Last Chance…This Is It

Today is it!  This is the last day of our Socktober fundraiser with We Help Two.  I can’t even tell you how much I have loved this fundraiser.  We are closing in on a $1500 goal for our adoption expenses…you guys, that is insane.  PLUS so so so many pairs of socks to give away.

Yesterday we attended a good ole’ church potluck celebrating Room In The Inn workers.  I could have burst into tears approximately 17 times.  Josh Kelley was scanning a church brochure and pointed it my way…they are in need of socks!!!!  Well look at that.  And instantly we both knew where we would be taking all these socks.

Here’s the other thing I really really love.  We Help Two sent us samples of all their socks including the pair they donate and Josh Kelley just raves about the donation socks.  He even asked why we can’t purchase those…hahaha.  He’s kind of particular about his socks and he says they are the best.  I cannot say how much I love that the donation socks are such amazing quality especially for cold weather.  Makes my heart want to explode.  This is such a sweet ministry.

So, today is the day!!!  We are closing in hard and fast on such a massive goal.  Grab your socks by heading over to the We Help Two online sock store.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“ and our family will receive 60% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.  We have heard the best feedback from those of you who have already received and are wearing your socks.  Such a fun, sweet gift that has a triple purpose…fun gift, supporting our family & son and giving back to our local community through the gift of well made socks.  Triple threat.

Thank you guys so much for all your support and help already.  We are just blown away.   As always  feel free to share this and help us spread the word.  Today is the last day…let’s make it awesome.

Happy Monday!!!

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