Eight Things

1.  I can’t begin to say how good Leo is for my heart.  He brings me so much joy and his snuggles are top notch.  Leo has some speech issues and does not have a lot of Chinese or English words yet, but he is working hard on that front.  We’ve seen him come so far already in communication and the kid is killing his sign language game.  We’re just really proud of him and so humbled and honored to be his parents.

2.  Sometimes my nephew Cooper agrees to do different things on his skateboard just so I can snag a photo or video. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, I always love watching him do the things he so enjoys doing.

3.  Ice-cream forever people.  Forever!!!  This summer was our summer of cold treats…popsicles, ice-cream, ice cream sandwiches and icees all in regular rotation.  We could not be stopped nor did we want to be.

4.  More documentation of our wave pool love.  I know, I know more of me gushing about the wave pool, but we’re still going strong and taking photos all along the way.  This is the last week the wave pool will be open during the week and then they move to their weekend only schedule.  This is when I get real sad about summer coming to an end.

5.  There’s nothing quite like worn out children from summer.  Finding them in sweet sleeping positions still makes me see their smallness.

6.  Sweetest rainbow bandaid reminding me of our brave rainbow boy.  I look for rainbows everywhere.

7.  Movie days with Big Daddy this summer have been crowd favorites.  I’m always a little jealous when they get to go and I hang back with the littles who aren’t so great at movies yet.  A good show, popcorn, treats and an icee…perfection.

And 8.  Haircuts.  Haircuts for our boys are such an ordeal because they all like to grow their hair and grow their hair and grow their hair.  All three of them were long overdue for fresh cuts and I finally said it was officially time.  When Josh sends me these kinds of photos from Fortune & Fades Barber Shop it makes be beyond happy.  They always clean my boys up so well.  If you’re local and need an awesome barber shop in your life, look no further.


  1. Sweet children, Sweet treats, Sweet Family, Sweet memories of a relaxed summer that has flown past too quickly. I always hated school to start and am sur it’s no easier in this day and age. You and Josh are amazing, as are your kiddos. You all love so easily and deeply. Hugs and continued prayers.

  2. There’s still over a month of summer holidays left here for the kids..I’m so glad this summer was fun for you, though exhausting at times and sad too..Your kids will all have such wonderful memories. I wish we had a wave pool like that!

  3. Amy Huntz says:

    I love love love keeping up with the Kelley’s. Every new post just makes my day. No matter what I’m doing, I have to stop and read right there. As long as it doesn’t put myself or others in danger of course lol So glad you’ve had a great summer even in the midst of your grief. Love you guys!

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