Ten Things

1. I created again last week and made up a large batch of key fobs for my shop.  It was really nice to have a task, create and complete it.  My uncontrollable at times grief makes these completed tasks feel as though I’ve regained a firmer control again.  It felt crazy good and I’m going to try and make up more again soon.

2. Hudson and Solomon.  Solomon and Hudson.  They don’t remember life without one another and I deeply love their relationship, their brotherhood and friendship.  And their straight up goofy selves.

3.  He still falls asleep wherever and I will forever document it.

PS:  Birthday parties are hard. 🙂

4. The basketball goals down our street are in high usage currently.  Our driveway is kind of crappy and not basketball goal material, so thank you to our city for making our basketball dreams possible.  Everyone gets in on the action.

5. My MIL has the best yard and the greenest thumb.  Period.  The end.  But not really the end. 🙂  We can pull up to Josh’s parent’s house and I can walk inside, grab a vase and scissors and a few minutes later have flowers that make my heart swoon.  Flowers can change the world people.  My new motto.

6. We are currently spring breaking hard.  TV every morning.  Fun cereal for breakfast which causes fights instantly when the bottom of the box starts to appear.  Basketball down the street.  Treats mid-day.  Movies and iPad time and PS4 playing.  Card games galore.  Lazy mornings and late nights.  This is how we are rolling.  SB2018…someone get us airbrushed tees. 🙂

7.  Hey Hudson and Solomon, why don’t you guys sit closer together?!??!  They do this ALL THE TIME and it always makes me smile and never phases them for a second.

8. Easter proved to be a really hard holiday for us.  Last year Everett was searching for eggs and eating all the treats and we were enjoying our first holiday with him together as a family of 8.  He raced through my head all day long along with the days leading up to Easter.  When I went to get out the kids egg cartons we put some treats in for them I broke down hard.  I had put a carton away last year for Everett to paint for this year and there is sat unpainted and waiting on him.  I was so pissed off and just deeply sad buying their little treats this year because I should have been buying them for him too.  He should be here.  He should have been eating candy before breakfast and laughing his best laugh with the rest of his siblings, but he wasn’t and it felt crushing.  I have 1000 other thoughts about Easter this year, but those will have to wait for another time because I haven’t quite figured them all out yet.

9.  This girl.  It’s been a big week for her.  She is simply the fiercest fire cracker around town.  Her love and snuggles are like no other…so is her temper. 🙂  She is so strong and her little self is a force to be reckoned with.  Gosh, so many people love this child and we’re all the luckiest for knowing and being loved by her.

And 10.  These three.  Our own Big 3!  Just call Josh and me “Jack & Rebecca”.  I’m not sure how we’d survive without them.  Big kids are my total jam and I am loving watching them grow and change and they are at the top of their fun game.  They make me a better person and mom.  They challenge me and change me.  They are easily some of my most favorite people on this planet.


  1. You are a BLESSING! I smile, laugh and cry at your posts. Love your honesty and allowing us to have a small peek into your home. Your family is thought of OFTEN. Can’t imagine your constant grief, longings and heartache with losing your sweet boy. Hugs being sent your way.

  2. Heather Herman says:

    I love your numbered posts and the way you let us into your life. I’m SO SORRY Easter sucked. Your transparency through grief is so appreciated. I, thankfully, am not very familiar with grief yet but your story is teaching me how to love when others are at their most broken. You are priceless. Sending love & cookies.

  3. Meggan mcfaden says:

    I can’t wait to see pics of Solomon and Hudson as teens snuggled next to each other… thank you for being real. You all are loved and prayed for. Keep plotting along.

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