Well who else is so glad it’s Friday?  Me too, me too!!!  We’ve got a Christmas party, a birthday party, my SIL is showing me how to make some Chinese dishes, we’re babysitting some cuties for friends and we’re decorating Josh’s parents tree with pizza for lunch…oh pizza, how I miss thee.

So a few things about our week:

When I get stressed or frazzled or feel overwhelmed or anxious I usually do one of 2 things: Bake or purge our house of things.  This means cookies and treats are given away frequently and I personally help keep the Help Center down the road stocked 🙂  This week I made cookies.  And not just any cookies but THESE cookies.  Just make them.  They are my go-to.  They are my favorite.  They are always and forever delicious.  Then share them because cookies make people feel warm and fuzzy and cared for.

Kindness has been carrying on.

December 7th:  Ornament delivery.  The past two years we’ve made our ornaments, but this year Noonday Collection had the sweetest ornaments made by artisans in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Guatemala and India.  I snagged some for us to share after one of our parties.  The kids have the sweetest 4 teachers at church every Wednesday night and they chose to gift them with their ornaments.

December 8th:  Make bookmarks and leave them in books at the library.  We love love love our local library and go often…in fact weekly.  The kids really enjoy this one.

Our bookmarks are crazy easy.  I just cut up a cereal box then the kids got to town with markers, stickers, ribbon and a hole punch.  Really fun and easy.

December 9th:  Donut delivery for our school staff.  I mean, is there really anything that says “I love you” more than a hot donut?!?!?!  I think not.  We always get ours from Krispy Kreme because they are tasty and delicious and if you order 10 or more boxes ahead of time they give you 25% off.  Hola!!

PS:  Solomon has learned from Hudson’s “dead eyes”…Jesus take the wheel 🙂

Work has been crazy town in the best kind of way.  We are so close to finishing off our adoption fund. Only about 8K away which means 32K came together in just over 3 months.  Huge, massive praise for sure.  You guys are amazing and God is so good.  All order money is heading straight into our adoption fund along with stationary sets and Bible journaling classes.  Head over to MY SHOP and snag some goodies just in time for Christmas.  I’m shipping rapid fast.

And we have been pom-pom making machines around here.  The Clover Pom Pom Maker is such a fun, simple tool.  Harper, Hudson, Solomon and I will all sit around watching a show and making a million pom-poms.  They love it.  Solomon made 24 large and 24 small to give to each of his classmates.  They’ve gifted teachers and friends and each other.  Pom-poms for everyone.  Pom-poms for you and for you and for you.  I made a garland for our chalkboard.  I also bought several to give nieces for Christmas along with a fun thing of yarn.  Such a great gift.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend.

Happy Friday.

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  1. Robin Canter says:

    Hi Laura – you’re on my naughty list! 🙂 I made those sugar cookies and doubled the recipe (just like you) and have eaten at least 7, but I’ve stopped counting because really, after 7, it does NOT matter. They are so ridiculously evil yet delicious. Surely they will be served in heaven. Please refrain from posting anymore such recipes! Weight Watchers and my waistline thank you. 🙂

  2. Hey Laura. I got the Pompom Makers (yay) and I’m wondering how you connected the Pompoms? Sewing them? I don’t have a sewing machine…

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