Update: Day 8

Hi!  Just checking in for the day.  Last night Everett had another uneventful night followed up by a pretty uneventful day.  He’s becoming quite the show off.  His main goals for today we’re to continue peeing and to ween off some of his O2.  Once they started implementing his new plan he immediately fought back some on the oxygen so they had to split the difference and go up a little, but not all the way where he was originally.  Over the course of the day they gradually have been moving him down little by little.

We are suppose to get a visit from the wound care team soon.  Shuai has a pretty nasty wound in-between his neck and chest.  He also has a peculiar line stretching across the back of his neck shoulder to shoulder.  Dude has just been put through the ringer.

All day we’ve seen more small movements from his feet, legs, hands, fingers, lips and fluttering little eyelids.  I even got to see his sweet eyeballs a few times briefly.  Cue all the tears again.  He started to wake up a little too much this evening which actually made them think he might be having some seizure activity based on all his movement and spiking blood pressure, but they upped his morphine and sedative just a bit and he chilled out.  It’s crazy how we can be chugging along and out of no where something shifts so quickly, but thankful for another pretty chill day.

In some random hospital news:

I brought my Streams In The Dessert devotional…vintage and yet, an oldie but a goodie…with me.  I’ve been trying to read it everyday.  This morning it was about how the desert (hard times & places) sure is a strange place to find vineyards (hope, growth, goodness) but that’s exactly what God does. The last sentence said, “God leads me into hard and difficult places, and it is there I realize I am where eternal streams abide.”   This!!!  This x 1000!

My friend Sherry sent me an awesome blog post by Sarah Bessey today too.  Oh goodness, is it good.  You can read it HERE.

“And then the greatest act of faith I have in my arsenal is my stubbornness.

Keep not quitting. 

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep showing up. Keep praying, keep standing, keep working.

Even if there are days like today, days when you feel like the only success was that you didn’t quit, then you are still there – I call that a victory of its own.”

Ashley and I have been eating all the foods.  Basically our day surrounds what we will have for lunch and dinner.  The nurses even let us flip through their giant book of menus which all deliver to the hospital.  It’s kind of big deal 🙂  Ashley also busted out these weird pretzels she bought at the airport.  She thought they we’re chocolate covered pretzels, but turns out they are a bag of BURNT PRETZELS!!!  Did you know this was a thing???  We did not.  I was so incredibly intrigued by this and I actually really like them.  What in the world?  I’m telling you, I am a marketers dream.  Clearly this company just thought, “How can we make money on all these pretzels we accidentally burn?”  And someone said, “I know let’s appealingly package them by calling them “Unique” instead of “Mistake“, use other catchy wording like  “Nicely Burnt” “Bursting with tantalizing flavor” and “Deep Grooves“.  Then we’ll act like we did it on purpose and get total suckers to buy them.”  Then Ashley was all, “Hey.  I’ll buy that.”  The end.

Everett’s rainbow donkey piñata has been quite the hit.  All of the nurses, doctors and staff love it and almost always comment on it.  And the nurses always tuck Fiesta 😉 in somewhere.  At first I just thought they liked Fiesta too, but then one of the nurses told me he was the perfect shape to utilize since he’s L shaped.  Sooooo what she was saying is Fiesta is not only quirky and cute, but also useful.

And I have been cracking up because I posted the below picture on Instagram and so many have commented on how much better Everett’s color is and honestly it never dawned on me how bright it was in his room, but instead I was loving how laid back he was.  I even captioned the picture, “Laid back…with my mine on my donkey piñata and my donkey piñata on my mind.”  Hahahaha.  I didn’t mean to be misleading, but sweet boy is still rocking his wave pool tan and his lips are still on the purple side.  See above pics for more accurate coloring. ^^


Today was another good and encouraging day.  Our strong, brave boy worked so hard.  In fact, he worked so hard that tonight they are letting him just rest.  His two goals for the night are 1. Still pee and 2. Rest.  I have a good feeling he’s going to rock both of these.

Thank you for all the continued prayers.


  1. Prayers from Goodlettsville.

  2. Prayers for sweet the sweetest boy!!

  3. jEnnifer says:

    Following daily!!! So thankful for good news! I am ordering the devotional you keep quoting! Thank you so much for being a wonderful inspiration!! You and Everett!! ❤️❤️

  4. Still praying for your brave boy (and brave mama 😉
    Loved seeing the update o Instagram with the movement….great job Everett!

  5. Go Everepp!!!! Love you guys!!!! Praying circles around you and that precious boy!! Burnt pretzels…just wow!!!

  6. Glenda Hoagland says:

    still praying

  7. You are amazing mama❣️I love your faith and unyielding spirit! Everepp is so very blessed to have you fighting for him Continued prayers and love from TN!

  8. Chris Mills says:

    It’s crazy how detail oriented our God can be . . . Ashley had been talking for a while before her Nashville trip how she wanted to take the kids to Dave and Busters – this might have actually been her selfish desire to go to Dave and Busters for herself actually, but I digress. Well little did we know that on said trip to Dave and Busters E would acquire Fiesta and he would come in so handy.

  9. Love the updates! Prayers from Kentucky (no longer in Spain!) all day every day. Thank you for the pics and the instagram stories and the details and all the fun facts. Jesus, hold Everett and mama and all the family close !

  10. Sara Just says:

    Praying for you all daily!!! You are all called into such a time as this, Keep on not quitting. Praying also for your crew back at home. Love to you team Everepp!

  11. Marianne cupples says:

    Check regularly for updates! And am praying continuously in Arkansas! Always glad to hear of the tiniest progress! God is good!

  12. Keep on not quitting. continuing Prayers for precious Everetts healing up. so glad that Fiesta just cheers up the place 🙂

  13. Freda Fuller says:

    You are quite an inspiration to us all (you were anyway – before you reminded us of the streams!). To coin an oldie….”keep on keeping on”! Prayers for your strength!
    Freda Fuller

  14. T Haggerty says:

    I am so with you on tge pretzels, hun. I guess creative types always leaning in to growth…. Ashley, I adore you. How blessed Everett is to have found your ❤️ . Prayers continue as well as thxgiving. No room for seizuRes…. BANNING seizuRes.

  15. You are an amazing family and I have many people in New Albany, Indiana praying for your sweet son. I am so happy to hear some positive news and we will continue to pray for all of you.

  16. Prayers from Gallatin!!

  17. Will keep praying! What a trooper your little guy is. Thank God for this progress.

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