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Last week the kids were on fall break and we fall breaked pretty hard.  There was a lot of chill and not one doctor’s appointment and we had big plans like watching movies, eating all the snacks, going to the zoo and enjoying the newly found Tennessee fall and that about wraps it up.  🙂  It was restful and good.

I like to share here when I find something that is just really great.  A sure fire favorite and I’ve been collecting several for a post.  If I share it in this space it means I genuinely really love a product or company or recipe, etc.  No ads here, just me and my own personal opinion.  Let’s begin.

Blended Designs:  I found this company a while back and started following along on Instagram.  They are amazing.  Representation of all cultures and races is so insanely important and I love what Blended Designs is doing.  I knew they were releasing the “Riley” backpack at some point and Amon has been carrying the same backpack since pre-k 3 and was in need of a new bag.  I waited patiently and the day they released Riley I bought it for Amon.  He was the absolute cutest thing ever receiving it.  It was big giant love and the backpack quality is amazing.  It is thick and durable and I have no doubt it will keep up with Amon’s energy and on-the-go-ness over the years.  A round of applause for Blended Designs.

Canvas People:  We have our photos taken by our friend Cheyenne every year 2-3 times.  It’s just really important to me so I always get on her calendar ahead of time.  We have been working on the entry room to our home since Harper was around 3.  I did not print these all at once, but have one from each photo session with Cheyenne printed and add it to the room.  I get all our canvases printed at Canvas People and I always get an amazing deal by being on their email list.  If you need canvases printed for a cheaper price, but still good quality, they are your peeps!

Lavender, Cedarwood and Thieves:  I rarely talk about it, but we’ve been using oils since around January of this year.  I laugh because desperate times, call for desperate measures.  I was always very anti-oils.  Never say never. 🙂

In January our house was so sad.  Everyone was down and couldn’t seem to pull from the funk.  I started trying everything.  I overhauled our entire house and even bought an oil kit to try and lift the mood of our home.  In the midst of it all I really started seeing the benefit of using some oils, but still recognize that they don’t all work for everyone…not even me.

Leo came home and struggled hard with sleep.  Josh Kelley and I were straight up zombies.  We tried everything known to man to make the kid sleep.  I also oiled the boy up with lavender and 100 different oil blends and still nothing.  He just couldn’t sleep.  I’d pretty much given up and decided he’d at least be sleeping by the time he went to college.  Then I read about cedarwood.  I ordered it, added it to the boys’ diffuser coupled with lavender and thieves and YOU GUYS!!!  Leo slept through the night.  So I kept doing it every night…and still am…and he keeps sleeping through the night.  Now maybe it was a fluke, but in case it isn’t I will be using cedarwood for the rest of our lives. 🙂  In no way do I think this works for everyone, but wanted to share in case there’s someone out there who needs some sleep hope.  I do kind of sell them…I mean, I am a consultant, but don’t push it at all, but if you need some oils I can hook you up or if you have any questions you can email me at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com 

The Grillshack:  Nashville people this ones for you.  My friend Lindsey who runs Bottle of Tears recently asked Leo and I to join her for lunch.  She narrowed it down to a few new burger joints neither of us had tried and we finally landed on The Grillshack!  Oh my freakin’ goodness!!!!  The best burger I’ve had in a while.  The location is kind of crazy.  When you get there you look around and think, “Am I here?!?!”, but the parking is awesome and that’s a huge plus for Nashville.  The seating is cute and simple and the food is unreal.  Total recommendation.

And being with Lindsey topped it off.  I’ll throw in her company Bottle of Tears as a fave too, but it’s been one of mine for a while now…not a newbie.  If you’re looking for a way to comfort a friend, show them you are there in the midst of their darkness or just want to remind a friend you love them her shop literally has it all and everything is ridiculously cool and not cheesy at all.  Check her shop out.  Crazy proud she’s my friend.

