Update: Day 5

I know I keep saying this, but I could never say enough how thankful we are for the outpouring of love and support and encouragement and prayers for Everett and our family.  I keep telling people how genuine I hope they know our words are because we really and truly mean those words from deep within our souls.  I literally sob over messages and texts and comments.  Sob, people.  I’m a mess 🙂  Last night Josh Kelley and I just sat with Everett and held his hand, sang to him and cheered him on.  I kissed his sweet swolen cheeks and his cold hands and feet.  I told him over and over how brave, strong and special he is.  I told him how loved he is.  I told him how many people are praying for him.

(I boohooed over this prayer sent to us from a new friend)

Josh went to grab some sleep around 3 am and I sat by Everett and read him all the comments on just yesterday’s post and comments from just one Facebook update.  They we’re so so many and I ended up falling asleep with my head on his hand, phone in hand and standing up 🙂  I wanted him to hear your words of life and love and fight.

So here’s a quick update for today.  I’m actually just copying and pasting from my Facebook and Instagram.  I am really trying to keep updates regular on here, but for quicker updates Facebook and Instagram are just easier to maneuver, so feel free to check those out.

“Josh and I were up most of the night holding Everett’s hand, singing to him and cheering him on. He had some leg movement in the night and you would have thought we won the lottery. They started as little twitches on their own, but several times when I would ask him to move his legs or wiggle his toes he would twitch on command. And Josh saw him move his hand once. Neurologists saw some normal dream like activity and some general slowing in the back, but are not concerned at this point. They also have seen no seizure activity. They are going to keep monitoring the EEG for a complete 24 hour period. For today’s plan they’ve started making gradual changes and are watching to see how his body handles them. They started first with his temperature by turning the cooling blanket off. That’s been super tricky and has spiraled him several times including yesterday. Just praying his body continues to respond positively. His stats, oxygen and bloodwork have still been bouncing a little with the changes so they put him back on paralysis meds to allow his body to not work as hard again and are giving him more blood. I actually went back to grab a few hours of sleep so that’s why such a late and long update. Sorry.  Thank you deeply for praying for him. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we can. God has been so gracious to us yet again and we will continue to thank Him for our amazing boy.”

(I love his nurses because they always tuck his donkey piñata, Fiesta, in tight beside him.)

A little update from that update is he has had to go back on the cooling blanket.  His temperature just continues to want to shoot up which throws all his numbers off and is what kicked off his cardiac crash yesterday.  His blood cultures have still not grown anything which is a good sign of no infection and they will continue to allow them to culture longer.  His team thinks his body is just “angry” after so much trauma and the multiple changes in his anatomy from surgeries.  They say it’s just a really fine dance we’re doing right now trying to get him to make strides forward, but not too quickly and watching everything so very carefully.

We are so thankful for the team of doctors and nurses and specialists and techs and staff members who are working around the clock to move Everett forward.  Mott is an outstanding place to be.  I wish you could have seen me hug our two respiratory therapists who we’re the ones giving him compressions.  One of which I bear hugged around the waste and sobbed into her chest.  I bring the awkward real well.  They literally saved his life along with the large team working vigorously around him.  Our doctor who called it and sent everyone into action, well, I told her 5,000 times thank you.  How do you ever get that deep message of gratitude across to the people who are loving your sick child, fighting for your sick child and working so tirelessly for your sick child?!?!

And thank you again and again for the prayers.  We honestly, truly, genuinely and deeply mean that and feel your love and encouragement as we all cheer Everett on!

PS: Hospitals are time warps and I just realized today I was off on my days in my post titles and fixed them.  Realized we’ve been in here longer than I thought.  Geez.


  1. Prayers are still going upward from Il and PA. I keep my friends updated everyday. I have a feeling they are falling in love with your family and want to be helpful. We’re asking for mercy from the Lord to heal Everett completely and to continue to use the knowledge of the medical staff. HE CAN DO IT! P.S. My daughter bought me one of your key rings and it reminds me to pray for your family every time I use it.

  2. Nikki briley says:

    Love you and your sweet family. Praying boldly for Everett, you, Josh Kelley, your other children, and the medical team.

  3. Carolyn Phillips says:

    We need a Fiesta donkey emoji! Sending love. Keep fighting and healing dear Everett!!

