Update: Day 18 & 19

It feels like a lifetime since I last posted here in this space despite it really just being two days.  I’m not quite sure what all I want to say, but I know I feel anxious and sitting in this space putting my thoughts into words is always good for my heart and mind.

Friday night my sweet friend Jamie sent me a song her husband Aaron had written around 9pm.  As I listened I just weeped because it was absolutely my heart’s cry.  All my feelings wrapped up in a song and I seriously played it over and over throughout the night.  I stayed with Everett until around 3am.  I shared my earbuds with him and we listened to the song together over and over as I just begged God for a miracle in his little body…sweep through him Lord and give him life…heal his heart…restore his sweet mind…breath Your life back into his small beautiful body.  This song I felt was just for us and this time we are journeying through.  The entire song nails my heart.

Though I may suffer for a while, I have a hope that’s undefiled. I see the part, but not the whole. I know this world is not my home so I want to see Jesus lifted high. I want to see Jesus lifted high.

“Jesus Lifted High” -Aaron Ivey

When I woke up I had multiple messages from friends and strangers all sharing the same article with me and telling me they hoped I’d found my night’s song.

“Your way was through the sea,
   your path through the great waters;
   yet your footprints were unseen.
You led your people like a flock
   by the hand of Moses and Aaron. Psalm 77:19-20

Psalms of lament exist because of sin, but steadfast hope attends our cries because of Jesus: obedient, stricken, smitten, afflicted, crucified, dead, buried, risen, victorious, ascended, reigning, coming again — knowing that, one day, he will wipe away every last tear. 

Lament and confidence are never mutually exclusive in the Psalms, and they ought not to be in our lives. Lyrics of sorrow mingle with lyrics of joy; the people of God sing through tears and trials, on the mountaintop or in the valley.

God is faithful to give the sweetest of songs in the blackest of nights. He gives us the strength to sing them when all we can muster is moaning. He is teaching us to sing, taking us by the hand, leading his people all the way home. He is the God of those 3 a.m. moments. He is preparing his saints to sing an everlasting song of unrestrained joy, offering full-throated praise to the glory of the Lamb who was slain. 

As we wait for the day when darkness will be no more, he gives us a song in the night. 

He is our song in the night.”

I read the above portion out loud in bed and cried.  I felt so seen and so loved.  I had surely been given my night’s song to worship and praise our Father who is always deserving of such things.

Yesterday was full of more waiting and hard conversations as we got further and further out from the last time Everett had received sedation medication.  His team really needed to see him move and there we’re still no movements outside a slight mouth twitch when he was getting his teeth brushed.  His EEG machine remained unchanged as well and showed little activity.  The plan was to wait until Monday to do another CT scan.  We also talked with the kids about his current state and what all that might mean.  We made sure they understood we we’re not giving up on Everett and that we we’re all still praying and holding tightly to hope.  They we’re sad and okay.  The decision was made they needed to head on to Michigan the next day to see their little brother.

This morning as we we’re getting ready to head to Everett’s room we got a phone call from his nurse.  Some concerning things had changed and they we’re taking him down for another CT scan right away.  By the time we walked down the hall to his room they had already removed his EEG machine and we’re getting ready to go.  We shot off texts quickly asking for prayers and a miracle while Josh’s dad, sister Jen, our niece Campbell and 4 of our kiddos we’re already headed our way from Tennessee.

Neurology came pretty quickly to discuss their findings.  The CT scan confirmed Shuai had suffered severe brain damage and now had excessive swelling as well.  The little neurological signs we we’re hanging onto we’re no more and the neurosurgeons confirmed they could not help him.  He will stay on life support as his team begins a series of tests to confirm brain death.  After they left I read my devotion for the day and again God met me right where I was.  It talked about surrendering to God what you hold most precious.  In a time right now when all I want to do is hold Everett so tightly I was reminded again to lay him down at the Father’s feet…surrender him over to the One who is his Creator…to the One who loves him far more than I ever could.

 We had more hard conversations through out the day with doctors and everyone knew our kiddos would be arriving late in the afternoon.  Harper has been so concerned about three things: 1) Everett’s birthday which is on the 29th 2) His best friend who will be coming home soon and 3) That something bad would happen while she was here.  We decided we would have a birthday party for Everett while they we’re at the hospital and our team encouraged us to celebrate today rather than tomorrow for caution’s sake.  If something happened they did not want our family and children to miss out on this special memory.

