Nine Things

1. My friend Meredith lost another beautiful babe over the weekend.  When I woke to her text about precious Amos my heart sank.  I’ll never understand our world.  I just do not get it and it’s incredibly hard to process and think through…and I’ve only lost one child.  I cannot imagine losing multiple babies.  And my words are so limited on what I even feel I can say because what do you say!  So I tell her over and over again how sorry I am.  How this isn’t right.  This isn’t how it’s suppose to be.  Sweet Amos should be here and he should be among her other kids.  When I read THIS article about Morning Star’s Little House of Brave, it made me all teary eyed.  It highlights all the brave souls who embody and live and fight for hope.  An important read.

2. Amon has his first loose tooth and we are never going to hear the end of it.  Upon finding the tooth, I promptly took photos of his mouth because I am a sentimental sap and I know soon his smile will be all snaggle toothy and sweet.  Harper has officially lost all her teeth and when they told me I was like, “WHAAATTT?!?!?!”  Time you are a straight up ass hat.

3.  Hudson and Solomon.  Solomon and Hudson.  That’s just the way it’s suppose to be.  We imagine them being old men together and reading the newspaper at Cracker Barrel every Saturday morning.  I absolutely adore them.  And with the introduction to chess their old man game has become stronger.

4. I recently went to an oil class with Jen and Campbell.  I don’t even know who I am anymore you guys. 🙂  Top 2 highlights: 1) Campbell driving us around like we’re old ladies.  And 2) The discovery of the Christmas Spirit oil.  What the actual what?!?!  Have any of you smelled it?!?!  Crazy good.  The lady who taught the class had a room spray in her bathroom made with it and I sprayed my entire body down.  Zero shame.  Then I immediately added it to my order and am anxiously awaiting this little bottle of Christmas heaven to arrive.

5.  Leo is madly in love with his backpack.  He rediscovered it recently and has not quit wearing it.  He says “pack pack” and does the sign for backpack.  It’s maybe the cutest thing ever.  Solomon put some books in it and now he loves it even more.  I know the pressure of the weight feels good to his little body. My favorite comment so far is that it looks like he’s wearing a parachute.  Hahahahaha.  Love that boy to smithereens.

6.  Harper is getting giant.  We are seriously looking into methods of stunting her growth. 🙂  Currently she’s only about 2 inches shorter than me.  We can share shirts and shoes and deodorant and face wash.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Sometimes I panic on the inside when I look at her and how big she is.  Then she opens her mouth and I remember she’s going to be just fine.  We so enjoy her funny quirky tween personality and I’m feeling like the best is yet to come.

7.  Whelp, apparently I shared something about each of the kids, so I’ll throw Winter in for good measure.  Where do I even start with Ms. Winter?!?!?!  She keeps us laughing constantly…the kid is not lacking in personality AT ALL!!!!!

A few funny Winter sayings:

1) Josh asked her recently what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Straight faced she looked at him and confidently said, “A woman.”

2) All birthdays are “burst days” to Winter.  We laugh that is inevitably how she entered this world.  Winter can only burst onto scenes.  It’s the Winter way.

3) Someone passed gas in our car the other day…they shall remain nameless 🙂 … Winter proclaimed with a twinge of anger in her voice, “Your poots make me want to barf…or die.”

She also hands out compliments like candy on Halloween.  She asks Josh every single day how his day at work was.  And she tells me I’m the best mom ever.  This girl.  What would we do without her.

8.  We’re always looking for Everett reminders.  Always.  Even in chicken nuggets.  Another day closer.

And 9.  Josh Kelley took a fishing trip recently and while we were sad to see him go, we were also so excited for him to go.  Josh gives and gives and gives of himself.  He rarely gets away to do something fun and enjoyable so any chance that crosses his path I push and encourage him to go.  He so deserved a small break and some fun.  Loved him getting time fly fishing with his dad and Andy.  Bonus:  The cute pictures!!!


  1. So heartbreaking about your friends son! Your kiddos are growing up and it makes me smile to read their comments and see how you are all doing. Still thinking of you all often and whispering prayers on your behalf. Hugs from WV.

  2. Mylinda Parker says:

    I cannot help but love love your words! The love that you have for your children glows through your words. Your heart for your friend will stay with her forever! May God comfort her. So glad your husband had some “me” time. They do deserve their time too!

  3. When you said Leo likes the weight of his backpack on his little body I immediately thought of my kids and their weighted blankets. If he doesn’t already have one he might love that too and bonus it helps a lot of people sleep better which I know has been hard for him. They are so expensive I made my kids theirs myself and I am not a happy efficient sewer like you or artistically talented but I managed to churn out 2 that look great and feel great because I’d do just about anything to help my kids sleep better and be less anxious.

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