Sleepover, Concert, Slushy & Picnic

Harper is a sleepover pro…she’s been rockin’ sleepovers for several years now and completely loves them.  Right before Mom died, she was planning on having the boys over for their first sleepover.  Last night, Josh and I had a late date night, so the kids got to spend the night with Josh’s parents.  The boys were thrilled to finally be having their very first sleepover.  Bags, sleeping bags and inhalers were packed 🙂

The boys were totally beside themselves with excitement.  And Harper was super pumped as well.  She helped everyone load their stuff in the van.  She’s a very organized packer.

While the wee Kelleys slumber partied…Josh and I enjoyed a late night with his brother Andy at the M83 concert.

OH.MY.  It was an awesome concert…wildly awesome and M83 sounded incredible.  Completely loved it and what a fun, kidless night out to celebrate.  And this morning I even slept until 8:30 🙂

And super early this morning before we went to bed, we also signed up for The Color Run.  Registration just opened, so if you are interested, I would sign up asap.  It’s going to be way too much fun for a 5K.  Super stoked.

After picking up the kids this morning Huddy had a bathroom false alarm which put us in an unwanted Walmart trip.  I was a bit put out by the whole Walmart trip just to use the bathroom, until I saw this.

Yes, that is the “as seen on TV” Slushy Magic.  Kelley Family Fun Fact #301 & 302:  We do not have cable.  Therefore, one of the channels we watch that has lots of good cartoons also comes with lots of infomercials…the Slushy Magic being one of our faves.  And the wee Kelleys & myself are quite obsessed with any form of slushy or icee.  This will find its way into our house at some point 🙂

After our magical Walmart trip we headed to the cemetery.  Harper has been asking to go back for a few weeks now and on Mother’s Day it was a monsoon, so today was our day to make a visit.  Harper pleaded with me to do a picnic since everyone was getting hungry.  Sure…why not picnic in the cemetery…I’m sure there are lots of people who do that.  So we did.  She has also been planning a full-on birthday party celebration at the cemetery for Grammy as well…we’ll have to see about that.

It’s always so strange going there.  I miss Mom madly, so it’s definitely sad for me…I always cry, but since I’m always with the kids, they have such a different outlook on things.  We go a lot because it seems to really be good for Harper.  She’s always very excited to go and always tells me how much better it has made her feel when we are leaving.  She’s a really neat kid.  And today while we ate I just got so tickled at their little conversations.  I started to take note of some of their questions and comments.

I think my favorite was when Harper asked about a headstone for a Capshaw family and then Huddy so matter of factly said, “Well I hope someone had lunch with them.”

We also devoured an entire loaf of banana bread while we were there.  Mom would have been so proud 🙂

And we left some new flowers and some pretty Mother’s Day balloons.  What an incredible mom she was.

I’m still very unsure of this whole grief/mourning thing and am still figuring it out as I go.  Still crossing my fingers that my kids, especially Harper, are working through things in a good, healthy way.  We just keep pushing on through and doing the best that we can.  That’s all you can do, right?  I think so.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I just love kid comments! Huddy’s comment about having lunch with the other people in the cemetery was so sweet and innocent!

    I have to say I’m super jealous of your Chik Fil A!! At the moment our closest one is a good 45 minutes away. We’re getting one within a 15 minute drive soon but they just started building it. I can’t wait!!

  2. FUnny I’ve seen that infomercial several times lately. Always in the middle of the night of course, and wondered how it worked.

  3. Their conversation you jotted down kinda cracked me up! Hope you get a court date soon and you get to go meet your littlest man!

  4. I am proud to say that I too have had a picnic in a cemetery. 😉

  5. think it is awesome how yall celebrate your mom. having a picnic????? who would have thought of that, think it’s great!! you have one special little girl w/lots of caring and feelings in her.

  6. Allison says:

    We have had a picnic in a cemetery several times because of the peaceful, beautiful surroundings. Better than some roadside parks

  7. Just loving you girl! Love the mom you are to the wee Kelleys and the daughter you’ve always been and always will be to your mom. Such a special love and you are passing it on to Harper!!! Love the picnic–I’m sure Sandra did too! Love you girl!!!

  8. Heather says:

    I think you are doing an awesome job of walking your kids through the grief process, even when it is hard on you. The other day I was telling my husband, who is a Children’s Pastor, about your outings to the cemetery and he gave you two thumbs up! In his professional opinion you are doing a fabulous job 🙂
    And their comments were hilarious!

  9. I think you are doing a great job! Keep the faith and keep pressing on!

  10. I loved the kids conversation. 🙂 Harper’s cemetery picnic and party plans are so precious. She has such a pure and sweet heart. It shows what a wonderful job you are doing as a mom. You’ll see a change in your kids if they’re having problems with the grieving process. Keep an eye out for that, but meanwhile know that you’re an awesome parent and you have lots of prayers behind you, including mine.

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