Krazy Kelleys

Life with kids is seriously so crazy and so hard and so fun.  Being a parent is not only amazing, but extremely hard.  I mean I love them like crazy…I only love Jesus and Josh more…so they’re pretty high up on my list.  Life with the wee Kelleys is never dull…never, ever, ever dull.

I struggle just like most parents out there to find balance and to be fun, but firm and to not lose my ever loven’ mind every day and to be patient and to love hard and to care and instill and invest and apologize when I yell and make mistakes.  That’s a lot to try and do on my own.

One of my goals for this year is to let God have His children back because I’ve been holding them a bit too tightly and acting as if they really are mine, when they are really God’s and He’s just entrusted Josh and I with them for a bit.  So I’m trying to get back to letting God teach me how to parent His wee Kelleys.

That’s kind of hard for me to do because I have these little pictures and all these dreams for what I imagine Harper, Hudson, Solomon and Amon will be.  And then God reminds me, “Maybe that’s not what I have planned for them Laura.”  This past year, more than ever, I have been learning to embrace and love and cherish the fact that God has walked our days out ahead of us and to plan in pencil because God has His plans and they far exceed anything I could ever imagine.

So I’m learning to let Him guide me in this crazy thing called “parenting.”  It’s terribly hard for me, but goodness knows this is a lesson I have needed to learn…I’m pretty good at botching things up and there are 4 wee Kelleys who I certainly don’t want to botch.

And a high-5 or fist bump to all you parents out there today because certainly you could use a bit of encouragement…this is not an easy task, that’s for sure.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Thanks for this encouraging reminder. Our girl may be our only kiddo so I certainly have a tendency to hold on to her really tight. Really tight. Thanks for this reminder. I needed it today! Enjoy your sweet wee ones!

  2. sandra lewiss says:

    laura, i love your honesty. i think that may be hard to find among young mothers; it certainly was more than 30 years ago when mine were small. i welcome my daughter’s worries and complaints about her little boys (and great stuff, too) since she, too, has trouble finding an honest friend(one who doesn’t have “perfect” kiddos) sometimes to whom she can confide.

  3. Love this! Thanks for the encouragement as a mom. You are a great mom too! Thanks for sharing your wee Kelleys with us…they are all just too cute!

  4. Melanie franklin edwards says:

    My darling girl is 20 and I have still have a hard time letting go!! Thanks for the wonderful insight!

  5. Mariannne says:

    It is never easy to let them go! Min daughters are 24 and 22. One lives and teaches in Afganistan and the other lives and works in Washington DC. Every time they leave my heart breaks a little, but I know that this is what God has planned for them to do and what we raised them to be, therefore I let them go…..and pray!

  6. All of your children have the sweetest faces. But how in the name of all that is holy can you keep from just melting into a puddle when you look down and see Amon looking up at you………….that face, those eyes!!!!

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