With just a few hours before they would arrive Josh and I headed to Target and Kroger and I left the hospital for the first time in 19 days.  I cried and felt so anxious, but our nurse and respiratory therapist encouraged us to go and that Target was only 5 miles away.  They promised to call us if anything happened at all, so we headed out.  We got party supplies…minion plates and napkins, banner, pom pom & honeycomb buntings, a number 4 candle, fun sodas, birthday hats & party blowers, balloons and cupcakes.  I broke down into an unattractive sob in the Target aisle…I just could not believe we we’re doing this.

Before the kids arrived our nurse Denise let us pick a shirt and she cut it up the back and up one sleeve and slipped it onto his small body so Everett would resemble more his normal little self and cover up all his tubes and lines.  When I went to pick out what shirt for him I sat on the ground in our little room in front of my suitcase and sobbed some more into his sweet clothes.  We decided to put him in his “best” shirt that his best friend has the “buds” shirt to.  It seemed like the perfect choice since they have celebrated every one of their birthdays together.

Our kids and family arrived and honestly it was the sweetest time for us all together.  It felt so needed and holy.  We watched a movie and laughed and cried.  We ordered pizza…Shuai’s favorite…and sang happy birthday to him.  We ate treats and drank sodas and talked and I soaked in my people I’ve been missing so much since arriving here.  My niece Campbell leaned over and gave me a hug and said she loved and missed me.  I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her cheek and told her how glad we were she came.  And Amon took over birthday party photography at one point and said things like “say party people” while snapping away.

 Josh’s brother Andy called from China and I could barely get a word out to him through my tears…he loves Everett so well…and he even sang some happy birthday to him in Mandarin.  The kids we’re sad, but also happy to be back together.  They asked a few questions and they all had thoughts to share here and there.  It was just a moment we will surely never forget.  When they left Josh looked over at me and said, “Well that was good.”  And it really was.

They’ll come back tomorrow too and we’ve made a few other plans.  Right now we are just praying and begging God for a miracle.  Hope is not lost and will never be.  Jesus Himself gets the final say and we are choosing to believe in our Healer…our Miracle Maker.  He is wondrous and good.  Today was another special day to praise our Savior and celebrate His handy work in the creation of Everett Louie Shuai Kelley.  What a gift we have been given in our son.  We are surely the luckiest.  And Everett has made our lives so much richer and even more beautiful…he is a treasure.

Please continue to stand with us in hope.  Please continue to petition our Father to breath life into Everett’s little body and restore his mind.  We know He is able!


  1. You and your family are constantly on my mind. There is no doubt that if the Lord wants to heal Everett, he can. “Hills and Valleys” by Tauren Wells is a GREAT song to listen to. We will keep hoping no matter what. You are in my prayers.

    • Breda walker says:

      Laura, what a beautiful testimony of God’s provision and faithfulness! Each of you are in my prayers and thoughts!

  2. I think it was a wonderful day of celebrating Everett….you are wonderful parents to give your children,no matter how hard an important day. Bless you still praying

  3. Gretchen says:

    Weeping for you and crying out for a miracle. Your fierce love for God and your family is so abundant and clear.

  4. Crystal Leight says:

    I came across your blog several years ago when you guys were beginning the adoption process for your “Ace of Hearts.” I even won a piece of your art in one of your “waiting” giveaways. I have 3 pieces you have done hanging in my home. I enjoy reading about your family and adventures and am praying for you all. I believe in a God of hope and miracles and it’s my prayer that your sweet Shuai is one of our mighty Father’s miracles.

  5. Yes! We know He is able! This has been my prayer for days now. And the prayers will continue. Thank you for letting us walk with you down this difficult path. We have fallen in love with your precious family and continue to pray for God’s healing miracle on your sweet Everett.

  6. Kelly beatu says:

    Standing with you in prayer and in love.

  7. Kelly beatY says:

    Standing with you in prayer and in love.

  8. Happy Birthday Everett! Continuing to send prayers for the whole family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful son with us.

  9. Suzonne mecredy says:

    Happy Birthday Everette! Sending tight hugs and constantly praying for a miracle. Also, y’all can make anywhere look fun!!!!!

  10. Suzonne mecredy says:

    Sorry Everett not Everette. The misspelling is not quite as good as Everepp!

