Thursday Love

My creating has been insanely limited this year.  I can get really sad about it some days because I love to create and it’s my business and both are zero right now, but then there are these two littles who are anxious and stressed and sad and grieving and attaching and bonding and sick and just struggling and I’m reminded this is a season…a season, but a really important one.  And seasons come to an end eventually.  So for now I’ll choose to carry on and crack up at this pile of unfinishedness beside our kitchen table instead of cry. 🙂

Hold the ice-cream phone please.  Beth recommended the red velvet flavor and ummmmmm, it’s freakin delicious.  My new favorite for sure.  Josh Kelley and I almost devoured the entire container in one standing in our kitchen.

Josh brought home a plastic pool for Memorial Day and it is easily the best $15 we’ve spent in quite some time.  Every day kids are swimming laps in it and it makes me chuckle so hard.  Everett on the other hand is still completely skeptical of this whole “swimming” thing.  In fact he’s yet to actually sit in the pool/wave pool/slip n’ slide.  Standing is his swimming game.  He loves the bath, but is a big no on the outside pool activities.

This is my new favorite lunch.  Let’s discuss the contents of this sandwich…avocado, Everoast Chicken, tomato, pickles, lettuce, bacon, avocado again and mustard.  Be still my sandwich loving heart.

I found the boys like this the other morning in between the 6 and 7am slot with the Star Wars opening credits rolling.  I can’t explain how much I love love love that they don’t remember life without one another.  My twins.  4 months apart.  They were the cutest babies together and they are the cutest 8-year-olds together too.  I’m the luckiest.

I’ve decided my next business venture with be in the floral business because flowers are my jam lately.  First, I’m going to start out of our house.  People will bring in their pickle, salsa, banana pepper, jelly, roasted red pepper, fruit, olive, spaghetti sauce, etc etc jars and we’ll fill them with flowers.  Josh is going to quit his job and solely grow the most amazing flowers ever in our backyard. It’s sure to be a hit and we’ll definitely still be able to feed all these children.  🙂 Hahahaha.

Amon drew our new van and I died.  Let’s all take note at how much magnadoodle space the van takes up…all of it…and how many wheels it has…a ton…and how giant my head is…so ginormous…and how thin my appendages are…sticks.  Alas, I love him.

And this week at Everett’s cardiologist appointment we got our first slither of good news since we got home…a good blood work report came back and he does not have to get blood drawn next week.  All the praise hands.  I have had so much anxiety and sadness and stress about Everett’s little heart.  We’re on the cusp of a possible big, scary move for Everett and his heart.  The waiting in the unknown is crazy hard…plus Josh really wants to take him to the beach and currently we can’t plan anything while we wait to hear.  And the thought of handing our boy over to a team of surgeons for a risky initial surgery makes me want to vomit.  My prayer for Everett is so simple right now because it’s all I can muster out, “God, I surrender Everett and his heart to you.  I know you love him even more than we do.  Please heal his heart.”  Please continue to pray with us for supernatural healing in Everett.  We believe in a God who works miracles.


Now I’m off to finish watching Trolls for the umpteen time 🙂

Happy Thursday.


  1. Girl, don’t knock the flower arranging idea; with your crazy artistic talent you could totally do that!

  2. What kind of bread did you use for your sandwich? Looks mighty good!

    • It’s from the Kroger deli…simple truth organic quinoa bread…I always add a little earth balance to the outside and toast it too.

  3. Praying again and still for that precious heart!

  4. Camilla says:

    Every time I read your posts I think what an amazing woman you are.

  5. Jo Moseley says:

    I think Everett knows his limits when it comes to COLD pool water! Sitting down in warm bath water is nice… cold water? not so much. Keeping your boy in my thoughts and prayers! It IS so difficult to need to hand them over to God. But, Praises for having the actual choice to Believe in a God who CAN Heal him. My niece was born w/ several very rare and serious heart defects, so I know the feelings of the unknown. She is a thriving 23 year old now. Hugs

  6. Robin Canter says:

    if I lived close by, I would buy you a plastic swimming pool for each kid. oh my goodness, your backyard would be the coolest place in town! 😉

  7. What is his diagnosis? What defect(s) does he have?

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