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You guys as always are crazy kind, loving, thoughtful and supportive.  Thank you for being so excited and thrilled for our friends the Carmans, Everett and us!!!!  We are all the luckiest to have these amazing little heart warriors in our lives.  Thank you for being in awe of Jesus right along side us too.  He really does write the best stories and deserves all the praise and glory.  Thank you for the kind comments, emails and for already helping us start to spread the word.  You will hear no less than 32 times about this fundraiser between now and Thursday, April 27th.  If you want to read about the party details again CLICK HERE.

Today I just wanted to share some of my current favorite Noonday items.  They recently released their spring line and I am soooooo excited to check it out in person at the party so a lot of these are new from their spring line.  I’ve been browsing today and wanted to share some of my faves.  If you cannot make the party in person, you can always order online HERE.  At checkout just double check that your ambassador is “Rebecca Daniels” and your hostess is “Laura Kelley” so the Carmans can receive 20% of your purchase for their adoption fund.

Let’s begin 🙂

I’m usually hard pressed to find earrings I just super super love.  I have very limited earrings, mostly which are from Noonday, but their spring line shocked me.  I picked out 7 different pairs I really really loved, one of which is already sold out.  Wah, wah!  I narrowed that list down to four to share with you.

Fringed Crescent Earrings; Peruvian Studs; Terrace Earrings; Metropolitan Earrings


Necklaces we’re up next.  Again, I try and limit my necklaces, but here I was again finding necklace after necklace I really loved.

Borderland Necklace; Chateau Necklace; Earthbound Necklace; Journey Necklace

Bracelets are always and forever my jam and I can never have too many of them.  Never.  Once again I found tons which need a home on my arm.

Damalie Bracelet; Ebb and Flow Bangles; Province Bracelets; Serawit Wrap Bracelet

Their bags are always hard to choose from.  Some of my favorite bags I personally own are Noonday bags.  The best designs!!!!  Here are two of my faves.  I’ve seen both in person and they are out of this world gorgeous.

La Bella Bag; Rustic Leather Tote

Noonday also has a crazy good sale going on right now.  Head over HERE to check it out.  I have personally purchased so many of these items for friends, family and myself.

And don’t forget right now Noonday has an added incentive for guests who spend $75 or more – they can get the Afloat Earrings and Matovou Bracelet for half-off.  If you’re interested in this offer just contact Rebecca at noonday.rebecca at gmail dot com and she’ll hook you up with the special.

Please continue to share this with all your people.  Mark your calendars and join us in person April 27th and bring a friend or order online HERE.  Such an extra special way for us to come along side the Carman family in their pursuit of their son along with other women and moms around the world.

Happy Thursday!

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