  11. Oh my how my heart is breaking for your family. Your faith is so remarkable. I’m joining you in prayer for a miracle.

  12. Everett, you’ve managed to lift Jesus higher in a few short months than most of us ever will in years and years. You are a true heart warrior! Thank You, God, for the gift of Everett Louie Shuai Kelley…for knitting him together in his mother’s womb, wonderfully…for knowing each of his days before the first ever came into being…for never leaving him or forsaking him…for doing more through his life than we could even imagine…all this for Your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God…since through your mercy, you have given the Kelley family this ministry, may they not lose heart…they are hard-pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair…fixing their eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, not on what is temporary, but on what is eternal. Be their strength and their song. Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come…You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being. All praise and honor and glory now and forevermore, amen.

  13. Jessica says:

    Beautiful words Laura. Praying & Weeping with you. Sweet Everett has won all of our hearts. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  14. A sweet friend sent me your blog address, asking me to pray for you and I will… but I think you guys have this amazingly under your control. What a blessed inspiration you are to so many. Praying… and thankful that you’ve touched my life.

  15. Lisa Russell says:

    Love and prayers to you and your family. Wish I could give you the biggest and longest hugs to last forever!! God bless you all.

  16. Sending you all much love and prayers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your pain, and your love for Christ. Everett is so loved by his family, by those that read your words & especially by Christ Himself. He was given to this Earth for a purpose & God knows what that is. My heart is full of love & breaks for you all. xo

  17. What a friend we have in Jesus❤️

  18. Beautiful, brave, and selfless is your love. It surely will encourage all those whom read to hug their kids/grandkids tighter, to love deeper, and not take for granted today. I heap blessings on you and your family. I agree in prayer that God’s will be done. May you feel the presence of the holy Spirit as the Spirit guides you into peace, joy, and comfort.

  19. What a wonderful celebration! Thank you for taking the time (and energy) to share it with us. I pray for Everett, for you and Josh, and for all the little Kelleys. To God be the glory!

  20. We are saying a prayer for Everett. Just know God loves you an your family an his will be done
    You have a beautiful family Laura Kelley, you an your family have many stars in your crown
    Hugs, Kisses, an much love
    Mary Eden (Laura Pedigo’s mom)

  21. Debbie Fisher says:

    Tears in my eyes as I sit and read this. I’m keeping you all in my prayers. So glad you were able to celebrate with all of your children.

  22. The beauty of your family is overwhelming. You were chosen to help Everett through his journey here and the love he feels and that created around him is greater than many feel in a lifetime. My prayers will always be with your family.

  23. Cathy troyer says:

    You are much on our minds and hearts, and we continue to pray with you for Everett’s healing. You are loved and we will continue to pray for God’s grace, peace, mercy, and provision to be overflowing to you.

  24. My dearest friend recently lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. I tell her often how much of a blessing it is that she has allowed me to walk through each step of the process with her. Yesterday I made sure she understood that the blessing of that was the lessons she has taught me through her faith. Laura, you and your family are teaching so many people in these moments. Thank you for sharing. Continuing to pray for miraculous healing for your beautiful boy.

  25. Wow! You are truly amazing and Everett is so lucky to have you and Josh as his parents. God has a plan although we don’t understand. Standing with you in hope for his glory to reveal his plans to us. Trusting and praying for a miracle. god loves Everett and all of you more than we could ever imagine.

  26. Cara evaNs says:

    I again woke up in the middle of the night with Everett on my mind and pleaded with God who heal his mind and body! Y’all are in my constant thoughts and prayers!

  27. Carol Short says:

    Praying for your family.

  28. Pam Guy says:

    Little Sweet Precious Everett is such a Blessing and although this is sooooo horribly tough on you all you all have.managed to lift our Heavenly Father up and He is Glorious. Your strength has come straight from Him and He knew Little Everett was going to need you all to see him through this time in his Precious Little Adorable life!!! Yes our Father can still do miracles and I know He sure doesn’t mind us asking for that on Everett’s behalf. You are truly an inspiration Laura and Josh and I just love you all!!! Thankyou for sharing your lives with us and we are continuing in prayer with you all!!!!!

  29. Nicki Strunk says:

    I am Lori Gettelfinger’s sister (Brooke’s aunt) & have been following your story. This truly breaks my heart for all of you. Praying hard here in Indiana for little Everett & your whole family.

