Today has been a pretty good day.  Amon has had a few ups & downs, but way more ups…and that is awesome.  Today he is off all oxygen and his heart is doing great.  He is having some stomach issues and still hasn’t eaten yet, but if he does well through the night we’ll get to move out of the PICU and up to a regular room sometime tomorrow.  Yipppeee!  Just another step closer to home.

Amon is now giving a permanent thumbs up, which is pretty awesome.

We’ve rigged up his little frog toy he likes so much for when he opens his eyes.  He actually swatted at it a few times too.  It was really nice to see him do something other than just lay there all pitiful like.  I so want to see a smile though…that’s my own personal mom goal…get him to smile again.

I got to see the wee Kelleys today and that was completely great.  They didn’t get to see Amon though because 2 out of 3 have been sick.  So we hung out in the Ronald McDonald waiting room and ate snacks.

And they showed off really weird poses under the PICU sign.  They all crack me up, but I laughed out loud at Huddy when this picture loaded onto my computer…he’s a special one for sure.

The nurses put Amon’s name on his door and the kids drew pictures for him too.  It makes me weepy for some reason…in a happy, sweet way.

Harper drew Amon…looks just like him.  And that’s a puppy on his shirt, not a baby in his belly.

I got a little crafting in today.  I’m going to string these together on some twine.  They are going to make a mighty fine garland.

Amon’s globe is getting lots of love.  His nurses have been crazy wonderful.  We have just been so blessed.

And that was our Sunday.  Thank you for you continued prayers.  We really and truly appreciate them.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love reading your blog. It truly is one of the highlights of my day. Today was especially great to read… I just welled up with tears of joy and wept a good happy cry for you and your wonderful family. So glad Amon is doing so wonderful! Until tomorrow have a good restful night…

  2. Ashley Mills says:

    I love the little frog hanging up and I love that he swatted at it. That is so adorable! Love you both and I am continuing to pray for you guys.

  3. So glad to see him doing so well! Will keep praying!

  4. Thanks for the update, you made my day! I’m so glad to hear how well Amon is doing. Sounds like he’ll be moving out of PICU soon…one step closer to home!
    Praying for all of you…little Amon, your Wee Kelley brood (hope they’re feeling better!) and for you & Josh.

  5. So glad things are going well! God is good! I will keep you all in my prayers.

  6. Glad to hear things are mostly on the up side! Glad the nurses are treating you well. I’m guessing they think you are a totally awesome family and that everyone wants to take care of Amon (that’s how it would be on our unit)! Love your globe idea. You are always so super crafty and wonderful. Praying you get your smile from Amon very soon.

  7. Glad to hear that Amon is doing mostly well and that his care staff are wonderful. Huddy made me laugh out loud too – tell him thanks for me! 🙂
    (oh, and happy belated birthday to Josh, since I forgot to check this yesterday :-/ )

  8. Continuing to pray! Love your posts-they always make me smile! Thanks!

  9. Continuing to pray for the big guy! So glad he is such a fighter/WINNER! He certainly is a very cute one!

    Sending love!
    Ellen & Rusty

  10. Thanks for posting – Amon looks awesome! I know you want a smile, but he looks great, his color looks so healthy, and his face is just as sweet as it can be. I love the frog and the globe, but especially LOVE his name on his door! Confirms he’s in the best place possible right now!

    Oh, and your kids are just a beacon of beams – it’s so much fun to see their pictures!

  11. Amon is so incredibly cute and brave! I’ve been watching for your posts and am so relieved that things finally got scheduled and you all will be on your road to a speedy recovery soon! What a beautiful family : )


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