Ninja Birthday Love

 Sol’s birthday was Saturday.  He is a super funny kid…totally love being his mom.  He had been anticipating his birthday for a while now.  We had a count down going on our chalkboard so he could cross off all the remaining days until the big 5-years-old.

He’s really into legos.  Loves them.  And he totally digs the whole Ninjago ones, so he requested ninjas for his birthday “theme”.  Even though he picked out Star Wars plates and Ninja Turtle napkins.  He’s an eclectic fellow as well.

Birthdays at our house are big deals because the day is totally the birthday person’s day.  They get to pick anything they want for breakfast and they get to choose something for us to do together as a family and they get to pick desserts and favorite meals.  Pretty much anything goes on your birthday at our house…within reason 🙂

One of our long standing birthday traditions is the birthday door.  After the kids go to bed we decorate the birthday kid’s door.  We have done so many fun doors.  It started with Josh and me doing it together and then some where along the way, it’s kind of became Josh’s thing.  Which I love.  We collaborate on ideas and then he totally makes it happen while I put up other birthday decorations.  I kind of like him.

The ninja had some really cool ninja stars too, but unfortunately a small toddler child got his mischievous little hands on them before I was able to snap my picture.

Last year Sol requested ice-cream sundaes for breakfast…done…this year he went with donuts.  He loves a good chocolate donut.

He wanted us to to all play games at Chuck E Cheese and eat lunch at McDonalds.  We typically love Chuck E Cheese, but going on a Saturday may have deterred our love a bit.  We’re use to going on a week night or weekday afternoon.  Holy moly.  Saturdays apparently are a total different story.  We even went early, close to when they opened and it was still mad chaos.  Amon added to the craziness.  He decided to only run everywhere and bolt in different directions when our eyes wandered through the sea of people trying to spot any of our other three children.  He was a full time job.  But ski ball and racing games of all types were played and enjoyed.  And then we had to get the heck out of that place and onto McDonalds.

We ran into some friends at McDonalds who were there eating with their girls and a bunch of their girls’ friends.  They all gathered around Sol and sang him happy birthday.  I teared up because A) It was like the sweetest, kindness thing and B) Sol was so shy about all that attention from all those older cute girls.  It was really sweet and special.  Thank you so much Tara for being so kind to our boy!

Sol requested regular brownies, but with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting.  Hold up, wait a minute.  I had never made anything like this so I had to do a little looking around for a recipe and sure enough there are lots of chocolate chip cookie dough frosting recipes out there.  I ended up using THIS FROSTING RECIPE.  I have to say I was super skeptical as I was making it.  It’s like no frosting I have ever made…flavor, ingredients and all.  When I finished, I was shocked.  It’s truly straight up delicious.  You could even ditch the brownie or cupcake or whatever and just use the frosting as a dessert dip.  So so good.  I highly recommend it.  I think it would be awesome on a chocolate cupcake too.

Harper and I found these really cool little ninja guys are Party City.  And then we found the ninja swords in their appetizer section.  Hudson and Solomon love them.

And Sol also got to share a special birthday treat with his class.  He went with candy.  I tried to sway him in the direction of a cookie or cupcake or ice cream cup, but no way.  Dude wanted straight up candy.  So I let him pick out some of his favorites and he and Huddy helped put together some little candy bags for their classmates.

Why yes, those are Swedish Fish you see.  Sol loves a good crappy candy.  I felt bad for the kids who ended up with a yellow and green Swedish Fish.

We ended his birthday night with visits from cousins, lego assembly, spicy garlic chicken pasta (one of Sol’s favorites) and more brownies and ice cream.  He said it was his best birthday ever.  He told us thank you a million times for his presents (yet another lego kit) and he gave out big hugs.  It was perfectly perfect.

Solomon, you are a crazy incredible kid.  And we are thankful beyond thankful to be your mom and dad!  We love you fiercely.  We think 5 is going to fit you very well.


  1. Margie Novota says:

    Love, love, love the birthday. We have been involved with four of our Grandchildren’s birthday bashes for their early years and, OH, what great
    times. So happy for your family!

  2. So awesome! We love birthdays here too! Glad Sol was celebrated and had “the best birthday ever!”

  3. TAmmy akers says:

    LOVE LOVE it all!!! What amazing parents you are! I’m digging the door decor may have to copy that one!! Happy Birthday Sol…you are an adorable 5 year old! Nothing wrong with some yummy Swedish fish!!

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