  30. In all my life I’ve never prayed so hard or cried so much for a stranger.

  31. Melanie b. says:

    Continuing to pray for you and precious Everett and your whole family with all my heart.

  32. Carrie Corrigan says:

    We continue to send love, support & hope to all the Kelleys big & small from Green Bay, WI.

  33. Sara Just says:

    Continuing to hold you up to God.

  34. Marianne cupples says:

    Standing in prayer and hope.❤

  35. Ellen & Rusty says:

    We continue to stand with you in prayer for Everette and praise of our Lord! May He care tenderly for each one in your family, and heal Everette! Much Love!

  36. Weeping tears of sorrow & joy for you. Continuing to pray & hope. God bless your sweet family ❤️

  37. Blair farmer says:

    I have asked every person I know to pray for your family and his sweet little body. I pray for Gods Holy Spirit to wrap your entire family in His bubble, and to hold on so tightly you can’t feel anything but His presence. God love you and be with you.

  38. Praying with and for you, your family, and precious Everett! Happy Birthday, Everett! Psalms, songs…how He ministers to our deep places through them. This one had been running through my heart even before I learned of you and Everett, Weep with Me, Rend Collective: https://youtu.be/nfXwzMi1FxA

  39. Melinda says:

    These days are so hard for you. I’m sorry. You have been a gift of faith to us. And even more so, you have made it possible for God to give Everett the gift of a loving family. Everett has known unconditional love from you all and His Heavenly Father. And yes, the best gifts are enjoyed as much by the giver as the receiver. You have been blessed too.

  40. What a sweet time with your family. Such raw and intense moments for your kids. I love how hard your family lives one another. Praying girl.

  41. Continuing to pray. Your sweet Everett and my JoJo share a birthday 🙂

  42. Andrea young says:

    I am at His throne with you and praying in hope!!! Love you!!!

  43. I’ve been thinking of his best bud as well as all of you.
    My little guy asked me more questions about Everett this morning.
    He is so solidly in all of our hearts, and we hope that today will be the miracle day.
    So much love to all of you…

  44. The Kelley Family is in my daily thoughts and prayers. I have asked my friends and family to also pray for your family. Everett is a blessed loved little boy. In the short time you have had with him you have giving him family and love. More than some kids get in a life time. God Bless and I too will pray for that miracle.

  45. Dianne Chase says:

    What a wonderful birthday party for Everett. Celebrate his life and the precious time you all have together. God bless you all. Our prayers continue.

  46. Happy Birthday Everett!!! You have touched so many people around the world and we love you and your family so much!!! What a beautiful day full of your favorites…my heart is breaking for you, yet rejoicing in your dedication and love for the one true God and the precious family he has blessed you with! I’m certain Everett can feel the love that surrounds him! Praying!!!

  47. Deni Waldman says:

    Praying for a miracle for precious Everett! Lifting you and your beautiful family up in prayer. May you all feel carried and at peace during this very difficult time. Know that His Heavenly Father is holding him.

  48. Jeri grothues says:

    My comment is NOT to suggest you give up.
    It is to share my own experience with my daughter who died at 13 years and 1 week (we were told she’d only live 24 hours) due to RSV and her being a paraplegic. This dream brought me great comfort. I hope it helps relieve some of your anxieties about “what if” .
    After our daughter Amber died, I was having a particularly hard night, needing to know she was fine. I said a little prayer to her before bed that I needed to know she was happy.
    Amber appeared to me with two others. They didn’t have features that I remembered, just walked on either side of her. And, she was walking. Now, Amber was born with Spina Bifida and was a paraplegic all of her life so that is significant. She was also wearing her favorite color, purple and white jeans. As she drew closer to me, the other entities simply vanished.
    As we stood facing each other, she told me we had to dance in a circle in order for her to stay. Amber was known as the Happy Hugger. After years of using a wheelchair and all that upper body exercise, she had extremely strong upper arms. She could hug you so hard you felt like she’d crush you! So, we hugged, slowly moving around and around in a circle. Throughout, I kept telling myself that it felt too real to be a dream.
    We danced and she described Heaven. She told me I would love it when I got there. (Fingers crossed, sounds like I have a chance!) She said it was beautiful, full of bright colors, flowers and trees. “It’s like a hunting camp, but don’t worry, nothing dies,” she said. Again, more dancing and hugging and again I told myself, ”This feels too real to be a dream.” After a while, we both saw her dad and sister’s silhouettes through a jalousie window door (this dream started in our house in McQueeney that she lived in and ended in my childhood home) and she told me she’d be right back. I watched the three of them hug and dance in a circle and then she returned. Our dance continued with me still believing it felt too real to be a dream. I do not remember her leaving, only waking to feel a sense of peace.
    I had had such a hard time going to church as I would just start sobbing at parts of the service that reminded me of her. But, I went during the day to see Father Pat (we’d actually left the Catholic church for awhile and attended an Episcopal church for a couple of years, when Amber died I understood why we’d been led there….Father Pat had children, we needed someone to counsel us that knew what it was like to consider losing their child.) and told him about my dream. He asked me if I read Revelations and I said I avoided it like the plague (pun intended). He told me that he believed I’d received a visitation, not had a dream. That Amber coming with two others was a symbol of the Holy Trinity. He also pointed out that in Revelations there is a part about a dance in the circle of light.
    It has been almost 27 years now and that dream is as vivid today as the following morning. Amber was such a good, giving and honest child who worried about how others were doing. She would be honest about what is to come in the next life.

