And we are moving right along.  Monday’s kindness acts were completed and just so fun.  Let’s review shall we.

#1  Take balloons and treats to Amon’s cardiac floor.  Because Amon is currently home bound, figuring out this week was a bit tricky, but Amon had a doctors appointment yesterday with his surgeon, so this worked out perfectly.  Balloons for some kiddos and homemade chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing for the amazing staff, nurses and doctors.  Done.

Heart cupcake wrappers were a must for the best cardiac floor ever.

#2  Pump someone’s gas.  This is Pat.  She is a super sweet lady who I had the honor of buying and pumping gas for this morning.  She was on her way to work…it was 7am…I had just finished getting my sweat on and had dropped Harper off at school.  Pat is looking way hotter than me.  It was a joy to meet her.

#3  Give someone dinner recipes and the groceries to go along with it.  I know some people already have dinner prepared or at least some parts of dinner already going before they leave for work or wherever.  I wish that was me.  Ha.  But in case the recipient was that person, they had everything they needed for dinner, salad, bread and dessert ready for their next meal…plus the recipes.  We blessed Harper’s teacher Mrs. Bruno, well now she’s Mrs. Tanner.  She is absolutely divine and we are so grateful for her and all her hard work and love.

#4  Treat for our mailman.  If you never saw when I posted The World’s Easiest Cookies recipe, here it is again.  It is a must, must, must make.

It really does not get much easier than that.  The possibilities and combinations are endless.  I went with a devil’s food chocolate cake mix with white chocolate chips thrown in.  Super good.  A great little treat for our very hardworking mailman.

#5  Encouraging notes on cars.  I wrote the cards and the kids colored on them.  Then I placed them on random cars at the hospital.  While being in the hospital with Amon, I feel like a little note like this would have been a big blessing.

And #6  Share my Zumba pass.  Once I got to class, I just waited and the next ladies who came in I paid their way.  Too fun.  It was also Halloween night.  Jen, Campbell and I dressed up as kickball players…not too, too lame.

This is Janet.  Janet is this crazy cool lady who will work you like mad for one hour every Monday (5:30 Goodlettsville Community Center), Wednesday (5:30 Goodlettsville Community Center) and Saturday (8:00am SWG Studio Goodlettsville).  I have been doing Zumba for almost a year now…it’s super fun…and I am still absolutely soaked with sweat every class {See Picture…do you see the sweaty goodness}.  Janet is good…like real good.  You must try her class out.

And here is Tuesday’s list.  Can’t wait to get started.

Go spread some love.  Happy Tuesday.

PS:  Totally forgot to mention that tomorrow is a giveaway day…it’s on my Wednesday list 🙂


  1. I just love how you bless others, Laura. 🙂
    Sending you BIG hugs! 😉

  2. I love love your ideas. We’re going to do an Advent list like you did last year. I love the groceries and recipe idea…..

  3. <3 what you're doing! I especially love your mustache paper clip. 😉

  4. This brings tears to my eyes! So wonderful of you and what a great model of kindness and generosity you are to your kiddos! They’ll always remember how their momma loved BIG on others! 🙂

  5. Marla sharp says:

    I have been inspired!! Thank you!!!

  6. What a blessing you are in the lives of those you are touching. May God bless you in return! I am so happy that I came across your blog. I feel like I’ve added a positive influence into my life. No matter how far away you are, know that you are a blessing to me every time I read your blog.

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