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With Valentines right around the corner and because January, February, March and April are all super heavy on birthdays and other gift receiving celebrations for our family, I thought I’d share some fun purchases I have either made or I am heavily contemplating.

Love Out Of Print.  They take books and literature and style them amazingly awesome.  And with each purchase they are providing books through their partner Books For Africa.  They acknowledge literature is a privilege and have decided to share it.

I’ve purchased from them before, but I’m currently thinking about these shirts for Josh and Harper.  Harp loves Frog and Toad books.

Always have to send a shout out to Noonday Collection.  They are truly one of my absolute favorite places on the internet to shop.  The way this company empowers woman in countries all around the world makes my heart flip flop all crazy like.  I’m always looking for sweet things to pass along to others on days when I know they will need a little encouragement and I can always stock up at Noonday for just those lovely items.  In fact, just the other day my package of awesome tea towels arrived and I cannot wait to give them away.

How adorable is this water bottle and love print from Sevenly?  Insanely cute right?!?!  Absolutely.  What perfect gifts for your sweetheart this Valentines day.  And $7 of your purchase will go to Sevenly’s charity of the week.  Check them out and sign up for email updates so you can stay up to date on what’s going on each new week.  Amazing stuff.

When looking for special gifts Krochet Kids is at the top of my list as well.  They have all kind of really great items.  I have been crushing on their mini iPad cases for a while now.  And when they released their new spring line, I may have become a tad smitten with their new heart Davis Jr hat.  Harper would rock this.  They have perfect gifts for the big and little people in your life this Valentines Day.

I know it’s a tad insane to already be thinking about back-to-school stuff when it’s February, but Hudson and Solomon will be off the kindergarten before we know it.  We bought them new backpacks last year for around $20 and I noticed the other day they are already tearing up.  They are just regular kid backpacks…think we got them at Target or Walmart.  Harper on the other hand has had only two backpacks in her almost 7 years.  The first one being a regular Hello Kitty which tore up after a years use and the second being a yellow heavy canvas Jansport I scored at a consignment sale for just a few dollars, but I’m sure cost a pretty penny originally.  The Jansport is still going strong after her carrying it for 4 years of school.

I hardly ever spend large amounts of money on my kids stuff, just because they go so hard and the boys especially are just rough on things in general.  When I learned about Stone and Cloth I started rethinking our backpack purchases.  They make some legit backpacks that are more than I would typically spend, but then I started considering Harper’s good back and how long it has lasted her.  If the $20 backpacks continued to tear up, over time we would have spent well over $80 on 4 different back packs for Harper.  So I’ve been thinking about buying the boys one of these backpacks and seeing if it would last them all of their elementary school and maybe even beyond.  Plus with each purchase from Stone and Cloth you are helping provide educational scholarships for kiddos in Africa.  Could a back pack get any better?  I think not,

And lastly, my friend Stef sent me the link to The Giving Keys a while back.  I still have her text that read, “A must have.” with the link to their site.  Sure enough, I was sold.  All their employees are working to transition out of homelessness by repurposing old keys into jewelry.  They even encourage you to give your key away eventually to someone who needs it and then share your story with them.  Crazy cool.  What a sweet Valentines gift.

There you have it.  Whether you are looking for that perfect Valentines gift that says, “Hey!  I like you.” or your just looking for a little gift to remind someone of how special and loved they are, these are all totally legit shops that not only provide awesome products, but also give back in big ways.  Now get to shopping.  February 14th is just around the corner.

Happy Thursday!


  1. This is totally random…BUT, I remember a while back (probably a long time ago, now that I think of it) you recommended a site for cute party supplies. I had it bookmarked on my last computer and can’t for the life of me remember the name. Any chance you know what I’m talking about? I’ve got a first birthday coming up (!!!) and wanted to check it out. I remember it had really cute and affordable stuff (like paper goods). Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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