Harper is at school, Huddy and Sol are both at MDO and Amon is taking a nap.  I’m sitting on our couch and the only sound I hear is a combination called dishwasher, washing machine and dryer…all going at once.  Today my 2013 goals are heavy on my mind.  I’m rocking some of them and others I’m a bit behind in and others I haven’t even began yet.  So is life.  I could use your advice on a few of my goals.  Take a look.

*Monthly running goals.  I like to run, but wasn’t interested in doing a big race this year, so I decided I would set monthly running goals for each month.  This month I’m suppose to log 55 miles.  Josh laughed when he asked how I came up with that number…my response…”I just picked it.”  Next month I’ll probably use a little more logic.  I’m a wee bit behind because of bronchitis the first week of January and major rain the last several days.  I need to catch up.

*Move.  We love our house.  It is the most perfect house in the whole wide world, but only because it’s ours.  It’s right around 1300 sq. feet…Harper has her own room and the boys all share a room.  My boys will always share a room.  Even if we lived in a mansion with 10 gazillion bedrooms, my boys would still share a room.  I just like it that way.  We’re looking for a house or land zoned for Harper’s school because we love her school.  It’s hard because we don’t want a giant house and I don’t know if builders out there would even build a small house, but we have some plans brewing in our hearts and we need just an extra bedroom…and a garage would be awesome.  So far we haven’t found anything on Realtracs, so do any of you locals know of some houses or land for sale by owner?  I would so appreciate any info you had…it would be amazingly helpful.

*Anniversary trip.  Josh and I have our 10 year anniversary this summer.  We decided to take a much needed “just us” trip.  This is a fun goal.  Any suggestions on a good vacay spot for 2?

*Intentional blessings.  I really want to bless others when I feel God prompting my heart.  It’s not always easy to move stuff aside or drop what you’re doing when God asks you to.  But this year, I really want to see the needs in others lives and listen when God says “Do!”  I want Him to stretch our family for the encouragement of others.

*Heart Walk.  Nashville has a big heart walk in October and last year we were in the hospital the day of the walk.  This year I want our family to represent.  I want to be apart of helping raise money for heart research and to parade Mr. Amon around for all to see what an amazing little heart he has.  He is totally our ace of hearts.

*Verse memorization.  I really want to do this and yet this is one of my goals I’ve yet to begin on.  I always notice how I have song lyrics engraved in my brain and then how craptastic my scripture memorization is.  It’s terrible.  You guys have any good advice here?  Bring it on.

*New tattoo.  Yes…I am the person that puts “getting a new tattoo” on their goal list.  I already know what I want…this goal is more about just making time for myself.  I have a gift card…yes, they make gift cards for tattoo parlors…and need to visit my dude James.  Ha.  I’m a such a dork.

*Meet new friends.  Are we in high school or middle school or college orientation?  Nope…just Laura’s 2013 goal list.  I have wonderful friends, but I would like to meet more friends…and some couple friends would be even more amazing.  Anyone want to go on a really awkward “friend” lunch with me?

*More professional photos.  Awwwwe, yeah.  I can say I have rocked this one so far and have several photo sessions already scheduled for our little Kelley family for 2013.  I want to have our family captured in this special way and not just once a year, but several times a year.  If you are looking for a photographer, let me go ahead and give my big, ginormous shout out to Cheyenne Ward of Shots by Cheyenne and Laci Wilson of Barefeet Photography.  Amazing ladies and amazing talent.

Those are just a few of my goals for this year.  I would love any advice you may have.  I’m pretty good about taking advice.  How are your goals going?  And did you enjoy all the random Amon pictures I posted through out?  He’s too dang cute not to share and makes for some good photo blog post filler 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I’ll go on a friend lunch with you! Especially since you used the phrase “Awwwwe, yeah” in your post. Love it. But really for reals about lunch.

  2. Go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for your anniversary trip! And I’m up for lunch any time! I guess any time you’re in Atlanta or wanna take a road trip and meet in the middle! Prayers for the house! God provides! I’m dying to know what tattoo you want!?! That’s on my list this year too! And I suggest you read Love Does by Bob Goff. It’ll inspire and encourage you to DO when God prompts! Easy, quick and powerful book! Amon is gonna be a lady killer – watch out! 😉

  3. Great goals…as far as trips…if you want something close the too that comes to mine is White Stone Inn a hour or two from here …check it on web…great story…beautiful….for mountain view every one loves the blue ridge mt

  4. Not sure how far you want to travel, but these are some of my favs within the US

    1. Hawaii, we stayed on Oahu, in a town called Ko Olina,
    2. Savannah, GA
    3. Las Vegas
    4. New York City

  5. A ten year anniversary is a great reason to vacation! My husband and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for our 10 year anniversary. It was an amazing adventure and really brought us closer. Just an idea. The pictures from our trip are amazing and make wonderful art in our home. It truly was a life inspiring trip.

  6. Hi Laura! Amon is so ridiculously cute, I love the pictures you both of him each day. I love your goals! I did something similiar this year – I did a “30 in 2013” list – and I put new tattoo on my list as well! If you are looking for a great place to vacation, just the two of you, I recommend San Diego or San Francisco, two of our favorite places. If I was in Nashville, I would totally do a friend lunch with you, as I would love to meet you in person. 🙂 If you’re interested in having a Los Angeles pen pal, then I’m definitely your girl. Can’t wait to hear how you progress on your goals! Best of luck!

