I Like Today

It’s quiet in our house…Amon is already asleep.  He fell asleep in the post office this morning while I stood in line.  If I had my phone with me I would have snagged another picture for the imaginary Amon’s Random Sleeping Through 2014 Calendar.  But alas, my phone sat in my car.  Oh well.  I did get all my happy mail shipped off…full of Swazi goodness.

It was raining this morning which canceled my run, but put me on the couch at 5:15am snuggling with Solomon.  He never gets up early…and he’s not much of a snuggler, so I was content with the change in plans.  Then it started snowing.  I watched as our kids gathered around our kitchen table to eat breakfast all together just like they do every morning and I felt a little extra blessed.

Amon and I went to the bank…the snow had stopped and fall broke through instead of winter.  I stopped in the bank parking lot because I just couldn’t not get a picture of God’s grand color palette disguised as fall.

I need to do laundry and have actually already folded and put away one load #winning, but there’s still more…a lot more…waiting on me.  Dirty, sweet blankies which I kind of adore in all their ragged glory, but are screaming for a wash.

I’m working on narrowing down our Kindness Advent for December.  I like to change things up a bit each year, but there are always favorites which hang around year after year.  Our December takes some planning, but it’s so very much worth it.

While flipping though my notebook I took to Swaziland with me I found this quote I had jotted down by Shauna Niequist from her book Cold Tangerines.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Such a good, good word.  I remember writing this down on the plane ride home from Ethiopia after meeting Amon for the very first time.

I’m thinking hard about our future and hope is on my heels.  Praying for the people and children of Swaziland and what our role as a family, mine as a blogger and everything in between could play in helping change the world…in big or small ways.  Like I said…hope…it’s on my heels…and it feels grand.

And before my littlest dude wakes, I’m going to nail some more things down…research a little more…maybe figure out what’s for dinner…and start some art.  My mind is full and I’m ready to start doing.  I like today.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Laura,
    I am encouraged by your random acts of kindness and have done it in the past as well. I would love to freshen up my ideas. I will be ‘nesting’ at home with my daughter we are bringing home in a couple weeks and would love to do some ‘random acts’. Would you be willing to share your ideas and care if I bless Nebraska with some of your ideas?

    Thank you,

    Laura S

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