  4. Praying for y’all and his medical staff!! What an awesome opportunity God has given you and Everett to share His love with others!!! Praying constantly for y’all!!

  5. Jennifer meyer says:

    His little body is fighting and fighting! He is a strong, strong little guy! Praying and sending love and virtual hugs!

  6. Thinking of Everett and you all. Praying for his sweet hands to wrap around his mommy and daddy soon! God is with you! We are cheering Everett on!!!! From Hendersonville, Tn.

  7. So glad to know you’re feeling our prayers and support. Thought about you guys off and on through church this morning. I’m glad to get the positive update (no infection so far is awesome news!) but even more glad that you and Josh both got some sleep. Prayers continue.

  8. Praying for your boy!! As a respiratory therapist I can almost guarantee that 1. I am sure they shed some tears as well. Maybe not in front of you but I’m sure his life has touched theirs!! And 2. Nothing I’ve ever seen has been awkward. We are all human and we all grieve and rejoice!! Being a part of that, in a healthcare setting, is an honor. My life has been changed for the better standing and rallying with families for their loved ones!! Keep on keeping on, momma! Prayers for your sweet boy!!

  9. Annette Miller says:

    With all of the love, strength, and faith that surrounds Everett, he is sure to get through this. I look forward to seeing what incredible things God has in store for him! I continue to pray for you all. And, I am not far away. If you need ANYTHING (a loaf of bread, a stick of gum, someone to sit with you, seriously – anything), please let me know!!

  10. Christin says:

    Praying BIG prayers from Africa! God is SO good & He’s got totally got this!

  11. Rachael Hartline says:

    Praying constantly for your sweet boy!!! He has touched so many in such as short amount of time.

  12. Frances Dunaway says:

    Keep fighting, dear Everett. God give you more strength josh and Laura.

  13. Joyce mccown says:

    Cara, most of the time you don’t necessarily have to “pray” because He knows exactly what you are thinking, what is on your mind and what is in your heart. And that in itself is a prayer which He understands. Sending Lots & Lots of Loving Thoughts and Prayers for your sweet, sweet little boy and the rest of you as well.
    Lord, I come to You to, first of all, to thank You for Your continual Loving Care of little Everett & the Team of Drs., Nurses, and Any & All Therapists; Secondly, Thank You for holding Baby Everett in Your Loving Arms, For Comforting him when You know how his little body is fighting itself because of something going wrong. Thank You, also, Heavenly Father, for keeping The Full Team of Healthcare Professionals, And his Family wrapped in Your Loving and Most Welcoming Arms. I pray, Lord, that it will be Your Will, Father, that Everett will come through this trial, along with his family, with an even greater Love and testimony of Your Love & Your Work in their lives. In the most loving and precious name, Jesus Christ, amen.
    XOXOXO to All of you and, especially little Everett❤❤❤!!!

  14. T Haggerty says:

    We are still here believing and praying. We will not stop till he is in your arms again.

  15. You are a strong little warrior Everett!!! People all around this world are praying for you every single minute of every single day!!! You are so loved!!!!!

  16. Thank you so much for the updates. I was awake many times last night praying and checking for updates on sweet Everett. Many, many prayers for Everett, you, Josh, the kiddos back home, and Ev’s medical team. My momma went to heaven a little bit before yours did, and today is her birthday, and I was imagining her in heaven with God pulling for Everett with your momma and all the angels. Think of the guardian angels surrounding y’all right now… We are all rallying heaven and earth for your precious, sweet boy!!!

  17. Cheryl Stone says:

    God, medical teams, and fiesta donkeys can bring about miracles, and we are seeing one in the making right now.

    Lord, we humbly beseech you to bless Everett with healing, and bless these people, his family, who love them. Renew their strength, give them hope upon hope, and impart them with the deepest understanding of Your ways.

    Most of all, God of Heaven and Earth, thank You for loving them, and trusting Everett to their care. He is in the best hands he could be in!

