On A Wednesday Morning…

I am currently…

Listening:  Amon talk.  He’s just chatting away with himself.  I’ve got no clue what he’s saying, so I just nod and chat right back to him like we’re having a full on legit conversation.  He’s kind of the funniest kid around.

Eating:  I’d like to say I’m eating a cookie, but alas, I’m eating a handful of pistachios.  I’ve really been working on eating more healthy whole foods.  Not going to lie though, this weekend, I’m totally having a cookie.

Drinking:  A Shakeology shake.  What the what you ask?  I know.  I signed up to participate in this 21 day fit challenge and it starts Monday.  And this big bag of Shakeology mix came with it.  I chose chocolate.  So far it’s okay tasting.  I’m really weird about drinking certain liquids…I have weird liquid texture issues.  This makes me sound like the weirdest person in the world.  Goh.  I’m such a dork.  I typically work out in the mornings and try to eat some protein right afterwards, so this is subbing for my protein.  Our group is being led by this super sweet lady named Marta over at Four Fit Sisters who I learned about from Meg.  Do you see what the internet does 🙂  I like it.  I’ve never done anything like this so I’m pretty excited to participate and have accountability and learn and then report back to you guys.

Wearing:  Still my workout clothes.  And I smell bad.  And need a shower.

Feeling:  Good.  It just feels like a good day.  The boys are playing legos and need to do their Valentines today and Amon has therapy and we’re watching one of our favorite little girls this afternoon.  I’m working on lots of key fobs in between canvas stages.  There are Valentine goodies to get ready and friends day preparations.  Lots of things to do, but they are all fun things.  Feeling like it’s going to be a great day today.

By the way…got in my huge supply of key fob materials, so if you were wanting to order key fobs, I’m taking orders now.  Shoot me a message HERE if you’d like to place an order.

Wanting:  Some time alone in our house.  Ha.  Can I get an amen from any one else out there who can relate?  Any other moms of small human toddler children who are into everything under the sun?  It’s so true.  A vacation would be awesome, but I think I’d rather ship my kids off for just a bit and enjoy some time alone…in our own house.  Just think of all the possibilities?  Just think about what all I would get done?  Just think about how I could go pee without fear or worry of what I might find when I finish.  Ahhhh, heavenly.

Needing:  New socks.  My socks would bring about laughter.  Lots of holes.  And these are the socks I run in.

Laura Kelley Fun Fact #82:  I continue to go sockless even in winter.  I wear my TOMS 96.3% of the time.  Always sockless.  I have two pairs.  And they stink.  Bad.  And I’ve washed them multiple multiple multiple times.

I may have just decided to change my “need” from socks, to a new pair of TOMs.

Thinking:  Well now I’m thinking about how I probably over share on the inter webs 🙂  But hey, we need to know we’re not alone right?  We need to know life isn’t good, great, grand and wonderful all the time.  We need to know that other people and woman struggle and make mistakes.  We need to know things like how I have socks full of holes and smelly feet.

I originally was thinking about Harper…before my thoughts go high-jacked.  I just really like her.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like all my kids…not 100% of the time though 🙂  I remember when my SIL Becky was about to have my niece she was nervous and I told her…don’t worry.  You’ll be great.  You won’t like her all the time, but you’ll always love her.  Ha.  Anyways…thoughts…high-jacked again. Harper and I just connect on a different level…lady to lady…artist to artist…color lover to color lover.

For Valentines she opted not to buy a pack from Target, but make her own.  And I let her totally do her thing.  Part of me wants those super cute, momma made valentines, but that’s not Harper and so I chose to let go.  She made each of her Valentines all on her own…each uniquely designed for the friend in mind.  Each one different and unique and special and I love that about her.  And today was crazy hair day.  She asked for rainbow hair.  Of course she did.  So rainbow hair it was…courtesy of my chalk pastels.  She makes life brighter.

Enjoying:  Running.  Last January I decided to start setting monthly mile goals for myself and I actually stuck with it for all of 2013.  Now, some months had lower miles than others and I had a few months when I didn’t make my goal, but that’s okay.  I was still making goals and trying my best to reach them.  I wanted to continue to do the same for 2014 and I’m seeing more and more how much I really do enjoy running.  It just clears my head and makes me feel better over all.  Last month was a great month and I logged almost 70 miles.  This month I want to hit 70 or maybe even 75.  I’m getting after it hard.

We shall see.  Are you setting any walking/running goals this month or maybe you set a goal for the year?  I’d love to hear about them.

Well if that wasn’t a post full of random thoughts and run on sentences and incorrect grammar, I’m just not sure what is.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my crazy straight from my brain to the tips of my fingers thoughts.  You guys are amazingly nice!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. I can definitely relate on wanting alone time at home. I’m able to sneak a couple of hours on school days while Wyatt (a.k.a. El Destructor) naps. It’s wonderful! A whole day or weekend would be glorious!

  2. Lauren Lewis says:

    My TOMS reek. I mean REEK. Try putting new tea bags in them at night, it absorbs some of the mositure and makes them smell fresh like lemon, or orange zest or spearmint! But for reals, it totes works!!

  3. Ha! When I first saw the pic featured on your post I thought it was of a bunch of oyster shells. I thought, “What a strange snack!”
    Pistachios are WAY better! =)

  4. This is probably completely silly, but I was very happy to see that Harper’s hair was colored in rainbow order! (I have severe OCD when it comes to ROYGBIV. Lol!) I really enjoy your blog. Your kiddos are so cute, and you are just so real about everything…the good, the bad, the ugly. Thank you for sharing your life with total strangers, and brightening our days! 🙂

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