I’ve Been Creating

I have seriously sat down and started to write here about 13 different times this week.  So many thoughts and feelings and emotions currently swirling around our hearts & house.  Each time I just feel like the writings are for me right now so they sit unpublished and that’s okay.  I’m really hoping to share a bit tomorrow, but today I’m here to just share about two things.

1. I’ve been creating.  I am not open for custom orders yet because my mental game cannot handle that right now.  I have been slowly creating at my own pace and so far it has been working really well.  Some days I know I just couldn’t handle the pressure of completing orders along with deadlines, etc so this is the route I’m taking because I feel like it’s better suited for my grief right now.

Our bank actually gave me a booth in the Salty Dog Art Festival this coming weekend…Saturday September 9 from 10-4.  It’s literally at the end of our street so it worked out perfectly.  I told myself I would show up with at least something.  It gave me something to work for, but I took the pressure off myself by giving myself that one rule…just show up with something you created with your hands…anything will do.  It also gave me some inspiration to try something new.  If you’re local come out and see me.  I’m sure to have some super cute little assistants and there are always tons of amazing artists and yummy food trucks.

I’ll have stationery sets almost 1/2 price, some art pieces, lots of key fobs and zipper pouches.  I’d never sewn a zipper in my life, but it was always something I wanted to do so no time like the present.  And then it became a good stress creating project so 24 8×6 zipper pouches later and voila.

So if your in the area and need some fun goodies be sure to swing by and check out the Salty Dog Art Festival.

And 2. There is still time to grab “but if not” apparel from Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky in support of our family and Everett.  I actually got mine this weekend and it’s crazy soft and I’m thinking about ordering a second one. 🙂  You can place your order HERE.  They also kindly sent us some of their jerky to try as well and it’s so tasty and delicious.  Each flavor was super good, but I polled our house and the favorite flavor went to Western!!  If you’re a jerky loven be sure to snag some.

Thank you guys again and again.  I receive the kindest of emails and messages and comments all the time.  Thank you so deeply for loving on and praying for our family.  We truly mean that.


  1. I look forward to when you are up for mail orders again. I would gladly clean you out of all you have shared. Specifically the “hope” art…..my life quote is “I am in love with HOPE”

    Much love sent from this foster/foster to adopt mom to a fellow mom of the same.

  2. Oh my goodness…..I love your hope artwork! Beautiful. Wish you well this weekend!

  3. Dang girl!! I sure wish I lived near you! LOVE that you are creating … even if it’s a slow-go. You are an inspiration in so many ways and I am totally saving up my custom order for you. I can wait for you … as long as it takes. In the meantime, I am super jealous of all the “lucky-ducks” who will see you at the Salty Dog Art Festival. (What a name!)
    Continuing to keep you in prayer and sending hugs from Wisconsin!!

  4. So glad that you are creating! Hoping this begins the healing of your broken heart. Love, hugs and prayers to you and your sweet family.

  5. Look at those beautiful canvases! Love to see so much HOPE and color <3 We'll be here to read your little piece of the internet anytime you're ready 🙂

  6. That sun one is calling my name! Lucky locals!!!

    Prayers surround you.

  7. So lovely. Creating can be so therapeutic. Praying for you all often ♥️

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