  18. Andrea young says:

    Everett! You can do this buddy. Zeke can’t wait to meet you and dance with you! He is certain you two will be able to put on quite a show. zeke loves your rainbow donkey and wants you to come meet and ride his donkey in Atlanta. So rest up–get better–take your time and know there is a special little buddy praying for you with his family. Wo ai ni pengyou (I love you friend) Yǒnggǎn qǐlái (Be brave) Nǐ kěyǐ zhèyàng zuò! (You can do this!) Love Zeke and his mommy Andrea

  19. Praying for your sweet boy and your entire family. Also praying for all those who are taking such good care of him. God is the Great Physician. Trusting in Him!!

  20. Continuing in prayer, prayer for healing and wisdom for all involved. Also praying for you and Josh. Wanting you to take bits of sleep when you can and lots of slow deep breathing! Hugs!

  21. Sarah Francoeur says:

    I’m sobbing with you. I just said to my friend, “We just don’t know how lucky we are to have healthy kids!” We are praying for you all. ❤️

  22. Jo Ann Bairrington says:

    God bless Everett and all of his family. Our prayers continue

  23. Charleen beasley says:

    Laura and Josh, My husband and I both are praying for Everett. We are Laura and Tyler Beasley’s parents — I say this because I want you to know that we have been (somewhat) where you are now. We are struggling so hard with our prayers and asking God to take care of Everett as well as you, Josh, Harper, Hudson, Solomon, Amon and you “littlest”! I want God to wrap his arms around you all and hold you tight in His embrace. I love your strength. I love your faith. “Keep on keeping on.” God is holding Everett in his arms and caring for all of you with His Infinite Wisdom.

  24. I’ve been thinking of E all day and praying for him.

  25. Lisa heile says:

    Continuing to pray for Everett and your whole sweet family as well as the medical staff there. I sat in church this morning praying and couldn’t focus until I looked for an update. So glad to hear the progress after yesterday. I live in Utah now, but I love to keep up with your beautiful art and your family. Everett’s pictures sitting on your kitchen counter make me smile every time.

  26. Praying now.

  27. I came across your story in a friend’s Facebook feed- we don’t know each other, but from one mom to another, your love and strength are amazing. I will be praying for your super-hero boy!!!

  28. Kelly Ford says:

    Prayers still going up in Murfreesboro, TN for you all and sweet Everett. We pray as a family and I update my husband and kids (4 and 9) on your posts daily and they always want to see the pictures to see how he is doing before we pray for him. Hang in there mama. God’s at work, even if we can’t see or understand what His plan is.

  29. Lois leeds says:

    I know we’re looking for a unicorn multicolored donkey piñata emoji but this is the best I can do. Much love and support coming from Jersey praying for your sweet child to heal more and more each day Jesus is with you

  30. Thank you lord for the uplifting report, we continue to pray for Everette and you all together with the doctors and nurses,May you all be strengthened daily as we wait our Hero to wake up.

  31. I am reading every update. I was unable to sleep for a time last night (about 3AM nashville time–guess it’s same time zone?) and prayed Everett’s name over and over. Along with Jesus save him. Heal him. Breathe life into him. I wish I could do more. I know you don’t know me, but if you need to mobilize any of us locals don’t hesitate to ask. Everett is such a fighter. I’m prayerful this time of being on the paralytic meds is a time for miraculous healing in his heart. In Jesus Name.

  32. Glenda Hoagland says:

    I will continue to pray for Everett and have added him and you and Josh to my daily book of prayer. Sending love and continued prayers

  33. Ryan myers says:

    Praying a power of healing for that sweet boy. I pray the Holy Spirit will surround you and Josh through this. Your strength and faith is such an example to the world. Keep fighting Everett!!!

  34. Heidi Sherwood says:

    Just read your update and I’m sitting here listening to the sound of my youngest breathing over the baby monitor (it’s naptime at our house.) We had so many struggles with our oldest – we were told when I was 11 weeks pregnant that she would never live outside of my body. That never stopped us from loving her or praying for her. Even through her first very rough years. Like you, we too had thousands of strangers praying for our child. I firmly believe those prayers are what got her this far – she starts kindergarten in August. I may be only one tiny voice in the sea of words you are receiving, but I’m crying with you, I’m hoping with you, and by God I’m praying for you!

  35. Praying for healing for Everett’s precious body! Thankful for the wonderful team of doctors and nurses God has put in your path and for the prayer warriors you have praying around the clock for your family. Our family lifts you up daily. Much love in Christ!!

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