Occupation: Artist

I love when I get to fill out occupation.  I straight up, always, put ‘artist’.  I sometimes think about adding blogger, but I don’t get paid to do that and laughter might follow.  I love it because soon after I usually get some tattoo glances 🙂  But I especially like when I have all the kids in tow.  I think some people think, “Really?” like is that a for reals job, but it is.  It totally is.  I have so many dreams and aspirations for where I want to take this whole artist and blogger thing, just so so many.

I love to create.  I’ve told you guys this part before, but I feel it’s just one of the ways God designed how I would function…how I would cope and deal…how I would survive.  It runs deep.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about hosting woman in our home for craft nights.  Several months back Josh and I discussed it and I started brainstorming craft ideas.  I like the idea of woman hanging out together and spending time being creative.  Talking it out, eating and fellowshipping for the evening.  I’ve even started my lists of ladies…my guinea pigs…who would test things out and give me feedback.  A dream would be to do this with total strangers…meeting new woman every week and making friends.  Ever since I experienced Craft Weekend…I’ve had the fever.  It was just such a wonderful experience…a rare one.

I think I could do it…could pull it off.  Then fear sneaks in a bit and starts throwing all the doubts of “would people really come”…”how are you ever going to pull this off in your home with 4 kids”…”you’ll fail miserably”…and these doubts could continue on for days.  But there is something deeper in my heart…something I feel God pulling me towards…this love and care for other woman…this investment in friendships…this opportunity to be hospitable and to invite people into our home and love on them, probably the best way I personally know how.  It makes me all tingly and googly eyed.  It makes my heart flutter.

And I take a deep breath.  This is quite possible and oddly enough, it feels freeing in a bit of a risky way.  I’m anxious and excited to see what God has brewing…maybe He’ll say “go for it”, maybe He’ll say “reign it back in Laura”…either way, today my heart and head are all crazy with thoughts and ideas and dreams.  Today is one of those hope filled days.

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”  -Vincent Van Gogh


  1. I love your heart!
    And I agree that artist is exactly your occupation, in so many ways!
    I have to say that I don’t think you’d have to worry at all about having people come to your craft evening, we’d be standing in line 🙂

  2. If I lived remotely close to you, I would definitely come to craft night. And even though I don’t even live within a day’s drive, I would maybe still come. 🙂

  3. I am with the two commenters above me–I would drive from Indiana AND stand in line for a craft night at your house 🙂

  4. Samantha Spain says:

    I would so be there!!!! You are a true inspiration 🙂

  5. I would drive the 8 hours in a hot minute to come and craft with you! And I’ve shared your blog so much that I have a few friends that would jump in the car with me to do the same! Praying that God will bless your vision and just maybe it will be a reality!

  6. Annie Campbell says:

    A craft night would be fabulous!

  7. Laura, I just don’t think you truly understand what an inspiration you are to us girls and how much we love you!! Sounds like a road trip waiting to happen for me and Trisha Knopp Scott. God wants you to dream big dreams :0)

  8. Crafty? Not me. A chance to be a guinea pig? I’d jump at it.

    Years ago, my husband took a giant ‘leap of faith’ and left the company he had worked for more than 20 years. I had faith in his abilities and in his dream, but I was bad scared. I was petrified. I JUST knew we’d be in a line at the mission, waiting on a hot meal. Homeless. Ragged. Hungry.

    Here we are more than 10 years later, he is doing what he loves, is by all accounts successful at it (which I translate to mean, we aren’t losing money and he’s happy and so am I), and life is good.

    Follow your heart (i.e., your God). You have nothing to fear – He will sustain you!

  9. Sign me up! It would be like a vacation for me. A perfect little vacation!!!

  10. If you started this up when we were in a position to afford it, I would totally come. I would LOVE to do the Whatever Craft Weekend, but it’s not in the budget right now. But yours? Well, I feel like we might be 4th cousins who never met, so I’d pray and beg and find a way to make it happen. 🙂

  11. I wish I lived closer! I would love a craft night. You should also think about having cookie parties. I love to bake but have no idea how to decorate cookies like you do.

  12. Therese Schulle stokes says:

    I would totally drive all the way from Texas, all night, in the snow to come to craft night!!! Lol I think my four boys would get along great with your four wee ones. It would be a fun time had by all!!!

  13. I say “go for it”. It sounds to be that the Lord has put that direction in your mind. You already know that we are to be hospitable, that we are to care for others, and that we are to fellowship. There you have it! You will get so many opportunities to share the Lord with others ladies, believers and not, as they will see how you deal with the everyday situations that come into the life of a Christian. If you have room in your house, you could hire a babysitter to care for their children and yours or you can schedule it during Amon’s nap times. The Lord will direct you with that too. I have wonderful memories of opportunities just like you are talking about. I’m no where near the artist that you are, but my crafting has given me chances to witness to other women. Bless you for wanting to try this new journey with Him.

