school and Amon will be headed to kindergarten.  I like their routine and I know Josh Kelley loves his morning ride with his big kids.  Oh my goodness do I love these people.

And today I created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t even know what all to say about this, but it’s big news to me.  It’s been MONTHS since I’ve made or created anything.  My mind and heart and body have just been every where else and I miss it.  I actually completely forgot about teacher appreciation week at our little MDO and so key fobs and Sonic gift cards were in order.  Everett just sat and watched mandarin Elmo and it was such a good 30 minutes for my creative heart.

So that’s it for today.  Only the things of utmost importance 🙂  And I’ve used far too many smiley faces in the post, but alas.

Happy Monday!


  1. Janet Herrell says:

    I love, love reading all of this! It makes my heart feel wonderful! So happy for your growing family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Don’t you dare mention the “m” word again! (Middle school)I can’t imagine my class without Harper. I told her last week she was going to fail because I can’t let her leave our school!

  3. Love your reports and your amazing family, wish I lived closer.

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