Mom’s preacher recently got diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive type of cancer.  For as long as I can remember, one of the things my Mom always told me was to pray for our preacher.  Mom believed in prayer greatly.  She was the most praying woman I have ever known…besides my MawMaw.  One of the things I still remind the wee Kelleys of is just how much Grammy prayed for them and over them.  Even Amon.  There is no telling how many prayers she prayed for that child.  Countless.  She could not wait to see his face and she covered him in prayers all the way from Tennessee.

She believed in smothering her preacher with prayers and encouragement.  In fact, I think it was one of her gifts.  She had me make him art and she sent him cards and baked him bread and prayed like mad for him as the leader of their church and for his family.  I know with the recent news of his cancer, that Mom’s prayers would only have multiplied.  Right after Mom’s funeral, Brother David came up to me…we don’t know each other…but he said to me, “I can’t tell you what an encouragement your mother was to me.”  I know she truly was.

Yesterday I watched the sermon he preached last Sunday and it was the best thing I did all day.  We don’t attend Long Hollow, but I know it is an amazing body of believers and I may have boohooed while watching, but what a testament to God’s goodness and mercy.  A message everyone needs to hear and take deep into their hearts.  Please check it out and pray for this sweet man of God and his family.

CLICK HERE to view Brother David’s sermon.