  49. Kristen says:

    Came to your blog through Brea Freeman. Such a beautiful post. Prayers for precious Everett and your entire family.

  50. Melissa says:

    He brought my daughter back after a horrific accident when she was seven. She went into respiratory arrest lying in my arms on the way to the hospital. I felt her leave and as we laid hands on her and prayed I felt her return. My watch stopped at that moment and later I read where that has happened due to the power of prayer. She is now 39 years old with a beautiful family and is a successful research scientist. God is so good!

  51. Kelly Ford says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Everett’s story and your steadfast faith has made such an impact on me and I know on others too. I am still praying for a miracle in Everett and praying for comfort and rest for you and your family. God bless and keep you.

  52. Standing firm, Laura. Praying hard for your whole family. For Everett. For you & Josh. For Harper and all the other kids. Over and over again. Was thinking about God *literally* hearing ALL the Shuai prayers yesterday morning. I stand with you all and will not give up hope.

  53. This is beautiful. I’m so glad you were able to have the whole Kelley fam together and, as you do, celebrate and enjoy each other in the moment. I balled through this while smiling because, although it’s a place you certainly don’t want to be, you handled it exactly as I’d expect you would – with grace, smiles, embracing the hard, and of course baked goods 😉 Sending you so much strength and positivity today.

  54. He is indeed able. Continuing to pray for your sweet boy. God is the healer. We’re asking him to do that, and trusting however He chooses to heal him is best.

  55. Angelina denver says:

    Praying for your precious family to continue in God’s love through these dark days.
    Angelina from Washington

  56. Corin sandlin says:

    We have not stopped carrying you to Jesus on our knees

  57. Courtney Noffsinger says:

    I have come to know your family through Jen and Campbell whom I love deeply. I have prayed with you, cried with you and still hoping with you. While we don’t always understand why God allows these things to happen, we know that He does allow them to though He is able to perform miracles. And while Everett needs one of those miracles, I have to say that maybe this is happening so the world can see how strong in faith you and your family have been through all of this. Maybe His glory is in your clinging to Him through thick and thin, though your world is crumbling at this very moment. You are a true testament of faith to us all and I am proud to call you a sister in Christ. Still praying, still hoping and to Him be the glory in ALL things. Loving on you all from Hendersonville, TN. God bless!

  58. Bobi bobbitt says:

    Praying for your precious family and for healing for sweet Everett. ❤

  59. Grace greene says:

    So much love and so many prayers sent your way. Thank you for sharing this with us. What a beautiful, bittersweet day. ❤️


    I have been praying for you and your family for a week. I wish I had stumbled on your site earlier. I pray to God frequently on your behalf.
    My son was in the hospital for 67 days. We almost lost him during that time. God met me daily. I found strength at HIS feet. Romans 8:18- “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

  61. janet hebert says:

    Coming from a mother who surrendered her daughter to God and God saw fit to take her to that eternal paradise to be with Him throughout the ages. (I am Heather Bishop Schubert’s aunt, by the way.) Continue touching and hugging while you can on this earth. Praying with you for complete healing, wisdom & comfort.

