In The Mean Time

Thank you so much to each of you!!!!  You guys are ridiculously kind and encouraging and nice and thoughtful.  Thank you for praying for Everett and our family.  Thank you for sharing this piece of his story and asking your people to pray along with us.  It absolutely means the world to our family.  It is so humbling and such an honor to have people praying along side us.  I have already connected with several of you who live in Ann Harbor or the area and what sweet encouragement you have given us.  We are GRATEFUL to each of you!!!

So in the mean time…between now and his surgery date…we are trying to soak up each day.  We have things we really want to do with Everett before we leave and we have things that just must be done…like doctors appointments, etc.  It’s this desire to do all our regular day in and day out things with him mixed with some really rare and special things.  We’ve done pizza movie nights (Ev loves pizza), wave pool trips, all the counter sitting Everett’s heart desires, playing as hard as he can 🙂 and more swimming.

(Josh pep talking his boys for the day…gah…I love him.)

Yesterday we took Everett on one of our regular lunch dates with Josh Kelley to the Nashville Farmer’s Market and then walked around outside in the Bicentennial Mall.  We let the kids pick their lunch so there was Chinese food, hamburgers & fries, pizza, icees, wishing pennies and Jenni’s ice-cream.  We have so many other things we want to do with him and just keep taking each day in.

Today Everett had to get his teeth cleaned in preparation for his heart surgery.  This was crazy short notice and when I tried explaining to him what was going to happen I just didn’t think he was picking it up.  My SIL & BIL, Andy and Becky, have been such a gift to us and Everett with their love and Chinese.  Becky facetimed with me and explained to Everett in Chinese all about the dentist.  He showed off his teeth and nodded his head.  Neither of us we’re really sure he got it, but at the dentist he did AWESOME and kept asking where Becky was 🙂  Success.

We had to schedule the appointment super short notice, but our amazing dentist office, Kid City Smiles, got us in immediately, caught that he needed pre-meds, we’re beyond the sweetest, cried with me, marked their calendar with Everett’s surgery date and hooked him up with goodies galore.  He cried not once and grinned so much.  I could have plopped myself down in the middle of that floor and cried my ever loving eyes out.  They are far more than a dental office!

I’m really going to try and keep everyone updated on how he’s doing, but we’ve also got lots of fun time scheduled with this boy between now and the 26th.  We are tying to soak each day up to the absolute fullest while holding on to hope.

We believe in a God who heals.  We believe in a God who redeems.  We believe in a God who restores.  We believe in a God who works miracles.  We believe in a God who created Everett and his special heart.  And we believe in a God who loves Everett far more than we ever could.  We are hoping in Him.  Thank you sincerely and deeply for hoping with us.


  1. Love the update and the pics! I am praying for Everett and the whole family. And I’m excited to see what God is going to do!!

  2. Courtney Moore says:

    Laura, I took your bible journaling class last year at Created for Care. I’m praying so hard for sweet Everett and your family!

  3. Libby Parnell says:

    Laura, I’m definitely praying for sweet Everett and your incredible family! I too believe in a God of miracles and am praying for that very thing for your boy!! Give Josh my love!

  4. Praying! Hold him tight and walk knowing God is by your side as your travel this journey!

  5. Many hugs and much prayer for all of you from Seattle!

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