Thoughts From The Couch

*Harper isn’t feeling her best today.  My head is swirling with thoughts of strep or mono.  Hmmm.  We shall see this afternoon.  But for now were posted up on the couch…I’m working on my computer and she’s playing iPad games and watching movies.  The two littles are asleep.  This makes me want to say “Praise Jesus” because whew, an 18-month-old with a slight attitude is no joke.  But I digress.

*I have decided I’m going to start giving away flowers in all the pickle jars which are accumulating.  I feel like this is a pretty innovative idea.

*Amon pulled out an entire draw of silverware onto the floor in our kitchen today.  Let’s just say I’m afraid the drawer…which on first type I seriously spelled it droor 🙂 I need a nap…is unsalvageable.  This will make reason #13 as to why we need new kitchen cabinets.  Oy.

*I’m still putting along through Philippians which I LOVE!!!!  Today I got a little sidetracked and ended up back in Matthew for a bit, but so glad I did.  We talk A LOT in our house about the power in our words.  We need reminders.

*I’ve been thinking about dreads.  And ones wrapped in colorful yarn.  I feel like it’s inevitable once I get my brain really stuck on something.  Now who wants to learn how to dread.

*Our bed is still unmade for the day and it’s calling my name.  It’s all cold and shuffled like.  Perfect for a nap.

Josh & Laura Kelley Fun Fact #67:  We make our bed almost every single morning.  It makes me feel like our house is cleaner than it really is.  It also provides space to throw all the laundry.

*After picking everyone up at school the other day, we ran into Joanns.  I never let the kids get treats at check out because with 5 kids that adds up fast and even though I’m madly in love with sugar we really try to limit treats during the week and save them for the weekend, but this was their lucky day.  Joanns had tons of clearance checkout candy anywhere between .25-.50.  I told everyone they could choose one thing and you guys, they went crazy!  Hudson picked Wonka Randoms.  They’re these gummies and after he shared one with me and I heard all the kids reactions to them as they traded their candy with one another “I got a foot and an alarm clock” “I got a bicycle and trash can” I soooo wish I had bought them out.  They are the funniest shaped gummies ever.  Teapots, unicorns, palm trees, badminton birdies, a monkey’s face…so many hilarious things.  Wonka does it again.

*We’re at 22% of our playground goal.  This is exciting because that’s almost a 1/4 of the way there.  $16,250 is a lot of money, so every bit counts.  I’m going to continue to tell you about this sweet playground because it’s easy to lose the passion and fervor when you come home from a trip like this one…it’s easy to become distracted with life around us…but I’m determined to keep this fire stoked…to remember these awesome kids and these amazing people…this community which we have made a commitment to.  I just keep praying and asking God to do what only He can do.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation HERE towards the playground and consider sponsoring a kiddo or joining us on a trip.

*I’m going to make THESE really soon.  I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.  I just re-read that last sentence and it made me a little sad…and embarrassed feeling.  #ivegotprobs

 *And I’ve been thinking about getting some workout tanks since some of my tees are full of holes.  I think these would do nicely.

Now I’m off to continue hanging on the couch!

Happy Thursday.

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