  7. I would love nothing more than a lunch date or a couples dinner with ya’ll. We have never met. But i know you know my cousin in love Brittany Pierce. I am a new (almost 2 year old) stepmom of 3. I struggle every day with how to love the kids. You are my inspiriation. I hang on your words about how much you “like your kids alot”. I am a Christain woman that met a non christian man with 3 non christian kids. I am happy and so very proud to say… My non christian husband is now the most passionate christian man i know and last year we gained 3 christain kids. Blessing! We dont have friends in nashville and we have the same 2013 goal of meeting some. :). Not easy.

  8. I would LOVE to go to lunch with you – we are probably a bit old to hang with as a couple, but we DO make awesome babysitters, once you get to know us, and we are just a few minutes from you!

    And I would highly recommend the Grove Park Inn and a long weekend in Asheville, NC for a couple. The spa is just heaven!

  9. Next time I am in Nash Vegas, we are going to lunch! It’s usually me and my husband so couples lunch it is. My husband is an artist so lots to talk about between you guys. 🙂 I will be the awkward one! Nice places to visit: Key West, FL (for a great memory, go in October for Fantasy Fest-you won’t forget it). Savannah, GA is my favorite. Great for photography and food. If you want to fly, Boulder, CO all the way! Great goals! Good luck with the running!

  10. I’m local and would so love to go to lunch sometime!

  11. Hey Laura! I don’t know if you remember me from school, but I used to be Brandy Brown. Anyways, I love your blog and your sweet little kiddos, and I DO have a suggestion for verse memorization….check out the Seeds of Worship CDs-our family has all of them, and they are truly awesome….all it is verses, set to music! They are supposed to be geared for kids, but they are NOT typical “kiddie” music….my husband and I live them just as much as the kids-because it is good music, and we have all memorized about 20 scriptures in no time. 🙂 and, when you order a CD-it comes with two-one to keep, one to share!

    • My husband is a children’s pastor and he LOVES these CD’s!! They even came to our church a few years back. Great way for you to memorize scripture and for the kiddos to join in!
      As for trips – so many choices!! Travel plans are one of our favorite daydream activities. Our dream trip is Italy 🙂 I think the Tetons or Glacier National Parks in the summer are absolutely beautiful! We went to Yosemite on our honeymoon and loved that, too (we love the outdoors – can you tell?!?). Recently I discovered that flights to the Bahamas weren’t too bad if you flew with one of the low-budget carriers like Allegiant. Might be a cheap way to go somewhere a bit more exotic 🙂

  12. Have you looked on the website Zillow.com for houses? My mom found a house on there.
    You should visit Charleston, SC!

  13. Elisabeth says:

    I second the Seeds of Worship recommendation for memorizing scripture! We love it, and putting words to music always helps me to remember them! Doesn’t feel like work to memorize to music either. Good luck, great goals!!!

  14. Random Amon cuteness brought smiles to me today. 🙂 You should come to California! Have your romantic anniversary trip, but I’ll have a friend lunch with you, too. Not sure if you and Josh are into wine or beer, but my hubby and I are good winery and brewery tour guides! If you’re not into that, there are plenty of other gorgeous spots out here if you want to venture west! Can I have your perfect little house when you move? Will it transport to California?! Haha. Good luck with all your goals for 2013. 🙂

  15. Shannon stinson says:

    I want to encourage you to check out “seeds family worship” for the whole family! Bible verse to song…and not cheesy either! We LOVE it!!

  16. Hi Laura,
    I’d love to memorize more scripture this year too. It’s hard for me as an adult. I find my kids catch on really quickly. We’re working on Matthew 5 along with a few friends. Accountability helps.
    Loni P

  17. If you want to memorize scripture and make lots of new friends then head over to Beth Moore’s blog and join the Siesta Memory Verse. You pick the verse on the 1st and 15th of the month. At the end of the year, big get together for the Siesta’s. Two of those goals at one time-what a deal.

  18. Can you add on a garage and extra bedroom to your current house?

  19. For Scripture memory, check out the Fighter Verses app. One verse a week for 5 years, and the app includes quizzes, a song, audio of the verse being read, etc. It’s from Desiring God. It also includes a ton of kids’ verses, too!

  20. I would stay away from sites like Trulia and Zillow for house hunting- they are not controlled by realtors and are thus often out of date with incorrect info. Realtor.com is a good one, and of course a local realtor would be a great source. Best of luck! 🙂

  21. Hello there, thanks for your daily encouragement and inspiration! You have a lot of energy that is very contagious. I love the photos and activities with your kiddos and your art is super great too! My husband and I took our 10 yr anniversary trip to a little American owned resort in Zihuehantanejo Mexico called Las Palmas and it was more than fabulous. Not touristy super personal 6 or 7 rooms luxury crazy nice but affordable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Another place we have gone for a special trip that was great was North Captiva Island in Florida. We rented a great house and relaxed on the beach. You ferry out to the island and golf cart it around super fun and relaxing and a bit quirky too! Good luck with your goals and we would love to have you guys over for dinner if you are ever in Colorado!

  22. Scripture typer is a great thing to check out. You type in the verses and has a community. Check it out. Also I would love to have lunch with you and your kiddos. My three would adore yours. I would say for your trip check out St. Augustine Florida. Lovely beaches with beautiful history and many things to do. Great bed and breakfast spots, lots of choices for dining and not a huge place. And did I mention warm with beautiful beaches. Oh and I will be joining you in the running goals. If you need any quick workouts that you can do at home let me know. I would love to bless you with that. I am a mom and trainer so I understand the balance.

  23. Too bad that I don’t live in Nashville anymore. I would love to have a friend lunch! 😉

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