Our Week Of Yes

At the end of July Harper, Hudson and Solomon all headed off to week long church camp.  This was the first year the boys were old enough to attend and the excitement was insanely high.  They could not wait to go and were all packed up and ready to go a full week in advance.

Amon was pretty bummed he could not go to church camp as well, but this gave us a unique opportunity with just the 3 littles at home to say yes to things we don’t normally get to say yes to.  We decided to let Amon lead the way in planning out the weeks events and I felt like Meatloaf when Amon requested a random string of items.  Donuts, yes. Skating rink, yes.  Chuck E Cheese, yes.  Wave pool, yes.  Movies, yes.  Slip-n-slide & water balloons, yes.  Zoo, yes.  Monkey Joes, No.

“I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.”

Meatloaf must have known about Money Joes.  🙂

Monkey Joes is the thorn in my side of childhood loves.  There’s just something about that place that creates hatred in my heart.  Hard pass man, hard pass.

Leo had to have a heart procedure that week so we were tied up pretty tight with him for a few days, but with the help of Josh’s sister Jen, Josh Kelley and I still got to say all the yeses we wanted to.  And Leo did great with his little recovery.

PS:  Leo’s love of his shoes is pretty fierce.  Hospital socks will not detour him from his beloved flip-flops.

It was super fun saying yes pretty much all week long.  I had this mentality of “why not” and so we did.  Amon did request Disney World and a quick trip to Ethiopia which we had to decline, but other than those requests…and the Monkey Joes…everything got a yes.

Slip-n-slide and water balloons.  Yes.

Chuck E Cheese.  Yes.

Roller skating and a movie night.  Yes.

The wave pool, concession stand lunches and icees.  Yes.

The zoo and icees again.  Yes.

Donuts and Uno.  Yes.

All the fun snacks and more icees.  Yes.

It was a really rare and fun and special week.  Amon and our littlest felt like the king and queen.  They lived it up and partied hard and slept even harder…and so did I.  Being fun is hard work.  We missed our big kids, but so enjoyed some one-on-one time with our littles.  Here’s to next summer’s Week Of Yes!  Everyone is already anticipating it…a tradition may have been born.


  1. You all ARE THE BEST!!!! So many wonderful memories being made for the littles and older ones at the same time. Soak up all that love and fun. Glad to hear you were able to sleep and for the procedure going well. Hugs from West Virginia!

  2. You are literally the best parents ever!!!

  3. So fun!!!!!

  4. Agree with everything – but we LOVE Monkey Joe’s (well, our grandson does, and that’s all that matters). Fun is fun no matter where you do it and you have to do you! Glad you had fun with all the littles!

  5. Amon will change the world with that smile and his beautiful joy! How precious! I’m so glad you all enjoyed your time together!

  6. Laura, thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

  7. Every time I read your blog it inspires me to write again (sadly I usually fail to fulfill this inspiration.) I love how you celebrate your family and your moments.

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