  62. Lots of prayers coming your way for your precious family.

  63. Heather Herman says:

    You are such a light Laura. In a moment when I probably wouldn’t be able to pull myself together, you threw a birthday party and were able to smile. I’m still praying relentlessly. Everett is always on my mind. Our God is the Healer. Everett has won hearts all over. Sending love & prayers.

  64. Steadfast prayers & constant love! ❤️ ❤️

  65. I can’t stop crying as I read this article, but one thing is needed is to continue to pray and the lord who is in control will for sure show up. We surrender all to you oh lord!!

  66. praying and praying all the time. so many loving good peaceful vibes headed your way.
    He is always good.

  67. Kim Wayman says:

    I stand with you in hope, praying for a miracle for your precious Everett. I pray too for you and Josh and Everett’s siblings. Through all of this – God’s light will be shown.

  68. Tears are falling down my face and my heart hurts for you but mostly I want to say –All of this is beautiful – your Everett, your faith, your words, your love, your family, your strength, your honesty, your hope. What an example you have shown us to love and trust our Jesus. Standing with you in prayer.

  69. What emotionally heartfelt words. I’m sitting here bawling looking at my 9 year old son just thinking God for his health praying and you and your family receive the answers to prayers of so many for complete healing of your sweet Everett. You have not only been a source of inspiration through all your posts, but a testimony of God’s immeasurable love and strength in the middle of trial and tragedy! I, like so many, have been moved to tears and am standing in the gap in prayer forv all of you. Thank you for being so vulnerable and forthcoming with your story of Everett. We share in your tears and heart for your boy. God, we come in agreement for Everett to be healed now. God bless your family and give you strength and comfort beyond your understanding!

  70. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good! Praying for a miracle for your sweet boy and peace and comfort for you all! Our family has your family in our thoughts and prayers here in Texas! Love to you all!

  71. Continued prayers.

  72. Stephanie Finch says:

    Im praying and asking for a miracle with you. Im asking for His provision and sustaining strength for you all.

  73. Jane G. says:

    Prayers, love, tears, and more prayers coming your way from Kalamazoo Michigan. While I know nothing of the heart pain that comes from having a sick child, I do know heart pain of another kind, and I know God’s peace during all times. I pray that God’s peace will be a soothing balm for your raw heart.

  74. Denise Nelson says:

    I don’t know you but I have been following your journey and praying for you and your family. I will continue to do so in Alabama. Lifting you and your family to our Lord and Savior.

  75. Susan a. says:

    I can’t begin to image the emotions you, Josh and the kids are feeling. Your strength is amazing. Sweet Everett. I just loved the birthday party! And Denise is a wonderful, caring nurse to help get Everett ready for his party! Through tears, prayers for Everett and your entire family. Thank you for sharing your journeys. You are a special child of God, Laura!!

  76. Continuing to pray for healing and for moments when God gives you gifts that thunder, “I am the God who sees.”

  77. Suzette says:

    May God supply every need you all have and give you a peace that passes all understanding. He is our healing Father and provides far better than we can ever think or imagine.

  78. carolyn anders says:

    Love the birthday party and celebration of Everett’s sweet life. He doesn’t realize how many people he has touched and how hard we are all praying for him and your wonderful family. Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. You are all a true inspiration. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms.

  79. I have been praying with my family every single day, you are truly an inspiration to others. You and your family have touched so many people in this world and I too am so inspired by you. Keep your head up to the great Father we have Laura!

  80. Happy Birthday sweet Everett! Thank you Laura for sharing the celebration with us, even though it made me cry (and I see from the comments that I’m not the only one…) We love you and your boy.

  81. Bree Reynolds says:

    It’s 1:30 am and I just finished reading hours worth of updates and blogs from you. I don’t know you personally, but my heart knows yours. And, it’s broken and hopeful and scared and faith-filled all the same. Your sweet little guy, along with your precious family, has been covered in tears and prayers. The Throneroom of Grace has been full and busy tonight. I have no words. I’m at a loss. The only thing I know to be true and real is Jesus. He’s the only Word I can get out between sobs and inaudible utterances. Just Jesus. You are loved and covered by Healing and Life and Peace, Himself.

  82. Oh mama and family, my heart is overwhelmed with emotion. Praying for your family at this difficult time.

  83. Marjorie says:


  84. Hello Laura,
    I’m a good friends of Jan. She has been updating us on Everett and I just felt the need to let you know that our hearts and prayers are with you. There are no words to share….just to let you know that you are not alone.

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