Let’s Sing A Brave Song

It’s September which means it’s a big heart month here in Nashville and across Tennessee.  On September 14th in Nashville the American Heart Association will host their heart walk to bring awareness to heart disease.  We’ll be there as we have many times before.  In the past we’ve set up fundraising pages for AHA & baked goods for bake sales & given blood & carried heart shaped balloons around with us on the years we couldn’t make it, but this year needed something different.  This year we thought harder about how we wanted to celebrate & remember & honor & bring awareness for the 3 brave hearted boys we’re lucky enough to call our sons.❤️

It’s been such a big year for our family as we’re still grieving the loss of Everett, Leo just coming off his successful heart surgery at Mott & still healing and Amon got another good report in August that his next surgery is still at least another year out. Such a mix of emotions, but still 3 precious hearts to find deep joy in & celebrate.

So we’re going big or going home all in the name of love.  We know a really beautiful family and we’re going to try…along with you…to fund their adoption process.  A sweet little CHD love with a beautifully broken heart has rocked a world and family has been formed yet again.  We want to join them as hope holders and help ease the financial burden.  It feels big. It feels audacious. It feels a tad outlandish, but what better reason to try.

We’re asking you to link arms and hearts with us and this family.  We’re asking you to share and/or give whatever you can. We’re asking you to see the value & worth in brave-hearted children who literally make us the luckiest.  We’re asking you to sing a really Brave Song with us.  We’re asking you to see how lucky we are in being able to come along side one another in love.

Every last detail about our heart behind this September and where to donate to this heart love is posted HERE.  We’re using September to love big & honor hearts.  And every Saturday we’ll be celebrating with a fun giveaway with all the donors from that week.  Can’t donate financially, no problem.  Helping us spread the word is just as important.  Grab this link and share away.


We’ve got 4 weeks to do something a little crazy together, we need all the help we can get.  Help us spread the word!  So let’s get to it!  I have a feeling…no matter what…it’s going to be really good!

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