  14. I would totally drive to TN to be a guinea pig for your craft night! That’s an amazing idea and I think God has given you this gift and passion for pouring into others… Not just creating behind closed doors! I’m so excited for you! This is awesome! And please please please sign me up!!!

  15. A craft night with one of my favorite artists/crafters/bloggers…yes, please!! I would drive from Louisiana for that!!

  16. I’m a local and think this is a fabulous idea! I know lots of mommas who could use a night of your crafts and the joy you share! Do it!!!

  17. I’d be there in a skinny minute (despite the 9 or so hour drive!)! If you feel lead to do this it will happen despite all your anxiety and worries…God sees this and will continue to plant those “faith” seeds to make it work. I wish you only the best with this and…we probably all have kids and wouldn’t give them a second thought!

  18. Okay…. so it might take me a little while to get there. I’m coming from Seattle and picking up my sister in Maryland on the way!!

  19. I have never commented on your blog, but Laura you are amazing and such an inspiration to me. I am old enough to be your mother ( I totally wish I had known her too). I love your heart, your sharing with honesty, your love for your family and Jesus and others….I would love to come for a craft night..BUT I live in NC. Maybe you could “take it on the road.” Do a week-end craft event. I will host at my house. 🙂 Praying for all the details as you follow your heart.

  20. Hey, Laura. I’ve never posted and am a total stranger which is such a kind of creepy thing when you think about it! 🙂 But my real-life best bud and I call you our virtual BFF and we would totally hop in the car and drive from B’wood/Franklin for craft night/weekend! We just know we would be good friends! 🙂 Hearts for adoption (she has a little boy from Ethiopia), and love for all things Sonic and sugary (that’s me!). (I have a heart for adoption too…but husband and I are aging and birthing ourselves out of the running so we just pray and love on our friends’ little ones!)

    The blogging world is so funny, isn’t it? But it has really been a blessing to “get to know you” and I so appreciate your willingness to share your life with us. I will truly be praying for your direction…and know you have 2 more willing guinea pigs if you need them!

  21. I would totally come! You are amazing!

  22. Laura, I strongly agree with the MANY comments made. You know our Moms would tell us, you have to start somewhere….AT HOME is where Creative Memories, Stampin Up and Thirty One ALL started. I rest my case 🙂

  23. You can do it! Here’s something similar that has started (and grown quickly) in my area. I just (sucessfully) painted my second piece of art tonight and I am SO not artistic! Check it out! I think you will be encouraged!


    (They just updated their website, so if it doesn’t work great the first time, try again.)

  24. sighing from colorado b/c man would i love to learn from you!!!! go for it– God never gives us a spirit of fear- but the enemy does when he feels we’re being called to something and might make a difference!!!

  25. I think it sounds like a great idea Laura! Travel from Central Alberta would be a bit far:)…but I’m sure there are many who would be very blessed by it! I sure am by reading your blog:).

    Random question for you…the art piece with the Haiti map isn’t for sale is it? Dear friends of ours are adopting twin boys from Haiti & I’d love to have it for a welcome home gift:). Just thought I’d ask, just in case it is!

  26. Count me in… I’d even help you if you wanted! Follow your dreams!!

  27. A craft night is right up my alley! Seriously! Would love that!
    Love that you love to make art! Isn’t it so therapeutic, too?
    Yep, I totally think your craft night would be crowded for sure! 😉

  28. How bout others have it at their house with you being the “teacher” ? People would come just to meet you!! LOVE THE VLOG!!

  29. Lets do it. Totally. I’ll commute the two hrs from Chattanooga and we will be crafty bff’s in no time! Just remember, you wouldn’t be doing it alone. You have all of us to help you!

  30. Do it!! I would totally come and bring all of my crafty gal pals too!

  31. Kristin chaDwick says:

    Funny you should post this now! Have had a desire to do something similar for a LONG TIME! I would LOVE to see how this unfolds for you! 😀

    On a side note, I went to our pastors wife a few weeks back to ask for her advice, and she thinks it would be a fantastic idea! The only difference between what you’re trying to do and what I’ll be doing is my thing will be geared towards art journaling. Something I find super therapeutic, it has led to some art pieces I have done and am super proud of, and I’ve done it with a really good friend. Before she went back to work outside her home we used to get together once a week for what we called our, art play dates! We’d work along side each other, talk, share and even pray together. I want to take that to a new level with this idea I have and our church has what we call Connection groups, and my pastors wife suggested I start there! So, on that note…I encourage you to pursue this! God will bless! God will work! And I know God will continue to use you in mighty ways!!! I have been reading your blog for over 2 yrs now and I have seen you be open, be real, be transparent, but most of all…be used by God to reach out to other ladies! This will just take that to a whole new level! I know if we ever met in real life, we’d be kindred spirts! HUGS my dear!! And love too!!

  32. Oh oh I want to come to craft night!!!! Pleasssssse!!!!!!

  33. I would be there.. standing in line with my friends from ohio!

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