On Adjusting

We have been home almost one week and Everett is adjusting so well.  Josh, Harper, Hudson, Solomon and myself are still recovering from jet lag, but today is the kids’ last day of school before spring break so I’m hoping we can catch up on sleep soon.

Everyone did finally sleep through the night the last 2 nights so that has been glorious.  And Shuai has been sleeping in his own bed upstairs with all the boys.  Currently we bounce between calling him Everett and Shuai…he actually responds to both now.  You guys, he really is amazing.  He’s been trying new foods and eating some of his familiar favorites.  My BIL & SIL brought him a bunch of yummy Chinese snacks he loves and the kid ate 3 pieces of pizza last night for dinner.  He is devouring grapes and oranges and bananas and blueberries.  He loves yogurt and nuts and noodles and chews gum like a teenager.  He is just ridiculous.

Amon loves him.  He loves Amon.  Our littlest is still figuring it all out and trying to understand her place in our family.  She has big emotions already so throw in a new kid who is smaller than her and she’s struggling.  There are lots of fits and crying and verbal processing and lots of frustrating feelings and down moments and hugs.  We’re working on it together.

All the kids went back to school on Monday so that left me and Everett solo for a few hours.  We went to Target and the bank and he was fantastic.  He doesn’t like when the family separates so he was sad when Josh and the big kids left in the morning and was sad again when I dropped Amon and our littlest off at MDO, but we recouped and had the best day together.  Yesterday me and the three littles even conquered a doctors appointment together.  It totally reminded me of my little Harper, Hudson and Solomon days.

Today we’re solo again and there were only tears when Josh and the bigs headed out this morning.  He’s currently chewing his gum and pulling everything out of my purse like he’s looking for something in particular.  And I’ve drawn multiple hearts on his hands already today.  He loves when we draw little things on his hands.

Tomorrow we head to another doctor’s visit.  My SIL so graciously offered to go with us this time so she could tell him what was going on and what will be happening.  She is an absolute God send and such a sweet comfort to Everett.  It’s really great having an entire small Kelley family (Josh’s brother even teaches Chinese at a local school) who all speak Chinese and can talk back and forth with him. We’re really hoping he can hang onto his Mandarin and not lose it.

It’s incredible to watch him.  He has just kind of jumped in and is just doing his thing.  It’s funny to see him already playing and shooting play guns and watching shows and eating snacks and laughing just like he’s been here for forever.  He’s picking up on some words already and understands SO MUCH.  My two current favorite things he says is “Lub you” for love you and every time I give him a kiss he says “Thank you” which he totally picked up from me because every time he gave me a kiss in the beginning I was so elated I would thank him over and over again.

He is so patient with us while communicating.  We are shocked at how not frustrated he gets with us. Such a patient guy.  He points and leads and is really good at figuring out how to let us know what he wants or needs.  He loves hugs which is a far cry from the little boy who just 2 weeks ago hated to be touched.  He lifts those hands high and loves to be swooped up into our arms.

He is funny as all get out too.  He cracks himself up and us.  I cannot wait until I can understand everything he is saying.  He loves to make silly faces and noises and he has impeccable timing on all his little jokes.  Totally a little clown and fits right in…we love to laugh around here…keeps us all a little more sane.

Do I think we’re out of the woods already?  Nope, not by a long shot, but  I do think Everett is insanely amazing, brave and strong.  He is really doing so well.  We fully know he will likely ebb and flow and things will slowly come out the more time passes and the more he gets use to us, but man oh man, this kid is just blowing us all away.  Once more I sit in awe and wonder at why on Earth God would think we were good enough for this boy.  What an honor.  What a gift.  I am absolutely humbled by God’s goodness yet again.


  1. He looks so happy! I think he is trusting and the crew of kids make him feel safe I am sure. He is blessed prayers as you go forward

  2. What a mighty God we serve! I’ll be praying for your littlest that she can relax into the love that is all around her.

  3. Frances dunaway says:

    I have followed your journey and prayed for Everette’s precious heart to be made whole, that God will find the very doctor who can do that. Such a wonderful family.

  4. I *love* his giant grin in the store cart picture 🙂
    Wonderful to hear that he’s rolling well – and that the two heart kiddos get along great 🙂
    I’ll keep praying and will add your littlest to the mix.

  5. Peggie Huddleston says:

    He is adorable…and all your kiddos have grown so much!! God bless each of you…

  6. Aunt Tootsie says:

    He is sooo cute Laura, and he looks so happy! I’m so thankful to see how he is blending in the family, just amazing to me.

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