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I haven’t done this in a while, but lately I’ve been noticing some new favorite things showing out in my life so I started a list and wanted to share them with you guys today.  The only affiliate links are the Amazon ones and I only recommend things I really and truthfully love and think are legit.  Oh, by the way, first off, Happy Friday.  I should have led with that 🙂  So excited for the weekend.  I’m currently trying not to wish time away so we can get to Everett’s heart cath quicker and I might be lining up fun things between now and then hoping the time will past faster.  Okay, I digress, so onto some favorites.

Fashionable’s Earring Bar:  I LOVE small, different earrings and usually have a hard time finding ones I really like.  Fashionable is an amazing company here in Nashville…a purchase with great purpose business.  I purchased several pairs of their earrings as gifts and finally broke down and got myself a pair when they we’re having a Thanksgiving sale.  Oh my!!!!  You guys, I love these earrings.  They are my favorite.  And now they have an earring bar where you can purchase single earring studs that are handmade, unique and have great purpose.  Totally check them out.

Missoula Silicone 4 Sizes Icing Bag Set:  A long time ago I had an amazing Wilson icing tube contraption thing and one sad sad day it broke.  For the longest time I’ve just been working with ziplock baggies which inevitably bust on me so I finally decided to order some reusable piping bags. I snagged a silicone set on Amazon and haven’t regretted it for a moment.  They are easy to use, store and wash.  I am sold!

Lovishly Miniature China Necklace:  Lovishly is another amazing purposeful company I have become quite smitten with.  I actually saw this necklace in person first on my SIL Becky when my niece Nia was born.  I was instantly in love.  It’s small and dainty and gorgeous.  Then I bought the same necklace for a dear friend to commemorate the unimaginable goodness God was doing in their family.  I now have a list of things I’ve got my eye on from this awesome company.


Listen and Learn First Chinese Words Book:  I received this book free from our Usborne Book fundraiser we did for Everett’s adoption.  The kids all really liked it already…hearing the Chinese words for everyday things, but then Everett got a hold of it and he LOVES it.  Right now I’m noticing how hearing mandarin is really comforting and soothing to him.  He loves to sit with this book, push the pictures and hear his native language.  I like this book so much I’ve already purchased it for a friend.

Garmin Forerunner 15:  I’ve had this watch for a while now and it is the best “sporty” watch I’ve owned.  When I started training for a 1/2 marathon last January I wanted to get a watch that was easy to use and wasn’t crazy expensive, but also had GPS to track runs, milage, times, etc.  It also has a timer, keeps up with your history and even your steps and is waterproof.  I pretty much never took it off over the past 15 months.  Bonus:  It was perfect for our “live at the wave pool” days of summer.  The other day my band broke and I have been like a lost sheep 🙂  I definitely need my watch to help me keep up.  I already ordered a replacement band because I need this watch back in my life asap.


Simple Seize the Day Planner:  In December I started looking for a new planner.  I’ve been an Erin Condren advocate for years now…like years!!!!!! but in December I started to feel the need for something simpler.  Something smaller and easier to throw in my purse.  I searched and searched and finally landed on MochiThings and found THE PLANNER I had been looking for.  It was smaller, simpler, thinner and had grid paper.  I love a good grid paper.  I will say you do have to fill the calendar out for yourself, but I actually loved doing that…it’s right up my brain’s alley.  I have really really really enjoyed this planner and already decided I will be purchasing it again for next year.


And last, but certainly not least Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix + Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Can Icing:  I pride myself on homemade baked goodies, love them in every sense of the word and truly believe baked goods can change the world.  Typically my kids ask for homemade things I love to make, but then Harper inevitably breaks the mold.  Every.Single.Time.  Any time she gets to pick the dessert choice 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be Pillsbury Funfetti Cupcakes topped with Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Icing.

Her birthday was Wednesday and of course this was her choice of celebratory dessert.  When she picks this I do 2 things: 1.  I’m elated because a box cake and a can of icing is my kind of time saver love.  2.  My mouth waters because this is absolutely the most amazing combination of box cake and canned icing that could possibly exist.  I mean, if you really think you can rival it, please lay it on me because I’ve yet to eat anything which comes close.  And let’s be real, the rainbow chip icing is what really sends this combo over the incredibly tasty edge.  I don’t know what those little chips actually are…I honestly don’t even care what those little chips actually are because all I know is they are heavenly in my mouth.  Harper picked the cupcake variety because she said they would last longer.  I ate 3 yesterday.  Your birthday cupcakes do not last longer when your mother is hiding behind the refrigerator every hour or so eating another one of your cupcakes.

Alright.  That’s it for some of my current favorite things.  If you have something you think I need to hear about please share!!!!!  I’d love to read about what you’re loving right now too.

Happy Friday.


  1. I think I need that book and necklace!!!

  2. Certainly, couldnt agree more! Many thanks for writing


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