I Don’t Feel Like Death (Praise Hands)

I started feeling bad last week and just kept getting worse and worse despite doctor’s visits.  Momma’s cannot be sick you guys.  It was a major downer of a week.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I was laid up in bed.  I missed Harper’s parent/kid soccer game.  I missed parent/teacher conferences.  I missed Solomon and Amon’s last baseball games.  I missed the Bellevue/Nashville home sale to help raise funds for our adoption expenses.  And my birthday was Wednesday so we postponed it because I was miserable…minus some pickle and salsa verde flowers from JK to help make my day.  Josh Kelley did what he always does and took over everything and attended all the events and played nurse and Mom along with his regular working Dad role.  He’s the freakin’ jam!!!!

Despite knowing in the grand scheme all of these things and events really aren’t that big of a deal, I cried a lot this week.  I can’t remember the last time I was so sick and felt so bad…coupled with feeling like I was missing out on everything.  I cry-babied it up pretty good.  I let so many plates quit spinning. I dropped so many balls.  At one point I told myself this was by far my most unproductive week ever!!!!  As you can see, I’m an OCD multitasker who often wraps my worth and value up in how much I can control and what all I cross off my to-do list.

But you know what, despite me personally feeling like this week was a loss, it really wasn’t.  I rested.  I was quiet.  I accepted my limitations and help.  I swallowed my pride, wore my pajamas like it was my job and handed over thing after thing after thing and everyone survived.  Not only did everyone survive, but they thrived.  They had fun.  They were loved on and cared for still.  And the world did not spin off it’s axis and crash into a galactic black hole.

I feel better today.  I actually do not feel like death and it has been an insane spirit lifter.  We had some movement in our paperwork for our newest little guy and I cried so hard, jumped up and down with the kids and acted like we were the ones who just won the World Series.  Go Kelleys!

This morning I made myself get up and exercise my body…although I almost had to ask Alissa for mouth-to-mouth.  Josh Kelley and I had a 8am date in the immigration office.  I put on normal clothes!!!!  I fixed my hair and applied makeup.  I did not get sick from my antibiotic because I have finally learned how to time my meds with food consumption.  Gah!  I ate lunch with the littles and I am actually blogging.  I love you guys…I missed you.  And tonight, well, Josh and I are going to give my birthday another go with a little dinner date that does not involve ramen noodles out of a cup.

Although it wasn’t what I would have picked to make me slow down, I’m so glad God slowed me down majorly this week.  It’s always good to have your pride checked at the door and remember the world still spins when your to-do list goes untouched.  I do not make this world go round, the Creator of the Universe does that and I’m so glad.  He’s clearly more qualified.

I’ll be back on Monday with a new fundraising opportunity.  So excited.  And hope to see lots of you at the free Bible journaling class and Noonday event this Sunday.  You can check out all the details HERE.

Happy Friday!


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