Last Thursday was Harper, Hudson and Solomon’s last day of school.  We are officially officially on summer break and there’s no turning back.

August 2016

May 2017

Past years.  Sigh.

We have already been summering pretty hard, but summer hasn’t officially kicked off until we head to the wave pool.  I got so tickled at Solomon on Friday morning…their first day of summer and no school…he spent most of the morning reorganizing his Pokemon cards.  He is so funny and I could squish him all the time.

Chalk art and mulberry concoctions from our yard have been in heavy rotation.  They like to make potions and mixtures and “cook” with them.  It often involves a massive mess and water and plastic baggies.  And Amon inevitable rubs mulberries all over a leg to make me think he’s bleeding.

Has anyone else tried these?  I thought it was a major hoax…like there’s no way they could taste good…well, I was wrong.  So far peanut butter and cookie dough are yummy.  The two remaining in our freezer are chocolate almond and cookies and cream.  If you’ve had them, what’s your favorite flavor??  I’d love to know.

Games, games and more games.  Sequence has become a fast favorite.  I recently heard Ticket To Ride was fun too.  We are avid game nighters so if you have a fun game you love let me know.  I feel like I’m asking a lot of you guys lately…makeup recommendations, favorite Halo flavors and now favorite games.  Geez.

Cousin time forever.  Plus, plastic pool for the win.  Everyone loves a plastic pool…big and small.  Best $15 investment of summer.

We also got a new van.  And by van I mean 12 passenger bus.  Yes, yes we are those people now.  Today I had to back it out of a parking spot at our cardiologist’s office and YOU GUYS!!!!  Oh goodness.  It just so happen Josh was in the area and pulled into the parking lot just in time to watch part of it go down and laugh with me.  I did however drive through Walgreens to get one of Everett’s prescription refills and we all cheered when I successfully did not scrape the side or knock off a mirror.  Winning.  Now to figure out maneuvering Sonic happy hour.

And if you are looking for a car, we totally recommend Wholesale Inc.  They are way more than just a good place to purchase a great reliable vehicle…the people are kind, generous and loving.  Make sure you ask for Chad Cunningham or Ben Webster…both crazy crazy kind!  The world needs more businesses and people doing what they love with integrity and kindness.  We could not recommend Wholesale and their people more. It was an honor and privilege to work with them.  Bonus: All the doors on this van work. 🙂 

We also broke out a slip n’ slide for Memorial Day.  The funniest thing ever.  Josh likes to call it the slip n’ bleed.  Solomon and Amon both would fling themselves down it with reckless abandon.  I was shocked no one got injured.  High 5s all around.

And we’re just 6 days into this summer thing and late nights and partying hard has already got us all like…

Everyone wants to pack in all the fun immediately if not sooner and oddly enough, I get it.  I feel the urgency and the desire to make this the most fun summer ever.  I want Everett to experience it all and I want us all to soak this guy and the rays up.  We’ll see how far we get before we all crash into a tanned, wet bathing suit mess on the floor.  Lord help us.  Let’s do this.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Onna Withrow says:

    100% Ticket to Ride is amazing! Also, Goat Lords. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me!! We are avid game nighters too and it’s our fav! My last recommendation would be Wits & Wagers, LOVE LOVE LOVE! Sequence is on our list too, of course, so that’s why I am suggesting the others!
    Happy SUMMER!!!!

  2. We love sequence! Our kids are not quite old enough for many games yet, so it’s nice to have some games that only require two players. I just played a new one called Codename that was really fun and Ticket to Ride is great.

  3. Yay for van doors that actually work! And I’m so excited to follow yet another Kelly Summer. You all are so fun! (My twin sister, my daughter, and I talk about your family all the time. My husband gets so confused when we say we don’t actually know you , but we really are friends anyway.)

  4. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Ticket to Ride IS awesome! Another great one is Tsuro. We LOVE games and my in laws are always buying more. I haven’t gotten to try Halo yet, but everyone I know who has tried it has raved about it.

  5. I love your new van! And you have to try the Birthday Cake Halo Top. As a fellow Funfetti lover, I think you’ll really like it!

  6. Heather says:

    Phase 10 is my 10 year olds go to game daily!!!

    Love your sweet family-

  7. Red velvet halo top is one of my favs!

  8. Shannon says:

    Hats off to you! You’ve all made it to summer! There is NO way those are the same children from August. Who are these adults who have replaced them. Blasphemy. Loving the Wholesale Grocery Getter. Please paint it all psychodelic and name it something snazzy like “Bertha”. Day=made. I’ll try this Halo Top biz and keep you posted. Seems to good to be true. We don’t play many games yet with the four year old bc we aren’t in the “Know” of games…until now. Taking all these recommendations and running to… Thank you for not judging.

  9. Dixit is another great game that kids can play too!

  10. Tenzie has become a family favorite. It is easy to take places and can be as short or as long as you want. The family pack or party pack are needed if more than 4 people are playing. Everybody needs their own color of ten dice. They sell a book with more ways to play. We didn’t buy it. Once we got the general gist of the game we have had fun making up our own ways to play. Successful for all ages! Yamslam is another new one we have enjoyed. LOVE game time as a family. Our family is praying for you!

  11. If you’re still looking for game recommendations, we have been playing Sleeping Queens every day!


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