Update: Day 7

Today was such a good day.  Everett had another really uneventful night last night and I got some sleep again.  Then right before I got to his room this morning he had another scare.  They gave him an epi spritzer and his numbers spiked really high and then leveled back out.  Since then though, he’s been pretty darn cool about the whole day.

When I got to his room there was the sweetest 4th of July craft his night nurse had done with him.  I saw it sitting on the chair for me and cried like a baby.  I told her thank you over and over again and cried and she said, “It’s for his first 4th of July.”  Cue all the tears.  So many tears.  I couldn’t stop.  One of the other night nurses also washed and fixed his hair.  This place is so special.  This place has all our hearts!!!!

This morning his big goals we’re to 1. Pee and 2. Move.  His kidney function was still not looking great and his output wasn’t what they we’re wanting so today was his day to kick it in gear and right now he is in the negative which is great!!!!  The dude has finally started peeing today.  They also really wanted to see some movement.  He’s been off his paralysis and they’ve been coming down off his morphine as well.  Everyone was keeping their eyes peeled and just about an hour ago his nurse thought she saw a twitch.  We jumped up and started watching and talking to him and holding his hand and rubbing his legs and then sure enough more little twitches.  He moved his toes and fingers and more little twitches.  He even gave my hand a little squeeze when I asked him to.  We we’re just so relieved to see those little movements.  I even caught some on my Instagram stories.

Some fun other little developments…my best friend Ashley flew in today!!!!!  She’s the best and I was so glad to see her face and hug her neck.  Aimee was crazy nice to pick her up from the airport and they snagged lunch for us on the way and we all sat around chatting and laughing and eating and watching to see if Ashley was going to pass out because medical stuff can do that to her 🙂  So far, she has passed out zero.  Everyone give Ashley a round of applause.

We also got the sweetest package in the mail today.  It had so many thoughtful items, treats and goodies for me and Everett.  My favorite part though we’re two handmade pillowcases just for Everett.  Thank you so much Emily.  You made our day even brighter.

And this evening right after the super exciting Everett movement I got a call from the front desk that there was a delivery for us.  I went down and a young man handed me a giant Mrs. Fields box.  I took it back upstairs and opened the biggest chocolate chip cookie cake just for Everepp.  🙂  Clearly the person taking the order miss heard those two T’s at the end and laughter ensued.  It was the best!!!!  When I asked the young man who it was from he said, “I think, maybe, Leanne???”  So Leanne, maybe, whoever you are and wherever you are, thank you so much.  You made our day too and helped us celebrate such an encouraging day with joy and laughter.

As always, thank you for praying for our boy.  We are feeling all the feels today and thanking God for such sweet steps forward.


  1. God bless you all!

  2. Gigi harris says:

    Wonderful news… still praying for ‘lil Everepp!!!!

  3. Cheryl Stone says:

    Everepp! Yep, that’s him! Improving all the time and getting himself out of those woods. Big hip hip hoorays here and prayers that he continues to improve – I never thought I’d get this excited about peeing and twitching!

  4. Aunt Tootsie says:

    So thankful to God that things are beginning to look up. I am also sooo
    thankful Ashley is there with you, what a blessing!
    Love to you and Everepp.

  5. Hey — it’s me, the mystery heart cookie sender from Texas. Been following you for a long time, also have a mama in heaven, and have been praying tons ever since you first starting blogging about adopting sweet Everett. I’m cracking up over the typo on the cookie — I even spelled it for her on the phone and she repeated it back to me. All I can think of is that today is Everett’s day for “Pee Pee”‘or “pp” — ha! If the cookie maker only knew how right on she was… Glad I could add a little laughter to a very long and exhausting week. Wanted to bring a smile to your face knowing you can probably imagine spending the 4th of July in a very different way back home with the rest of your sweet family, but when I saw the heart ❤️cookie, it spoke to me and I knew it needed to be delivered to one very special heart boy and his mama in Michigan on a day to celebrate many things. Enjoy and hug that sweet angel and keep laughing when you can! Thanks so much for the updates, and we’ll all keep praying!!!

    • Kathie N says:

      Leanne — What a special angel you are!

    • Leanne…You are the kindest!!! And honestly, if he gets anything else with his name on it and it’s not spelled wrong we will all be sorely disappointed…hahahaha. It brought so much laughter and joy and deliciousness. And we shared with the staff and they all loved it. Thank you again so so much!!!!

  6. Hurray for a good day and giant cookies! E’s hospital sounds just amazing. So many prayers coming your way.

  7. Such wonderful news! Keeping little Everett and your whole sweet family in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Just wanted to say we are praying for you and Everett here in Dickson. Your sweet aunt keeps us posted and our whole Sunday School Class at FBC Dickson are praying, praying, praying. So happy to hear improvement today.
    2 Chronicles 20:15 “…be not afraid, or dismayed….for the battle is not yours, but God’s”

  9. jEnnifer says:

    Praising Jesus for your wonderful day!!

  10. Robin and bill says:

    Thank you for your wonderful updates! Our prayers are continuing for precious little Everett! Love, courage, faith, strength, and healing to you all.

  11. Kathie N says:

    Got linked to beautiful Everett and your amazing family through a friend who asked for prayers for you all. Since “meeting” Everett here on Day 3, I have been praying like crazy — lit a prayer candle at church on Sunday — and will ask my Bible Study group to add E and y’all to our miracle-working prayer chain. I just want to let you know how inspirational YOUR faith and hope are to me!! With our Heavenly Father at Everett’s side, I believe he (and y’all) have the strength you need to get through this. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  12. cOUSIN MARSHA says:

    Oh, Laura, so thankful for some good news! And yes, I may have cried over they precious 1st Fourth of July momento. I have been thinking about you there by yourself & to know Ashley is there gives me some peace! Continuing to bring you all before our good & faithful Father!

  13. So wonderful to hear about the progress! I’m keeping you in my prayers (day and night, since I’ve been up with a baby and a cold).

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