Hospital Art

We’re on day 12 here at Vandy’s children’s hospital.  I haven’t left the hospital yet and don’t plan on until we’re going home together.  I am getting a bit antsy and I’ve watched enough cable TV to kill a person.  I’ve tried my hand at other little crafty projects, but I was really itching to have stained finger tips and have been super inspired by the new Mumford & Sons CD.  If you don’t have it, just go ahead and do yourself a favor and head on out right now and go get it or download it on iTunes.  I like to still buy cds so Josh picked me up a copy at Target.  Anyways, you’ll thank me later.  Happy brilliance.  It’s infectious.

So Josh brought me all my goods and I made this 10×10 canvas with one of my most favorite lines from the album:  “So I’ll be bold as well as Strong.  And use my head alongside my heart.”  Someone mentioned this maybe being a giveaway canvas…I hadn’t thought about it, but maybe it could be a “Hallelujah We’re Going Home Giveaway” when the time comes.  Who knows.

I also made this 8×8 canvas with a bit of Alabama Shakes and an ode to the Tennessee flag, since Tennessee is one of the greatest places on earth.

I think I’m going to try and make a few more canvases as well.  In other hospitalish news…Amon is doing really well.  He’s annihilating his infection and his smile is as bright as ever.

One of the nurses did glue his shirt to his body…on both sides…with suture glue.  I am not kidding.  I wish I was because it was super sad having to separate him from his shirt that was glued to his body.  He puked all over himself and Josh went to take his little scrub shirt off and well, it wasn’t coming off.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

He was much more pleasant after he wasn’t covered in puke and wasn’t laying in puke and after his shirt was no longer glued to his body.  Oh the joy.

Being in the hospital with Amon has given me time to think about really important things…like maybe my next tattoo 🙂  I’m working on several drawings for possibly my next one.  I like to sketch out lots of sketches…like 20+…before I make a decision, so I’ve got some more work to do before a decision is made.

And Josh got to hold Amon for the first time since his surgery yesterday.  It was a great moment.  I love my Kelley boys…all 4 of them.

That’s all for today.  We still so appreciate all the prayers for Amon…I feel like we’re almost out of here, but just not quite yet.  Almost though…almost.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This little boy makes my heart melt with that smile! He is going to be one lady killer when he gets bigger : ) Very happy to know that he’s doing just fine and will be home very soon! Hang in there..and keep crafting! Love your artwork…hoping to own a piece one day : )

  2. Emily Hall says:

    That baby has the most infectious smile!! I love reading about his progress!

    P.S. I HAVE to have that Alabama Shakes Tennessee canvas! Seriously, I really, really have to have it!!! Please let me buy it! Please?

  3. i LOVE that canvas. you should definitely do a giveaway. and if i was to win it, i would, upon every glance, think of your family and your sweet amon and the amazing journey you all have been on together, thanks to the divine hand of our Creator and Lord.

  4. melanie edwards says:

    I love both art pieces but really love the chunky letter stamps you use! I need those!!
    Glad to hear the shirt is off, Josh had some lap time and Amon is smiling brightly!!!

  5. Michele Rees says:

    I have been listening to the new Mumford non stop since Wednesday. I am a huge fan of theirs, and was so excited when my album arrived in the mail that afternoon. (I too am a traditional album girl.) I am glad that you have had it to keep you company at this trying time, I find it so inspirational! Prayers as always for you and your family, hope you can make it home soon. I have loved following your journey with you, and am always tickled when I see one of my favorite lines in you art.

  6. God is so good!! I’ve been praying for all of you during this… I can’t imagine how difficult it is to go through what you are going through. Praying God’s healing hand will continue to be on Amon. Hugs sent your way!!

  7. Sending love and prayers! Great update!

  8. AMON has the most beautiful smile & the brightest eyes that I’ve ever seen! It’s like his entire body smiles when he smiles – and anyone seeing him can’t help but love him to pieces! I am so thankful he is recovering so beautifully!

  9. I am praying for Amon. I am Amy Dixon’s cousin. You and your family are being covered in prayer. Much love.

  10. What do you use to ink your art? I’ve tried using just a plain old ink pad and it never turns out dark enough. Oh…and you’re little ace of hearts is crazy cute! 🙂

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