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Socks:  So we’re down to one week left in our Socktober fundraiser.  YOU GUYS…we are closing in fast on a massive goal.  You have already made almost 90 pairs of socks for donation happen.  It absolutely blows my mind.  Last day to order cool fun socks is October 31st.  Let’s just think right now about all the people in our lives who need fun socks for birthdays, Christmas, thank you gifts, just for the heck of it gifts, etc.  These socks are not only so fun and good quality, but they reach beyond just being a gift and help us with our adoption expenses and for every pack of socks sold our family gets to donate a pair to a local shelter or school.  Triple win kind of gift.

To get in on the sock action just head over to the We Help Two online sock store and snag your fun socks.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“ and our family will receive 60% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.  And feel free to help us spread the word.

(Our socks in the wild ^)

Christmasy Things:  I recently got my Noonday order from our fundraiser and I am head over heels in love with their Christmas ornaments and garland.  Like crazy in love.  The ornaments are made in Vietnam, Guatemala, Afghanistan and India and the garland is from Uganda.  They are so UH-MAZING.  Some crazy kind friends are hosting another big Noonday party for our family in just a few weeks, but the party link is already set up so if you want to snag some ornaments and garland (or any other Noonday goodies) before they are gone head over HERE and place your order. (Abby Borsche will be listed as your hostess.)  Our family will receive 10% of your purchase to go towards our adoption fees.

Tennessee Skies:  I love the sky.  I love clouds.  I love the colors and shapes.  I am always pointing them out to the kids because God is simply the most creative.  I love love love how the skies preach straight to my heart.  He has been showing off crazy hard lately.

Tallahassee:  I spent less than 24 hours in Tallahassee, Florida this weekend for a Bible journaling class.  Tallahassee folks are apparently the nicest!!!  I had the best time and just felt so so loved on.  These ladies really know how to welcome you in and make you feel like we’ve been friends for forever.  Every.Last.One.Of.Them.  I also came home with less stationary!!!!  Raise the roof.

And any lady who thinks I’m capable of helping them choose a paint color for their house is definitely a lady I can hang out with 🙂

 Hudson:  He is truly his very own little person.  Nothing or no one can change who he is.  He just marches to his own beat with the biggest heart and a giant smile.  Chaos can ensue and he’s steady.  I loved looking up and seeing him sitting there in his own little book world amongst a busy, bustling ball field.  Gah, I love him!

Walk To School:  If I haven’t said enough about how much I love our school let me add reason #457 to the list: National Walk To School Day.  I teared up approximately 23 times in the short little walk from our HG Hills store to our school.  Our teachers.  All the kiddos.  All the parents and grandparents and guardians and friends.  I just couldn’t.  We simply have the sweetest school and I can’t believe we could have missed out on all this goodness.

And Prayers:  We are really asking God to do the unbelievable and unthinkable and unimaginable in our newest little guy’s life and heart.  We are praying big and bold.  We are believing in the wondrous and super natural.  Yesterday we went to church with Josh’s parents and it was such a sweet time.  Harper came down the row and showed me a little prayer card she filled out and was turning in.  She asked the church to pray her little brother would come home soon and that God would heal his heart.  I teared up instantly.  I wanted to squeeze her into 1000 pieces.

My friend Di sent me a photo of a prayer card she’d drawn up for our boy.  It was crazy cute and had all the different details, big and small, written around his name.  It made me cry.  Again.

My friend Kimberlee is in Thailand this week.  She sent me this text and I bawled.  I could never ever express what this kind of prayer does for my momma’s heart.  This deep and sincere love and thoughtfulness absolutely floors me.  I want to be more like Harper, Di and Kimberlee.

Here’s to another week!  Just think what all this week will hold.  Let’s hold fast to Him and His promises.  Let’s hold fast to the fact that His ways are absolutely outlandish and we can’t even dream up what He has in store.  He is so flippin’ good.  Happy Monday!

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