Spring Breaking

Our kids got out for spring break last Wednesday.  We had zero plans considering we’ve been home from China for 11 days.  Right now our main goal is attachment and bonding and hanging close to home and eating Rice Krispy treats and fun cereals and ice-cream.  Hahahaha.  All the important things.

We’ve survived 5 days of spring break so far by playing all the things.  Harper and her cousin Meiya have made approximately 32 dirt bricks.  Basketball is a hot sport amongst our crew right now too.  They play at their Big Daddy and Nene’s and also take their basketball to the park when we go so they can shoot hoops there too.  We recently won a desktop Chrome computer thing…I’m cleary very into technology…anyways, Harper cut the box sides into wings and made Amon and Everett an airplane.  They have colored and played in it like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve  also been going to the doctor like it’s our job.  All.The.Doctors.  We seriously have the best doctor’s around + the best family so I’m kind of madly in love with this picture.  My SIL Becky not only speaks mandarin, but is also a nurse so needless to say she’s invaluable.

And seriously, look at that smile and those cheekies.

I busted one kid spying on our neighbors…cough cough…we’ve played blocks and cars and snuggled and watched movies and even did a fun volcano experiment.

We’ve walked to the park twice, Dairy Queen once and discovered Everett has the coolest grape trick. He puts the whole grape in his mouth, chews and chews and chews and then voila…the grape skin appears in my hand.  This kid and his funny fun quirks…it’s like he’s always been here.

And today actually feels like spring.  It has been the nicest day out and we have certainly soaked up some sun.  We’ve got 7 more days of spring break, 2 birthdays, more doctor’s appointments and more nothing planned.  Here’s to partying hard Spring Break 2017.


  1. sooo the fruit with skin thing our boy does it too!

  2. “It’s like he’s always been here.” ❤️❤️

  3. Gretchen says:

    I always love all your photos! The one of the whole gang in the booth and Everett’s smile is so cute and also especially loving the one of Amon and Everett in the box plane. Is your spring break a week and a half? Whoa! Enjoy the rest of your time home with all your sweeties!

    • We are spring breaking for a whole 8 days of school!!!!!!!! We’re…and by we’re I mean me…trying to make the most of it 🙂

  4. I can’t even…that first picture of him smiling!!!! Adorbs!!!!

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