Pride Socks + Ruby’s Rainbow:  When I saw that Pride Socks had partnered with Ruby’s Rainbow I knew the Kelley kids needed some new socks.  Rainbows will never not remind us of Everett.  Never.  Ruby’s Rainbow is amazing!!!!  I have fallen completely in love with their vision and desire to help individuals with down syndrome achieve higher education.  An easy follow and you’re sure to be completely smitten.  THESE socks were designed by Ruby herself and of course Harper & Winter needed a pair.  $5 from every pair goes to Ruby’s Rainbow.

Publix Flu Shot:  My friend Amanda shared this little tid bit of flu shot information and I loaded up the kids and headed in for shots right away.  For every flu shot you receive at Publix they will give you a $10 gift card.  They take insurance…I looked up ours on their website before we went…and I went ahead and filled out everyone’s paper I printed from their website ahead of time too.  All Kelley’s got shots…minus Leo because they only do shots for ages 4 and up…and we made $70 off the whole shebang.  Granted two children did semi lose their minds when the nice man reached over the 1/2 partitioned door with their shots loaded and ready to go.  I might have had to wedge them in between my body and the door while holding their arm still.  Hahahahaha.  There was some drama and some tears and when it was over with another family waiting gave me a small round of applause.  Winning.

 The Ministry of Ordinary Places:  My friend Shannan sent me her new book along with a rainbow mug and then I sobbed my eyeballs out.  When anyone remembers Everett it makes me feel lighter even for just a second.  To know we aren’t the only ones thinking of him all the time and trying to keep his little memory alive, well, it’s all the life givingness.  And that’s what her package did for me on a random Saturday.  I’ve been reading through it and have a lot of feelings and want to wait until I completely finish to share, but let’s just say if you aren’t exactly sure of your feelings about God right now…cough, cough…this book is still crazy good.  And it will make you think and breath and it will make you feel less lonely.  Order it and read it and I know you won’t be sorry!

  Bunch O Balloons :  Want to feel like a total kick ass parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle or godparent, whatever it may be.  GET THESE FOR YOUR KIDS!!!

Oh hey kids, want to have a water balloon fight?!?!  Duh!  Let me fill up 770 balloons for you in just a few minutes instead of a week and a half.  Why yes, yes your mom is kick ass.  Thanks for pointing it out.  You’re welcome.

Whoever invented these is surely rolling in all the monies and I for one, am eternally thankful.

Mochi Things’ Daily Planner:  I recently received my 2019 planner and I am dead with delight.  I wanted a planner that not only showed the entire month at a glance, but also had a page for each day and THIS PLANNER had all my dreams rolled into a small, light and compact book.  It’s planner love.  My goal is to print a small 2×3 photo for every day next year and attach it to the day.  At the end of 2019 I’ll have a sweet little memory book of another year in the Kelley home.

And lastly Creamy White Chicken Chili, Bacon Cheeseburger Soup & Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole: I love when I try a new recipe and it’s an instant new favorite.  Marcie shared these with me and they were crowd pleasers.  They are super delcious and great for fall and winter weather.  They are keto recipes, but our family is not on the keto diet.  For the white chicken chili I actually doubled it the second time I made it because there was zero leftovers the first time around.  We threw in tortilla chips.  The bacon cheeseburger soup is soooooo good and creamy and homey.  And the chicken bacon ranch casserole was devoured.  The second time we put it over a bed of rice to stretch it a bit further.  Crazy delicious new recipes in our meal rotation.  Try these and enjoy!

Sidenote: I subbed almond milk in whenever heavy cream was needed and it totally worked.  Dairy is not Hudson’s friend in large doses so I made cuts where I could.  I also added more broth in places and went lighter on cheese and cream cheese and used a dairy free ranch.  Still crazy delicious!

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  1. Awesome.
    $10 cards and ages 4 and up?! Our target only does $5 and ages 7 and up. WOmpwomp. Still had to get clinic appts for the littlest two. I have no idea how they do a flu shot clinic at our school. My kids all flip out. Gift cards are my saving grace to bribe them.
    Random but what is the name of the state park you guys used to go to for spring/ fall break? I remember a few years back you did a trip and it looked so fun. Always looking for ideas.

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